Welfare State Cuts, More Tax, Higher Unemployment and a Bigger Deficit - Part 2

Sun, 24/02/2013 - 14:00
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By Maid of Kent-The British people are well aware of the problems facing our country today - massive debt which is growing daily and vast numbers of unemployed or under-employed people needing welfare assistance to survive.

With fewer taxpayers to provide for such assistance, a growing and unsustainable population has led to chronic overcrowding, housing shortages and the overburdening of our infrastructure and resources have all led to increased taxes in every shape and form - the Lib/Lab/Con politicians responsible for our nation's plight ignore the results of their past actions and insist on pursuing the same policies which have created the problems.

Like the electorate which continually votes these nation destroyers into office with the apparent belief that the politicians who have ignored their wishes for decades will suddenly change and start listening to the British people, the Lib/Lab/Cons appear to believe that following the same course of action over and over again will produce different results.

With all the associated problems (overcrowding, job and housing shortages and overburdening of our infrastructure and resources) of having too many people in the country, with many having no skills whatever, the Lib/Lab/Cons still let more in each and every year and intend to continue.

While they pretend to wish to protect the interests and wellbeing of the British people, they again pretend that they are powerless to prevent another influx of unwanted and unneeded 'workers' who will be arriving in January 2014 from Bulgaria and Romania - even when we have approximately 10 million people who are unemployed or on part-time hours.

The problem facing the Lib/Lab/Cons is that, having destroyed the relevance of family, faith and community in Britain and filling the void by artificially created needs and desires, their resultant policies have subverted the formerly prevalent business ethos which was based on a healthy and prosperous community and replaced it with a profit driven 'growth at any cost' culture which ignores the very fundamentals of a society based on Christian values which tries to adapt the needs of business to the demands of society for a fair treatment of all its members.

To achieve their continual and wholly unsustainable perpetual growth the Lib/Lab/Cons have forced British companies to constantly search for increased profits which are ultimately only achievable by cutting costs, particularly wage costs, and to do this they are forced to employ an ever cheaper workforce.

Hence the continual need for more imported and ever cheaper workers.
With their continual 'rob Peter to pay Paul' ideology and legislation the Lib/Lab/Cons have overturned the belief that a well-rewarded workforce would fuel prosperity by their ability to spend in the economy and replaced it with the belief that the same results can be achieved by an increased income for the super-rich which will 'trickle down' to those below.

While it may make no difference to the economy whether 10 million workers can spend a combined total of £100 million or 1 billionaire spends the same amount - there is a tremendous difference when wages are driven so low by government interference that those 10 million workers have to resort to benefits assistance to survive.

A few decades ago the ethos of British companies was that their employees were also likely to be their customers, either directly or indirectly, and that rewarding them sufficiently would ultimately increase their own prosperity.
While their employees may not have spent all of their wages buying the goods or services of their employers, they would be spending most of their wages in the businesses of the local community.

If they were well-rewarded for their work they would have more money to spend in the local economy and all local businesses would thrive - and the well-rewarded employees of these other businesses would in turn spend their wages in the local economy.

When businesses choose or are forced to hire cheap labour to produce 'growth' and to compete in the marketplace, the cheap workforce cannot produce prosperity for the community because they no longer have the spare money to spend, and if they are imported foreign workers, they do not want to spend their earnings in our economy.

When British banks and companies providing other services outsource their call centres to places like India in order to reduce wage costs, they then try to sell their products to a British population which is now impoverished by the exportation of jobs.
The Indians who do receive wages from these companies are not interested in buying services from British companies which are irrelevant to them and their lives in India.

If they have money to put in a bank, they will use an Indian based bank, if they need to buy insurance, they will buy from an Indian insurance company.

In short, British companies have impoverished the British people by not employing them and then wonder why their profits are down because they cannot sell their goods or services to us.

In the same way, when British companies hire cheap imported foreign labour in Britain - or use the existence of this cheap labour to drive the wages of British workers down - their low waged employees cannot afford to buy their products with the result that profits suffer and 'growth' is non-existent.

Worse still, when they employ immigrant or migrant labour to cut wage costs to produce bigger profits, they are paying wages to people who often have no interest in the prosperity of Britain and who will export their wages, in part or whole, to be spent in other countries.

An unskilled and low-paid immigrant from Africa will have relatives still living there and will likely send money to them. Just £10 a week can make an enormous difference to their relatives in Africa.

However, consider the cost to Britain and our economy if just 1 million immigrants send £10 a week overseas - money that is not circulating in the British economy but enriching other countries.

In the case of migrant workers from EU member countries the situation is far worse. Many who come here to work have no intention of settling and leave their families in their home countries.

Lodging in 'workers dormitories' and spending little on food, most of their wages are sent back to their families and spent in their home countries.

These replacement migrant workers are not buying home furnishings, electrical equipment, insurance policies or anything else in Britain and their wages - however low - are almost entirely lost from our economy.

Meanwhile, the British workers that they have replaced who would have spent their wages in Britain, are impoverished by unemployment or the low wages dictated by an excess of labour, so are unable to spend.

Added to this are the high and increasing taxes necessary to fund the failings of the globalist ideology and it soon becomes apparent that there will be no recovery in our economy - not while the Lib/Lab/Cons remain in power and can continue to pursue the insanity of their nation destroying agenda.

In short - if you drive wages lower by the importation of millions of people who will work for less, if you create mass unemployment and under-employment by importing far too many people for available jobs, if you raise taxes to pay for the created mass unemployment and to provide benefits and services for millions who have never paid into the system, if you drive living expenses up by the resultant shortage of housing and other problems created by mass-immigration and reduce the value of money by inflation, then you cannot expect the impoverished British people to spend in order to revitalise the economy.

The British people must soon realise that their loyalties to the individual parties of the Lib/Lab/Con triumvirate are irrelevant and their arguments about which politicians are to blame for their plight and increasing poverty are a waste of time.

Their policies and ideologies are the same and have been the same for decades.
We will only see change - and positive change - when we ignore these liars whose extreme policies have reduced us to penury and vote for a political party which offers a different - and sane -way.

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