We need your support to win parliament seats

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 14:00
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Dear fellow patriot,
The British National Party is fielding candidates in all three recently called parliamentary by-elections.
It's a big challenge that proves our commitment to electioneering.

Our fine candidates will put our platform forward in Corby, Manchester Central and Middlesbrough.

It proves our continued determination to provide a real alternative to the British people and give our supporters the chance to vote for our positive nationalism.

For our campaigns to be successful, we need not only a strong grassroots organisation, but funding too.

Our superb candidates can't do it all on their own.

That's why we're turning to you and asking you to get actively involved in the campaigns or make a financial contribution.

We have already produced some excellent literature for Manchester and Corby as you can see.

Your contribution will give our campaign a tremendous boost. Your gift of £10, £25, £50, £75,£100 or £500 will help us make a big impact.

It's a sad fact that we are often outspent by our opponents in election campaigns; I'm not just talking about the "third parties" who spend a small fortune to smear our candidates but the old LibLabCon Establishment.

The outside third party groups merely add to the underlying problem.

The Establishment parties currently raise more money than us, and throw more at elections – and the maths isn't difficult: the more money spent in an election campaign the more votes.

It's that simple!
We need to level the playing field, and that means increasing the amount we spend on election campaigns.

Elections will show whether it's true that a grassroots campaign can have an impact –whether ordinary Britons are in control of democracy in Britain in the face of massive spending.

The places that our candidates are standing are good areas for the BNP.

At the General Election we won 4.7% in Corby, 4.1% in Manchester Central and 5.8% in Middlesbrough.

Polling in Corby and Manchester is on 15th November, so we really are up against the clock.

Our goal is to raise £2,500 by 7th November – not a lot, because our local groups in those areas have paid the lion’s share of the expense of these elections themselves, we at central party are helping out supplying the Truth Truck, targeted mailings and extra literature.

Will we do it? That depends on you!

Please send whatever you can afford to help our activists on the frontline and show that the BNP is here to stay and here to fight!

Thanks in advance for your encouragement and support.


Clive Jefferson

BNP National Treasurer

P.S. Our candidates aren't afraid to get out on the streets and stick-up for our people, identity and way of life.

But they can't do it on their own. They need your support so please don't let them down.

Get online or phone 0844 809 4581 now and give whatever you can afford.

There is a real buzz and energy amongst our activists so let's really get these campaigns moving!


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