A warning shot! Chocolate Socialists and the rights of taxpayers

Wed, 30/01/2013 - 19:46
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Nick Griffin suggests to those trying to withdraw funding from the Alliance of European National Movements that their bigotry could come back to haunt them.

The left-liberal attempt to de-fund the Alliance of nationalist parties of which the BNP is a founder member has hit the headlines over the last 24 hours. Communist and socialist bigots have been falling over themselves in their eagerness to try to prevent the Alliance and its Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty Foundation from receiving an EU grant that could well exceed half a million Euros.

"Why should the taxpayers fund the extreme right?" squeal the thugs of Hope not Hate. "Because the nationalists of Europe are supported by millions of voters who are themselves taxpayers" is part of the answer. After all, our voters don´t support the Labour party or the Tories, but are still forced to pay taxes that go to subsidise those parties, as well as the Communist group within the European Parliament.

So having a small proportion of the overall subsidy for these pan-European groupings going to nationalists is only reasonable - look on it as our voters getting a tax rebate in the form of support for their own views.

"We would be happy to forego every single Euro of our funding," says Bruno Gollnisch MEP, who is President of the Alliance of European National Movements. "We do not think it´s right that, in these times of austerity, tax money should be handed to political groups in this way.

"But only if the system is abolished altogether, so that no-one gets any money. For as long as the Socialists, Conservatives, Liberals, Greens and Communists keep on handing themselves millions of Euros every year, then we will do our very best to secure a pot of the pot for our views, because we represent millions of voters too."

They just want to hog the money!

What our opponents are trying to keep quiet is that, if funding for the nationalists was to be undemocratically withdrawn, it would not be the taxpayers who would benefit, but all the other political groups.

That´s because the money is allocated to a general pot (some 20 million Euros this year alone) from which all the grants are awarded to qualifying parties, so if the nationalists were to be shut out, the money would simply be divvied up between all the other groups. So they´ve just got a bit of a vested interest that you may think they should declare!

Fortunately, there are signs that this hypocritical mixture of opposition to democracy and self-interest is making decent people angry. Nick Griffin MEP explains further:

"Even with the European parliament, decency and nationalism have friends and secret supporters in the most unlikely places. Quite simply, the Socialists may like to kid themselves that ´the workers´ are on their side, but it really isn´t true.

Resistance in strange places

"So I´ve just been passed a little gift from someone who doesn´t like what the leftists are doing. It´s an invoice, made out to the Socialist & Democrat Group, and it shows what kind of things these horny-handed sons of toil like to spend taxpayers´ money on.

"Now, I´m quite fond of a bit of chocolate, but I buy my own. The Socialists are fond of chocolate, but they make you buy it for them. 3000.00 boxes as the invoice shows. Natural vanilla mousse, almond and praline, fresh pistachios and white chocolate paste. 6,540 Euros-worth of top quality Belgian chocolate. A quantity that really would make anybody sick - even a hypocritical socialist pig!

"As the other political groups make up their minds as to whether to back the left´s attack on the Alliance, I urge them to consider that actions often have consequences.

"In particular, their joining in this witchunt would inevitably draw attention to the millions of Euros that they take from the taxpayers´ pot each year - and the fact that some of THEIR invoices might also find their way into my hands, and from me into election leaflets that will show all the voters how ´tighten your belts´ is what the Europhiles preach, but it sure as hell isn´t what they practice!"

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