Warning: Contains Nuts

Thu, 28/03/2013 - 15:00
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By John Salvage-People's definition of insanity varies. There are common variations, and many are legally unacceptable should a case be heard in front of a Judge in Britain.

Elsewhere in Europe, America and Australia etc, there are subtle variations based upon good old English and ancient British law. However, the basic everyday version is that, insanity means ''An act of repetition that results in the same event over and over again, not producing a satisfactory conclusion.''

That is enough for most right thinking people. Repetition, especially in the context of our supposed ''democracy'', when the political agenda regularly consists of unsatisfactory conclusions for the masses, is insane.

You could in fact say that, Westminster, and all Western governments contains nuts.
For clarity, it is always useful, in fact necessary, to cite lawful, or well established reasoning for whatever topic is being discussed.

In this case, the law regarding what most of us white Britons, and our fellow European diaspora have to deal with daily by our supposed political betters.

Below is an example from http://www.e-lawresources.co.uk/Insanity.php, which deals with actual law regarding mental ability and insanity under UK law.

The defence of insanity is unique in that it may be raised by the prosecution and judge in addition to the defence. Indeed, it is generally the defence seeking to avoid a finding of insanity and often the defendant will change a plea to guilty to avoid a finding of insanity.

The defence has declined in importance and use since the abolition of the death penalty and the introduction of the defence of diminished responsibility in relation to murder.

By now, the reader will have noticed, and will continue to notice, a lack of ''we should do this or that to them when we get into power,'' or ''hang the bloody lot of them'' etc etc.

Understandable, but the lack of death penalty through laws passed forty plus years ago, is a rather good tool for us.

The reason for such a lack of rhetorical and any agenda driven context is simple, even though much of the post Second World War political leadership has resulted in our collective murder, along with countless others in illegal foreign wars, is: When that time does come, there will be little, if anything, remaining of any sanity, normality, and the familiar socio-cultural, and economic systems we have been used to.

The reader must imagine an old western (cowboy film) for this to have the best effect. The wind, rushing through the streets making a howling sound.

Bits of paper, plastic bottles and food cartons and the odd roll of hay, sweeping past an empty street, bereft of people, shops, and every facet of a once recognisable civilised society.

Political pioneers as we knew them, have vanished. More descriptive still, they have been banished. Our leaders and intellectuals in Nationalist circles have an unenviable task.

Activists are now suffering the very things veteran Nationalist writers, once wrote and warned of - social deprivation, poor economic options, criminal and immoral activity being allowed to prosper at the expense of higher Western morals and family life. In effect, we are suffering from what an ancient philosopher wrote of:
Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. There are variations of course, and some with knowledge in the ancient literature, will also know that the ancient Greek (very apt these days) philosopher, Euripides is often quoted as the originator, but in fact this is wrong.

The other version, equally apt, is: Those whom the gods with to destroy they first make drunk with power.
Power does corrupt. However, power unopposed is actually the real problem.

When, or if, we ever get an opportunity for redress, those whom ethnically cleansed our people from their own lands, brought death and destruction to sovereign nations falsely in our name under their leadership, who de-industrialised our nations, and led us into debt-slavery, cannot be expected to be tried in the normal manner.

Criminal acts are as we have seen; especially now there is no death penalty, mainly due to some form of mental disability. In the days of the old Soviet, and eastern European communist dictatorships, they jailed normal people, writers, and political opponents for trivial reasons, citing insanity under their Kangaroo court systems.

To address this hate-filled agenda, we should ultimately ensure that the written history of ''our times'', natural law, and God, looks upon us with pride not anger.

We do not need to act as they have done. We are civilised, and we have the genetic ancestry that enabled high morals and the rule of civilised law, to sustain our collective and ancient forebears.

The death penalty should be used as a deterrent only. The people behind the criminally insane political elites, and the politicians to whom money and social mobility are singularly important, should be hanged.

These people are not insane, for they knew/know exactly what they are doing, and have dome for generations.
Reality in our new world order will make us become instinctively responsible people.

Reality in this new world order, or more precisely, after the old one's downfall, will enable us to offer lawful, but extremely pleasurable redress for each of the criminal classes and their acts of hate against us, and our former civilised nations.

Imagine this:
The leading international war-mongers, and wealthy behind-the-scenes horse whisperers and string pullers, have lost control of their economic/military power bases.

They are executed where they live and work, swiftly, and without mercy, just like they did to the Russian royal family. Their possessions are ceased, and their big estates, houses, art and other stolen property will be redistributed to the Nation.

The criminal classes, i.e. political traitors, their perverted useful idiots, and the basic criminals they have encouraged to oppose political opponents, sometimes extremely violently, are also handed death sentences.

However, Nationalists are not evil people, nor are we without mercy. We are not unthinking heathens. After all, that describes them, doesn't it?

Instead, we will listen to those bleeding heart liberals and the various lawyers, and those heavily subsidised and over-paid ''human rights activists'' whom protest so much about ''state sanctioned murder.''

Our ''enlightened'' philosophy will in fact enable their own liberal philosophy, to offer sustenance to this particular, lower class of criminal, including rapists, perverts, child killers, and paedophiles.

WHAT? I hear the reader shout, (and the liberals heave a sigh of relief). Worry not. And here's why. The liberals and the like will under our laws, which will still be civilised, give them the opportunity, or more to the point, the only option other than the death penalty, to house and employ these people in their own homes, business and offices.

Under new Nationalist additions to current law, they will be HELD RESPONSIBLE for any future criminal behaviour, murders, acts of child abuse, and anything else done under their ''control.''

For a while at least, lawful definitions of ''insanity,'' and all other legalities for crimes against society etc, will be upheld for this class of criminal.

Reparations, in the form of fines and taxes etc, will no longer be extracted from the public purse. The ordinary member of the public, and the hard pressed tax-payer, will take no financial or legal responsibility for criminals. All taxes and fines will be extracted from those responsible for their care.

Subsequent actions of any criminal breaking their conditions of bail, and all damage done whilst in the ''care in the community,'' of those classed as insane, will be under the legal supervision of said protester and rights campaigner.

We will then no doubt, have a period of gnashing of teeth, hand-wringing, and mass U-turns, whilst the career criminals and paedophiles, learning nothing about their ''one chance only'' offer, continue to wreak havoc, being naturally criminal biological entities.

The reader may ask: ''What about the innocent victim?'' What about the innocent victim? As of now, there are millions of innocent victims, all suffering, along with law-abiding people and the squeezed senseless and totally ignored tax-payer, whom have no redress or voice now.

We will finally give them a voice. But only once the liberals, human rights activists, soft on crime opposition politicians, and mild mannered, head-in-the-sand types, have finally been given the opportunity to literally LIVE with the consequences of their so-called civilised, and high moral values.

Normally these types do NOT suffer the consequences of their ''moral high ground''.
Under our (Nationalist) governance, everyone will have the chance to live freely... but with responsibilities and consequences, and not just tax-payer funded and liberalised, Marxist social constructs.

A civilised nation, recovering as we will be, from decades of decadence, debt, and outright hate and humility of its indigenous inhabitants, will as we have discussed herein above, show the world and our opponents that we are not savages and heathens.

Revenge for its own sake is not necessary, and will only bring us more innocent victims in tit-for-tat social unrest.

The law of our ancient Pagan ancestors, and the thousand plus years of Nationalistic Christianity, have shown we can live without fear of destroying the hold of foreign criminal aliens, criminal acts against our own by our own, and can banish acts that have no value to an autonomous civilised society.

Until then, think about what has been discussed in this article. Enjoy the potential benefits of lawful redress, with the added benefit of knowing that the liberal elites, the ''human rights'' industry, and those soft, head-in-the-sand types, will all have an opportunity to put their own money, families, social circles, and taxes, where their quick reactionary mouths are.

Under a Nationalist government, which by then will be the norm once again all over the world, by way of a true people's revolution, not an engineered one, will show intelligent and socially acceptable ways to govern their respective countries.

We should all remember though, and make no mistake about it, the elites; the seriously wealthy ones at least, will still have much of their immorally gained wealth hidden from public scrutiny.

With this in mind, a Nationalist government with foresight should by and large run its version of democracy, by way of Common Referenda.

Might is right. Whatever is thrown at us by the slight-of-hand tactics seen all the time when these parasites require things to be done, and their useful fools, false flag terrorist groups, and bought and paid for ''political activist'' thugs, millions of people voting on a simple ''Yes/No'' system, will be no match for those with immense wealth, when they can no longer rely on the useful idiots, and the career criminal whose genetics simply cannot stop him.

Sheer determination, and by then, very recent painful memories of greed and ethnic/religious based hatred of our kith and kin etc, will suffice in ending the terror of state sponsored crime and treachery, and bring an end to money-based political leadership and lobbying that, has no moral or lawful right to exist in a free country in the first place.

Under Nationalistic governance, no globalist or internationalist agenda will ever be allowed to gain a toe-hold on our shores.

We will create a global family of independent nations, helping each other when necessary, trading and bartering as is the natural order, and create a world without our respective communities having to worry about the warning: Contains Nuts.

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