Warmongers and their Puppets Just who is keeping the EDL/BFP on a life support machine?

Tue, 29/01/2013 - 06:00
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Nick Griffin investigates - Despite the collapse of the EDL and its BFP political wing, some of the most extreme Zionists in the world continue to give them publicity puffs as part of a wider campaign to hijack nationalism and con us into fighting their wars.

The more the Kev Carroll/Tommy Robinson circus is outflanked by various independent splinter groups, the more blatant become the Zionist efforts to keep their operation on a publicity life support machine.

One of the last things Tommy Robinson did before getting locked up was to try to distance himself and his crumbling group from the Zionists who set it up (see my earlier in-depth exposé, detailed below). He and now departed BFP leader Paul Weston both tried to down-play their links to the Israeli and American-Zionist far-right.

But the EDL/BFP's status as a Zionist/neo-con franchise operation is confirmed once again by fresh research into the remaining media outlets still promoting them as a supposedly serious force.

With articles on the failing EDL website now reduced to a trickle, the only contributions with any depth are by writers for the New English Review, in particular Jerry Gordon and Esmeralda Weatherwax, who wrote the only coverage of Tommy Robinson's make-or-break Walthamstow 2 rally for both the EDL and BFP.

So what is the New English Review (NER) and what sort of people write for it?

Nothing English

For starters, don't be fooled by the name, there is nothing English about the New English Review.

It is published in the USA and paid for by the World Encounter Institute (WEI). The shady backers who pay for it all hide behind WEIs 501 (c) corporation status, which permit it to keep its sources of income secret. But a glance at the individuals on its Board of Directors tells you all you really need to know that it is just another cog in the neo-con/ultra-Zionist war propaganda machine that was exposed in my earlier study.

The WEI was founded in 2006 as part of the much larger co-ordinated effort to ensure Zionist and right-wing capitalist ideological dominance of the new devolved Internet media. From the start it involved writers based in the USA, Canada and Britain.

Jerry (originally, Jerome) Gordon has interviewed EDL/BFP figures for the New English Review several times, with both the EDL and BFP proudly reproducing the articles on their own websites in the hope of reassuring their dwindling rump of supporters that someone, somewhere, takes them seriously.

Weston, Carroll and Robinson have all been given favourable interviews on the same Canadian Zionist Sun TV news channel

Big fish

Gordon is a big fish in the operation, being Senior Vice President of the WEI. He is also a former US army intelligence officer and a Board Member of B'nai Israel Synagogue. With those qualifications there can be little doubt that he is now a senior member of an important Mossad 'frame' - the auxiliary civilian units run overseas by the Israeli intelligence service.

Gordon's extreme Greater Israel Zionism frequently leads to him launching vicious attacks on moderate Jews who argue for peace efforts with the Palestinians. His rants in Think-Israel would be condemned as virulent anti-Semitism if they were made by a Gentile.

Gordon is a frequent contributor to FrontPage, the influential propaganda operation run by leading neo-con David Horowitz. He is also a regular writer for the fervently Zionist Israpundit website.

Israpundit authors often slam "liberal US Jews" for their heavy involvement with things such as gun control campaigning, immigration and fraud on Wall Street, for which Israpundit writers says growing number of Americans will blame all Jews.

This fear of a right-wing backlash gives an insight into part of the motivation of people such as Gordon and Weatherwax in seeking to forge a militantly Zionist version of nationalism by promoting patsies like Robinson, Weston and Carroll. They know that, regardless of occasional short-term reverses, nationalism in on the rise right across Europe – so they’re trying to control and tame it.

The same pattern has been seen in the USA, where Pam Geller - closely associated with Tommy Robinson - was a key player in the drive to take control of - many say neuter - the Republican grass-roots Tea Party.

According to the Gates of Vienna website (which was in turn extensively exposed in my earlier study, including for its direct links with Frank Gaffney, top bagman for the Bush/Cheney clique of neo-con war criminals and its incitement to Breivik-style mass murder) "Gordon's work at NER has been used by Senator Joseph Lieberman ... in drafting legislation to protect the US.."

Emergency power grab

Lieberman and GoV's ideas of 'protecting' the USA centre of pushing for the Iraq and Afghan wars, for a massive joint US/Israeli/UK military strike against Iran and the legislation that gave huge extra 'emergency' powers to the US government to spy on, arrest and intern its own citizens. Lieberman recently led the effort to give the President the power to seize control of the Internet.

Gordon is also a member of the Board of the American Congress for Truth (ACT). He is its Middle East Affairs analyst. ACT was set up in 2002 by US-based Lebanese Christian Brigitte Gabriel. ACT's fund-raising - mainly among ultra-conservative Jewish big businessmen who, despite being anti-Christian, are attracted by its anti-Islamism and fervent support for Israel - is so successful that Gabriel draws an annual salary of around $200,000 a year plus expenses.

Propping it up

Returning to the New English Review, the Secretary of its World Encounter parent body is Rebecca Bynum. An American-based writer and political analyst, several of her articles in NER (of which she is also the Managing Editor) have been published recently, with full permission, on the British Freedom Party website.

This link raises the intriguing possibility that the BFP's web editor, self-confessed Special Branch-funded tout Simon Bennett, has links with these people predating the founding of the party. Was he part of the far bigger operation to take out the British National Party in order to open the way for the rise of a pro-Zionist replacement designed both to promote anti-Muslim wars abroad and to channel nationalist sentiment along a 'safe' path?

Compelling evidence for that mentality is provided by the mission statement of The United West (TUW), for which Bynum is also a prolific contributor: "Our objectives include the mobilization of Americans and Europeans to stand firmly for the defense and protection of the State of Israel."  (Plain English translation: We want your boys and your money to fight our wars for us!)

In 2011, TUW described its most important work a “dual track American and Israel Defense Project”.

Usual suspects

Bynum's TUW colleagues include Clare Lopez, who started as career operations officer with the CIA. She became Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee 2005-06 before going on to work as a consultant to various defence firms. Lopez is currently senior fellow at the Center of Security Policy and thus a close colleague of Frank Gaffney & Christine Brim).

Another key member of The United West’s drive to lock together the ‘security’ of the USA and Israel is Ryan Mauro. He is also advisor on radical Islam to the Christian Action Network, another organization that has provided film coverage for the EDL (including from the very earliest days – remember their people were at the infamous meeting in the George with Robert Spencer and Douglas Murray) and support for Paul Weston’s US speaking tour.

Lopez also sits on the Advisory Board of the Clarion Fund, whose role in pushing for new neo-con/Zionist wars in the Middle East was noted in my earlier main study. Also on the board of the Fund – set up by Canadian-born Rabbi Raphael Shore – are Gaffney, Pipes, Gabriel and Spencer. All of these are in turn key players in the New English Review.

All of them so busy, so influential, yet they just happen to take an interest in the two-bit British Freedom Party? All of them so intellectual and well-connected, yet they just happen to sympathise with the EDL and its now collapsed effort to mobilize a street army of football hooligans? If you believe that………

Why would a man like this be interested in Ken Carroll?
CASE STUDY – New English Review writer Ibn Warraq

The extraordinarily intertwined, almost incestuous, relationship between the network of propagandists linked with Jerry Gordon can best be grasped by looking at a typical example. We've chosen WEI Vice-President Ibn Warraq, but you can pick any of the others referred to in this study and do similar research yourself on the Internet to satisfy yourself that we're telling the truth.

Ibn Warraq is an apostate Muslim whose various books against Islam are cornerstones of the counter-jihad movement. He co-signed Salman Rushdie's 2006 Manifesto during the Danish cartoons controversy. Warraq also sits on the Advisory Board of the International Free Press Society, which featured heavily in my earlier exposé of the artificial Zionist promotion of the BFP, EDL and the drive to create similar Defence Leagues in Europe, Australia and America.

In addition to his role in the New English Review, Warraq is also on the Advisory Board of the Clarion Fund, as well as being closely linked to the whole tight-knit network of Zionist propaganda outlets funded by the Bradley and Mellon Foundations, which emerged in my early written report and conference lecture   links as central to the funding of the Zionist effort to capture and monopolise the counter-jihad.

In the UK, Warraq has frequently been an associate of Douglas Murray. Both men have close links with counter-jihad intellectual Robert Spencer – who is also, predictably, on the editorial board of the New English Review.

Murray was not only present with Paul Weston at the infamous meeting at the George in the early days of the EDL, but was also involved in the founding of the Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) subsidiary 'Nothing British', which led the attempt to break the British  National Party between  2009 and the 2010 general election.

The CSC is now part of the neo-con Henry Jackson Society, a neo-con think-tank that pushes for further privatisation measures, war against Iran and other elite scams.

So yet again we see that the agenda of these people is not simply to warn about the dangers posed by Islam. Worthy though that is (and it is likely that quite few of those involved in this whole operation are decent and sincere men and women motivated by genuine concern for our traditional freedoms, democracy, women's rights and such like) it is noticeable that none of them said a word when the victims were working class youngsters broken by the sex and narco jihads run by Muslim street gangs.

Far more common motivators for them appear to be the threat Islam poses to Israel or gay rights (as a rule of thumb, if one of these intellectuals isn't a committed Zionist, he'll be gay). But grafted on to such personal motivations, there lurks in the background of the whole counter-jihad movement the financial interests of war-profiteering corporations such as Halliburton, working through well-funded conduits such as Frank Gaffney.

They are certainly not in the least concerned with protecting British identity from the ravishes of mass immigration in general. Rather, one of their worries is that the problems with Islam might spill out into more general opposition to all immigration, because - just like Kev Carroll - people such as Douglas Murray think that the multi-racial genocide of the indigenous peoples of the West is a good thing.

Warraq, an apostate Muslim who could easily be murdered for having turned away from Islam, is clearly a brave man, but the more one looks at his links, the more the dots join up to make an altogether more sinister picture.

One of his most fervent advocates, Daniel Pipes, is also a Board member of the International Free Press Society.

To bring another strand in the neo-con web back round to where we started, Pipes was a keynote speaker at the 2007 UK & Scandinavia Counter-Jihad Conference, a meeting which (as shown in the previous study) involved the key players behind the decision to use Tommy Robinson & Co as a puppet street army.

Yet again, the real picture is clear to see: Kev Carroll and his rump EDL/BFP are the wholly owned subsidiaries of a clique of extremely well-funded, extremely sinister, extremely foreign warmongers. There’s nothing English or British about them at all. Steer well clear!

Nick Griffin’s earlier, in-depth expose of the EDL can be read HERE
Nick Griffin’s conference speech about this vital subject can be seen on BNPTV

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