Vibrant, enriched London, where three-quarters of murder suspects are non-white

Sun, 29/07/2012 - 05:00
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By Stephen Palmer-New figures released by the Metropolitan Police Service today reveal that over 72 percent of people charged with murder in London last year were non-white.

Of the 197 people charged with the crime of murder in 2011, 113 (57.36 percent) were black, 55 (27.91 percent) were White European, and 20 (10.15 percent) were Asian.

According to ONS census data from 2006 (the most recent available regarding race), 69.4 percent of London’s population is white, and 10.7 percent is black.

That means a black person is 13 times more likely to be charged with murder than a white person.

This corresponds with previous data released by the MPS as part of the same Freedom of Information request.

It revealed that non-whites are responsible for the majority of all violent crimes in London, despite being, at the last count, under a third of the city’s population.

The Met took 64 working days to release this data, 44 days over the limit in which they are required to respond under the Freedom of Information Act (2000).

The same FOI request also revealed that:

• Non-whites were charged with 71 percent of personal robberies in London in 2011 despite being only 30.6 percent of the population.Blacks were charged with 56 percent of personal robbery despite being only 10.7 percent of the population.

• Non-whites were charged with 74 percent of all ‘snatch’ crimes. Blacks were charged with 54 percent.

• Non-whites were charged with 67 percent of gun crime. Blacks were charged with 58 percent.

• Non-whites were charged with 65 percent of knife crime. Blacks were charged with 51 percent.

• Non-whites were charged with 51.9 percent of rapes. Blacks were charged with 40.4 percent.

A further FOI request has been submitted to the Ministry of Justice, requesting a breakdown by race of all people convicted of violent crimes in 2011 in the whole of England and Wales.

Like the information below, it will be an exclusive publication of crime in relation to race in Britain.

These are the facts the mainstream media are afraid to research and afraid to print. Only the British National Party has the courage to publish these figures and expose the glaring racial disparities in the crime rates of enriched, modern day multi-culti Britain.

The full data with a link to the FOI request is below.

People charged with murder in London in 2011 by ethnic appearance (source:MPS ):

Afro-Caribbean – 113 (57.36%)
Arabian/Egyptian – 1 (0.05%)
Asian – 20 (10.15%)
Dark European – 7 (3.55%)
Oriental – 1 (0.05%)
White European – 55 (27.91%)
Total – 197

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