UKIP offer to join with Toxic-Tories, means they are unelectable in Scotland

Wed, 08/05/2013 - 13:00
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By Robert the Bruce-Nigel Farage´s offer to form an election pack with the nasty Tories-but only if Cameron is dumped as leader, has massively damaged them in the eyes of many Scots making them unelectable in most parts of Scotland.

What might be seen as a clever linking of political parties in England is a recipe for disaster north of the border and in places like Wales.
Heady with gains in the English council elections, Farage said on Saturday that he was ready to join forces with the Conservatives to keep Labour out of power.

It has been suggested that UKIP and the nasty Tories could run single candidates in key parliamentary seats, in effect a Tory/UKIP coalition.

Farage told the press “There are lots of intelligent ways of doing deals in the future, all sorts of things a sensible, patriotic Conservative leader could pursue.”

UKIP have by making this move all but wiped out any chance of gains and major vote swings in Scotland, since the Scottish people have time and time again dumped Conservatism, which it appears Farage supports.

Whilst UKIP croak on about their two voter friendly policies, being out of the EU and slowing immigration down, most Scots will baulk at the thought of backing someone who sees Margaret Thatcher as a political hero.

UKIP fails to understand that Scottish politics is social conscience and community minded based, and has for decades been mainly anti-Tory.

The working men and women will not support a party like UKIP whatever they say on the EU and immigration, if it is fundamentally another Conservative party by stealth.

Clearly many working Scots and those on low pay will be dismayed that Farage and UKIP see their future as a mirror Conservative party.

Scots will shun them during next year’s European Elections. Do you really want a Tory representing you in the European Parliament?
Farage´s offer to discuss an election deal with the Tories as a clever move in England as he hopes to put his version of the Tory Party on an even footing with Cameron’s bunch.

Yet Farage has miscalculated the total distrust that exists in Scotland and parts of Wales, of the Toxic Tory brand.

We in Scotland suffered decades of decline due to the Tories down in London, we are not about to hand over our communities to the Reserve Tory Party-UKIP.

Farage confirms that he has sat around the table on Sunday evenings with Conservative Party officials who have suggested the two parties could even have a straight forward non-aggression pact and agree not to run against each other in certain seats.

A vote for UKIP in Scotland will be a vote for back-door Conservatism to take over your country-don’t be fooled by bubbly (I’m one of the lads) Farage and UKIP.

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