UKIP - The false alternative

Thu, 28/03/2013 - 21:00
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By RedSquirrels-UKIP was started by some disaffected Tories as an Anti-EU pressure group, mainly directed at changing the policies of the Conservative party, and primarily this is what it remains.

In an attempt at presenting itself as a real party, UKIP has copied some nationalist and anti-immigration policies from the BNP, but has combined these with Thatcherism and 'libertarianism' (the philosophy of dog-eat-dog unrestricted capitalism).

It's unlikely that many of those who vote for UKIP, in desperation for any alternative to the main parties, actually understands the implications of this unpleasant combination of beliefs.

Thatcherism was a terrible social disaster for Britain, promoting get-rich-quick self-centred capitalism at the expense of the 'underclass' of long-term unemployed which it created.

Although Farage claims his party will "protect the British people" actually they only care about protecting City bankers and other rich British capitalists.

On social and economic policy they are right-wing Tories, with a programme of cuts in the health service and welfare, and huge commitments to increased defence spending.

In contrast the British National Party emphasises the social aspects of nationalism - that the nation is a family who should support its weaker members, not leave them to 'sink or swim'.

We don't aspire to be professional politicians, but instead work as part of communities across the UK in community action such as raising funds for food banks.

In contrast to the elitist UKIP, dominated by ex-stockbroker Farage, the BNP is an open and democratic party which encourages participation and discussion.

BNP policies include government decentralisation and commitment to local democracy, whilst the 'libertarianism' of UKIP simply means their government would take no responsibility for social welfare, but would be as centralised and authoritarian as Thatcher's regime in other respects.

In social/economic policy, UKIP is to the right of the conservatives, whilst the BNP is somewhat to the left of centre. More fundamentally, the BNP is a genuine party with a complete and coherent programme, not simply a single-issue pressure group with a grab-bag of policies.

The BNP has consistently had a radical and long-term perspective, we warned about the consequences of mass immigration - not just its economic harm but the dangers of British culture and peoples being replaced - for years before the other parties belatedly accepted the truth of these problems.

Likewise the BNP has been warning about the environmental harm from overpopulation, an issue the Green party has avoided raising out of fears of political incorrectness.

The BNP is willing to ask the big questions and challenge conventional thinking - for example, the absurdity that England is becoming more and more a dependency of London, whilst London itself becomes a foreign city - or whether Fractional Reserve Banking really makes sense as a basis of the financial system.

For all these reasons, people who want to see real change, and a true solution to Britain's problems, should support the BNP and not be seduced by the media promotion of Farage and his party.

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