The UK has become a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ for immigrants

Tue, 24/07/2012 - 19:00
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A huge backlog of over a quarter of a million immigration cases has left UK border chiefs struggling to deal with not only deporting immigrants but even knowing where they are.

The enormous total is made up from asylum seekers, foreign criminals, and illegal immigrants.

Commons Home Affairs Committee MPs announced the country had become a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ for migrants, describing it as a country where it is ‘easy to get in, but impossible to keep track of anyone, let alone get them out’.

New asylum cases numbering more than 21,000 have increased because officials were only able to process 63% of applications made last year.

It was also revealed there are some 150,000 legal immigrants who arrived as students and workers but whose visas have since expired and that the figure is rising by 100 daily.

Shockingly, 40% of these people have never been sent any correspondence ordering them to leave the country and it was also disclosed there are 3,900 foreign born criminals at large and therefore free to commit more crimes, the outrageous figures include nearly 1000 who have been untraceable for five years or more.

Additional to this, another 101,000 asylum and immigration cases remain from the backlog of almost half a million that were found lying around in offices from 2006 and had Home Secretary John Reid describe his own department’s immigration system as ‘not fit for purpose’.

These cases have been put into, what is called a ‘controlled archive’, simply a slyly worded meaning for “delayed”, because these immigrants cannot be found anywhere and obviously the government cannot take any form of action against them until, or more likely, if, they are ever found.

Around 60% of the near half million gained the right to stay in the country, mostly because an eternity had passed since they first applied and now they have settled here, raised a family, and with every liberal politician and judge bending over to champion the asylum and immigration Human Right laws, and a stack of wealthy barristers climbing over each other to take these cases on, they won’t be going far, ever.

Reid’s took over from Charles Clarke who was forced to resign after it was reported more than 1,000 foreign criminals had been released from prison between 1999 and 2006 without even being contemplated for deportation.

It will come as no big surprise to readers that despite more than six years passing since that particular shambles emerged, 60 of those offenders have still not been traced and are still living freely in the UK.

The committee’s chairman, Keith Vaz, said the backlog was unacceptable, adding that the agency appears to have ‘acquired its own Bermuda Triangle’.

‘It’s easy to get in, but near impossible to keep track of anyone, let alone get them out,’ the Labour MP said. ‘This is the first time the committee has collated all the cases at the UK Border Agency that await resolution.

‘This backlog is now equivalent to the entire population of Newcastle upon Tyne.’

The committee condemned Article 8 of the Human Rights Act which it said ‘weighs too heavily on the side of offenders rather than the safety of the public’.

They said it, ‘allows criminals facing deportation to live freely in our communities and to endlessly prevent their removal through spurious claims about their right to a private and family life under Article 8’.

However, the MPs approved Government changes to make it simpler to remove foreign criminals, saying: ‘The rights of offenders must be balanced against the rights of law-abiding citizens to live their lives in peace, free from the threat of crime.’

Despite what you have just read, The Home Office said: ‘This report highlights improvements we have made to tackle the huge backlog of cases we inherited.

‘Over 2,000 overstayers have recently been removed following targeted enforcement activity, foreign offenders are being removed more quickly and we are performing well against visa processing targets.

‘Talented students are welcome, but we have introduced new powers to toughen up the system, keeping out the fraudulent and unqualified.

‘The report has raised some legitimate concerns about issues that we are already tackling.’

Could you imagine driving up the M6 with your car tax or insurance a day late, maybe going at 75mph, it wouldn’t take too long until you were sitting in the back of a car with an over zealous, politically correct police officer, dreaming of his stripes and writing your ticket out.

Spare a thought for the hundreds of British pensioners choosing whether to heat their homes or eat, hauled before courts for not being able to pay their council tax or other bills, they can’t simply disappear.

It is absolutely disgusting and a national disgrace that these parasites can continuously invade our shores and end up living a life of luxury, at our expense, and can then just “get lost” within the system, there are Islamic terrorists out there in our cities and towns, planning the demise and obliteration of our land, yet we don’t know where they are!

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