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Mon, 22/10/2012 - 17:30
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By Luke Smith Nick Griffin’s Tweets of late have certainly caused a stir. Or rather, in blatantly cheap and cynical ploys, his opponents have yet again attempted to embroil him with the Police (more accurately the Thought Police) for his serial truth telling.

The other week Nick’s “Fenian bastards” Tweet and now his Tweets regarding the anti-Christian homosexual activists have sent the controlled mainstream into a routine bout of anti-Nick Griffin, anti-BNP propaganda frenzy.

So, in the space of less than a month Nick has been savaged twice for his Tweeting, and neither time have his comments been of any real offence, let alone sufficient to justify Police involvement.

Nick’s Tweets are comments made to those who wish to read his Tweets, he hasn't forced anyone to read his Tweets, he has not forced his opinions on a anyone, unlike the controlled mainstream media that relentlessly spews out its politically correct, multi-cultural propaganda which none can escape.

Yet we have no recourse that can address the offence we perpetually endure from the controlled mainstream media, we can’t complain to the Police that they offend us.

But what these recent attacks on Nick reveal is that the establishment, through its puppet controlled mainstream media, is terrified of any expression that opposes its agenda, even if be via the very limited medium of Twitter.

The attacks on Nick are really attacks on dissent, they are attacks intended to stymie objection to the politically correct totalitarian state, but they dress these attacks up as moral outrage and offence in order to clothe them with legitimacy.

But the truth is the attacks against Nick are deliberately intended to make us all afraid to speak the truth, make us all afraid even to express common sense.

For as we are well aware woe-betide those that dare to proffer the truth, for “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

Isn’t it revealing how the controlled mainstream media that have forever denied Nick a voice on their platforms are desperate that he is denied expression now that he has bypassed their bias with Twitter, they even want to see him denied a Twitter account, The Guardian (that repugnant Marxist rag) asks: Should Nick Griffin be banned from Twitter.

Who can be left in any doubt that the controlled mainstream media are intent on preventing any opposition to the sick and twisted politically correct, multicultural, totalitarian state that their political masters are forcing upon us.

can be left in any doubt that they hate Nick because he dares challenge their perverse ideology.

The fact is this: Nick’s Twitter is reaching an increasingly receptive audience, and when you get closer to the target you expect more flak, so the series of attacks on Nick and his Tweeting by the controlled mainstream media reveal that they, the true enemies of Britain, are very concerned about the commonsense message of Nick and the BNP getting out, so expect more attacks on Nick Griffin:The Truth Tweeter.

But the battle for our country goes on, and the truth will out!

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