The Traitors – 3. Denis MacShane

Mon, 27/05/2013 - 05:00
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By Man of Kent-Former Labour MP for Rotherham Denis MacShane, as well as being a traitor, is a liar and a thief.

He began his twin careers of deceit and treachery while an official at the National Union of Journalists in the 1970s, when he was responsible for drawing up the NUJ’s Guidelines on Race Reporting, an influential document in the suppression of free speech in this country.

It stridently champions diversity and multi-culturalism, banning NUJ members from even the slightest criticism of ethnic settlers. In tone it resembles a Communist Party directive in the Soviet Union, rigid instructions more than guidelines.

These strict guidelines imposed by the NUJ have had a baneful effect on British democracy by establishing systematic censorship in the media about all matters related to immigration.

For decades journalists have used their influence to manipulate public opinion on this subject, and the main reason for that are these guidelines, which all journalists must respect and which dictate what can or cannot be written or broadcast.

The guidelines state clearly that parties and people opposed to mass immigration must be reported only in negative terms, that journalists must promote immigration and diversity and whenever settlers commit a crime their ethnicity should ideally not be revealed.

And these calamitous guidelines were created by one of the most despicable of all British politicians, a man who, prior to becoming a politician, was even sacked by the BBC for gross dishonesty.

MacShane was fired after using a fake name to call a radio phone-in programme he worked on at the time. During the call, he accused leading Conservative politician Reginald Maudling of being a crook, with Maudling threatening to sue as a result.
MacShane remained an NUJ official after his sacking despite having been discredited as a journalist, even becoming its president for a year, his salary paid out of members’ contributions.

Some members who were aware of this naturally objected. Renowned Times’ columnist Bernard Levin wrote:
‘I do not much care to be told how to do my job as a journalist by a journalist who was sacked for professional misconduct, has been unable to find regular employment ever since, and at present lives on a payment which comes out of the union subscriptions paid by me and my fellow members of the NUJ.’

The BBC enthusiastically adheres to the guidelines drawn up by MacShane. So the organisation that sacked him now obeys his rules!
MacShane then entered politics, in which, as the Labour MP for Rotherham, he stole thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money by filing fraudulent expenses claims.

Over four years he submitted fake invoices for air fares, meals and hotel bills. He claimed for eight laptop computers in three years.

He funnelled money through a bogus front organisation he called the European Policy Institute (EPI), which had no formal structure, offices or staff -- although it did have its own letterhead on stationery that he had specially printed.

This allowed him to claim for ‘consulting and translating services’ at up to £950 a time. The bills were all signed by a fictional ‘general manager’. Names given for directors were all old friends of MacShane.

He controlled the bank account and wrote cheques to himself, drawn on the British taxpayer.
In November 2012, MacShane resigned as an MP after the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee voted to suspend him for a year for what they described as the gravest abuse of expenses they had seen.

The Standards Commissioner said he ‘plainly intended to deceive’ Parliament’s expenses authorities.
MacShane had already been suspended from the Labour Party when his deception first came to light.

He was re-admitted only after police announced they were not pursuing fraud charges against him, on the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service.

At the time, neither the police nor the CPS had access to all the evidence that was eventually put before the committee. Scotland Yard later came under pressure to reopen the case after MacShane made a ‘number of frank admissions’ about his expenses in letters to the Standards Commissioner in which he admitted he faked 19 invoices totalling £12,900.

He obviously deserved to be jailed but remained free because he insisted the damning evidence against him was protected by parliamentary privilege and could not be used in court, which Commons officials conceded was true.

It was a contemptible affront to justice. MPs should not be able to use parliamentary privilege to escape prosecution for outrageous criminal behaviour.

Parliamentary privilege is designed to allow MPs to name individuals they believe to be involved in illegal activity without fear of being sued for libel.

It is not meant to be used by thieves like MacShane, and the courts has already rejected a defence of parliamentary privilege in the case of other notorious expenses cheats.

The Commons had the chance to clarify the position on privilege three years earlier at the height of the expenses scandal but MPs voted against changes that would have made evidence such as MacShane’s letters automatically available to the police.

Absurdly, they pretended that any such changes would have a ‘chilling effect’ on freedom of speech.
MacShane should not have been allowed to hide behind parliamentary privilege.

He should have been arrested and charged with fraud.
It was not the first time MacShane was caught cheating. He had already pocketed £125,000 over seven years in expenses by claiming his shabby garage was his constituency office. He was forced to repay only a pittance.

MacShane also charged taxpayers more than £8,000 for ‘translation services’ that turned out to be payments to his brother.
He submitted more than a dozen invoices to the Commons bearing the heading of his EPI, with each bill justified by just one line – ‘research and translation’ – followed by a demand for fees ranging between £550 and £950.

The names and signatures on the bills, sent between August 2005 and January 2008 and totalling £8,050, were blacked out by the Commons censors, but it was established the EPI was controlled by his brother, Edmund Matyjaszek.

The link between the brothers was not apparent from the documents submitted by MacShane because Matyjaszek, a poet and playwright, kept the surname of their father, Jan Matyjaszek, while his brother took the maiden name of their mother, Isobel MacShane, at the request of the BBC when he joined it in 1969.

Such fraud linked to nepotism is typical behaviour of Muslims, which raises the interesting question of whether MacShane became contaminated through long close contact with many Muslims or he was attracted to their culture in the first place because of something in his own character.

Maybe it was his pathological dishonesty that drew him to Muslims? Maybe he felt more comfortable in their environment of deceit than among his own kind?

In any event, he wholeheartedly joined in their deceit. In November 2001 an article was published in the Observer under the name of Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood.

A few days later it was revealed that the article had not been written by Mahmood but by MacShane. Mahmood simply agreed to put his name to it.

This deceit would be reprehensible enough. But the article also says things like, ‘I know of no Muslim who endorses drug taking’, in effect denying the heroin jihad being waged in towns throughout England, the Muslims knowing that widespread heroin use destroys communities, which is their aim.

It also says, ‘A great crime was committed on 11 September [2001]. To associate the faith of Islam with it is unacceptable.’
This was not written by a Muslim but by MacShane in the name of Islam!

And the sums involved in his frauds are minuscule by comparison with the sums – and the suffering – he has cost Rotherham. Through incompetence, malice and corruption, millions of pounds have been lost or wasted.
Huge amounts of violent and fiscal crime have been fostered, and immeasurable harm done to to the culture and institutions of the town.

His financial corruption was accompanied by political policies that have destroyed Rotherham.
Rotherham is one of the towns where Muslim men rape and abuse white girls while the authorities intervene on behalf not of the victims but of the criminals.

A white father was arrested when he tried to rescue his daughter from the house in which she was being abused. Another abused white girl was offered Urdu and Punjabi lessons to help her better integrate with the ‘community’ in which her abusers were operating.

MacShane stood by and said nothing,
Through his policy of fanatically supporting settlers, mainly Muslims, the ancient South Yorkshire town has been turned into a multi-cultural melting pot containing some of the worst elements imaginable, elements that refuse to integrate.

Politically controlled by Muslims, Rotherham now has nine mosques and some of the worst corruption in British history.
One Rotherham Christian chapel with its cemetery was acquired by Muslims and turned into a furniture warehouse.

When sales declined the building mysteriously caught fire, not once but twice.
This gives some indication of the level of respect Muslims have for our ancient buildings and our ancestors.

Five other failing Muslim-owned businesses have recently caught fire in Rotherham.
This state of affairs is down to just one person – Denis MacShane.
His lack of judgment does not end at backing Islam.

A former Europe minister and an ardent Europhile, he continues to write columns for the Guardian about Europe as well as appearing on television programmes as an expert on European affairs, and on September 7th 2009 he wrote an article in the London Evening Standard in which he proclaimed it was time for Britain to abandon sterling and join the euro, just before the European sovereign-debt crisis started.

Around that time, he also wrote, ‘All the old arguments against the euro have fallen away… The euro is not going to collapse …’
Like the other great traitors, Jack Straw and Ken Livingstone (and I presume George Galloway as well but dwelling on all of them is too distressing), MacShane appears so lacking in judgment, at the same time as being so full of himself, that you wonder at the cause.

People have betrayed their country for all kinds of different reasons - conscience, conviction, love, pride, pique, greed…

Our contemporary traitors are beyond understanding.
If only they had considered that Dante placed traitors in the central circle of Hell, to join the disembowelled Prophet!

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