Time to Stop Giving Ground.

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 13:00
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By Lady Jane-Have you noticed how all you need to do to get accused of being a “racist” is to voice any opposition to “multiracialism”?
How can any ethno-nationalist possibly avoid committing this grave crime?

First things first: we should not decide that the answer is to agree with multiracialism!

We are Nationalists.

We believe in the racial and ethnic identity of our folk as a permanent feature.

This is not open to watering down or compromise.
If we would want to do that, why even bother to be “Nationalists” at all?

Why struggle to maintain our genetic heritage or culture? Why not just say that all that counts is some sort of loose agreement that we belong to a British “culture”?

Defining the culture can be glossed over as well. After all, we are not going to all be a particular sect of Christians – for example - when so many of us have various non-Christian outlooks and beliefs.

In the culturalist view it would be “multiculturalism” that is opposed but race would be completely irrelevant.
If anyone wants to go down that particular route to oblivion, there are any number of political parties in the UK that will welcome them, including the Conservative Party and even Nu Labour, but the British National Party should not be their party of choice.

The British National Party is an ethno nationalist party. We believe culture is a product of race, blood and DNA.

It can be tampered with by perverted fashions – and our culture is grossly distorted right now – imposed by outsiders and a hostile elite.

But the essential flavour of a culture is prescribed by the character of the people in that time and place. Change the people and you change the culture.

Replace the people of China with Australian Aborigines and you can picture that the culture would be transformed.

The demographics of Britain are changing.

The indigenous White population is decreasing with a non-replacement birth rate.

Many British women are having mixed race children. Meanwhile, we suffer mass immigration.

Quickly, at a historically unprecedented speed, White Europeans in the world are being racially replaced by a hotch-potch of non-European immigrants or colonists.

As this happens, crime and conflicts increase. We fear the possibility of civil war at some point within a few decades.
Perhaps this will not happen.

Perhaps we will solve the problem by re-asserting ourselves as a majority or, alternatively, by sadly fading away like the flame of a candle extinguished.

We should not be planning for the latter scenario! We should not be thinking that we must shake the hands of those so arrogantly replacing us, asking them that the process may be as painless and congenial as possible.

How can proud Nationalists delude ourselves that somehow our nation will continue as the British, after the replacement is completed?

Surely to even begin to think like that is treason, and a betrayal of the sacrifices of our loving ancestors who raised large broods of children in conditions of poverty and fought in wars to give us a chance to keep the folk going, even aspiring to greater glory.

And surely our surrender will mean unimaginable horror for our future generations?
It is not an option to be like a coward, living a life in denial of the tragic consequences such surrender brings.

Such a coward may well not understand, perhaps being an individual who did not even care enough to have a family of his own, who is only concerned with events in his own individual lifespan.

Then it would be easier for him to join hands and sing as a multiracialist and to try in vain to convince the immigrants not to view him as a threat. None of us could honestly believe that helps our nation.

To protect our folk from harm we have to discriminate friend from foe; who is one of “us” and who is one of “them”.

In the natural order of life, various groups compete for land, resources and other interests.

Even where cooperation is possible, and desirable, no group will survive who puts themselves at a consistent disadvantage. There is such a thing as success and such a thing as losing.

For us to lose our country, and we have already lost it in terms of being in government and ruling our own national destiny, is terrible enough – but to become a minority at the tender mercies of a foreign influx and lacking a sense of our own tribal identity, means death.

Which is why we must think at group level and not at individual level.

To declare that we no longer see a person’s race and collective identity, but to treat everyone as an isolated personality, as “Fred Bloggs” judged purely on our interactions with them, is to also lose our own place within society.

The society depends upon a cohesion based on in-group and out-group.

In today’s Britain, race is a big reality. Race is a factor in most news stories we read or watch in the mainstream media.

In some ways this is good. We can find out who is causing problems and who is blamed for them (and apply our group discrimination to help us understand this and be safe).

If we are not aware of the race of people involved in various incidents, we miss vital clues as to the reason for what has happened.

On the down-side, the slant in the media is all too often about putting down “Whitey” and glorifying non whites and racial mixing.

In some countries in Europe there is less revealed about racial replacement or crime than in the UK.

The Swedish media talks about the alarming increase in honour killings by “Swedish men” for example and will not so much as call them “Asian” let alone “Muslim”.

Similarly for rape and other crimes which are disproportionately racially divided.

In France, race is kept out of the census and the French do not allow the kind of racial profiling questionnaires we have in the UK. As a result, the massive number of Africans and other non-Whites in France is kept rather shady.

Some guess can be made by noting the high incidence of a disease such as sickle cell anaemia in the Paris suburbs.

Statistics showing the extent of racial replacement are vital to those of us who need to warn about the falling proportion of White people.

When one doesn’t want to mention this it shows that it is not supposed to be of any concern to us at all.

Of course these racial profiling questionnaires can be used by those representing the immigrants as well – so that they can point to where they feel they are not represented in sufficient numbers.

They can then shout about which towns or institutions are “hideously White”.

However, we have now reached the point where these incomers are now so well established that it would be better for them, and serve their intention of saying “race doesn’t exist” if racial profiling is no longer a tool that can be used to alarm the White population.

The multiracial perspective is that race should not matter to anyone. Yet really this is a lie they don’t even believe themselves. It is a trick, because multiracialism is really a code word for “anti White”.

The multiracialist is, at best, not interested in the indigenous British population – and that had better not be the view of anyone who claims to be a British “Nationalist” – while it is, at worst, the case that multiracialism is all too concerned with benefiting non-Whites.

If you come into someone’s territory and convince those people to stop caring for their own folk, and to bend over to accommodate you instead, you would be behaving in the way approved for immigrants to our land.

There is no nice way to tell them to cease and desist. Being rude and ruffling feathers really is called for here! Afterwards, we can explain to them how sorry we are if it hurt their feelings – if it is felt necessary.

Politeness can be afforded then.

But we do have to TAKE our right to live, not ASK for it!

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