There has always been Global Warming!

Fri, 16/11/2012 - 16:00
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By Imnokuffar-There has always been Global Warming. Throughout history this natural phenomenon has displayed itself in various ways just has Global Cooling its counterpart.

6000 years ago the mean temperature of the world was 3°C warmer than it is now.

Ten thousand years ago whilst the world was coming out of the “Younger Dryas” a cold period that lasted 1000 years temperatures rose by 6° C in a decade.

This is 100 times faster than the fabled warming of the past century, 0.6°C, that has worried  Noble Laureates such as Al Gore and the rest of the so called “environmentalists”.

Between 1860 and 1875 temperatures rose then fell; from 1890 to 1903 rose then fell until 1918 between 1918 until 1941 increased dramatically then cooled until 1976.

All these periods were times when CO2 emissions were lower than they are now.

The main link offered for the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) is carbon dioxide a supposedly primary greenhouse gas.

This is supposed to directly drive up the temperature of the atmosphere by trapping heat that is supposedly generated internally primarily through industrial and other man made sources of pollution and as a result of the sun.

However there have been times in history when temperature increases have been preceded by high CO2 levels. There have been times when CO2 levels have been 16 times what they are now and this resulted in glaciation not warming.

We are constantly lectured that the sea is rising, the polar bears are becoming rarer and that the whole of humanity is on the verge of disaster.

That we should stop using coal, abandon nuclear technology (that actually reduces CO2 emissions) and rely on wave, wind and solar power all of which are controlled by natural and unreliable forces over which we have no control at all in terms of having a controllable energy source.

According to our AGW scientists they have devised computer models that can accurately predict the future in terms of Global Warming.

I will demonstrate in this article the sheer untruth of this.

By the way the population of Polar bears worldwide is actually on the increase and there is evidence that a polar regions ice cap is actually stable or on the increase.

Antarctica has not been warming but cooling with ice reaching record levels in January 2009.

James Lovelock the chief proponent of theories relating to Mother earth, green thinking and the future of mankind has observed:

“Gradually the world of science has evolved to the dangerous point where model-building has precedence over observation and measurement, especially in Earth and life sciences.

In certain ways modeling has become a threat to the foundation on which science has stood: the acceptance that nature is always the final arbiter and that hypothesis must always be tested by experiment and observation in the real world”.

In other words so-called “scientific modeling” is being used to produce results that have no foundation in hard science that is based on actual observation of real events.

The idea that such a complex entity as the whole of the climate can be predicted is open to question.

Just consider the millions of changeable factors that need be considered, for instance what happens to these models when there is a massive and unexpected volcanic explosion that pumps hundreds of millions of tons of soot, CO2 and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.

Consider this the next time you watch the weather forecast for instance (where they often get it wrong) or the supposed results of a major earth quake, typhoon or natural disaster.

Computer modelling is based on the data entered by human beings, all of whom are subject to bias and to errors in judgment. Therefore the idea that we can, as a species have total and somewhat godlike knowledge about such a chaotic subject as the entire planetary weather systems and its future is arrogant nonsense.

Indeed, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that where facts about AGW do not correctly model the assumptions made by supporters of this theory they are adjusted to “correct” them.

Even amongst former supporters and modelers of AGW there are significant numbers who have resigned and taken issue with this fictitious nonsense.

Can I suggest that readers of this article look up the criticism generated by the “Hockey Stick” effect published by climatologist Michael Mann.

I do not have the space to go into it here but it is a graphic display of the dishonesty of some AGW proponents.

An easier and more concise explanation of the flaws in AGW modeling is that NASA claimed that 1998 was the warmest year on record in the United States.

After the National Centre for Policy Analysis showed that this claim was erroneous, NASA said that 1934 was the warmest year on record.

They then had to admit that 3 of the warmest years on record were before 1940. This was contrary to its claim that these events occurred after 1980.

They then had to admit that the Global Warming during the pre-1940 was when there was only 10% of the amount of the Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere compared to those of now.

According to Al Gore,   Tuvalu was to be inundated, the Pacific islands north of Fiji and New Zealand were going to be drowned and it was necessary to evacuate its inhabitants.

This has not happened because there is and has not been such danger.

The appropriately named Gore was actually bought to court for exaggerating and telling outright lies in his film “An inconvenient Truth” he was found guilty on 9 charges; for instance he claimed that sea levels would rise by 20 feet by the end of the century. The IPPC – if you believe them claim it will be between 4 and 17 inches. A more alarming fact is that this lying piece of trash (the film and its instigator) is being screened in schools as part of the curriculum!

Yet another example of what I call “Global Indoctrination”.

In January 2009 Dr James Hansen head of the institutes for space sciences said that Obama had only four years to save the world from “imminent peril” and that sea levels would rise by one foot – this did not happen.

He predicted that 2007 would be the hottest year on record – it was not it was the coldest for a decade. If you take his predictions at face value how is Obama supposed to prevent this anyway has he really got the Godlike powers that are attributed to him?

In May 2009 Steven Chu the Nobel Prize winning physicist was Obama’s Energy Secretary told the Nobel Committee, convened by our tree hugging Prince Charles that all the roofs, roads and pavements should be painted white so that they reflected more sunlight.

Apparently this would cut CO2 by as much as taking all the worlds cars off the road.

He did not specify the actual effects producing this much paint would have, its ecological consequences, its production costs, whether there were enough raw materials or factories to produce it or its transport costs.

That is an awful lot of paint to be shifting around and certainly would make it viable to invest in a painting a decorating business or Dulux.

The point to be made here is that this was actually taken seriously by the media, celebrities, governments and scientists. When I watched it I thought I was watching a spoof.

I had visions of armies of human beings throughout the world rushing down to the local DIY and fighting each other over every pot of paint and paint roller in sight, the motorways being closed down for a paint job and the Houses of Parliament and other official buildings being given the once over as an example to us all.

At least the White House and Whitehall would cost nothing. Presumably all cars would be painted white or produced that way.

I can just imagine the reaction of the racism directorates if such a thing were to happen.

Another annoying fact for the AGW fanatics is that there is supposed to be a direct co-relation between CO2 and warming. CO2 has risen since 1995 however global temperatures have not risen since 1998.

The GW fanatics say that this is just a lull but expect that Global warming will start again in 2015. This lull is apparently because world weather patterns have cancelled out the rise in CO2 – how this miracle occurred is not specified.

However, this prediction was never made in the original report by the IPPC in 1990 that predicted a rise of 0.3° C globally per decade.

As pointed out before the actual reality is that temperatures have risen by one sixth of one percent since the date they mention in their report.

AGW is the new fashion and quasi- religion, those that believe in it are not interested in rational debate or counter arguments including proven evidence.

Populations have been reasoned into believing the unreasonable by the media, politicians and educational establishment.

Having differing views of this subject are the equivalent of being labeled politically incorrect, stupid, ignorant, racist and sexist.

This stereotype is purposely promoted by all who support this deluded theory and support such politically correct garbage as the promotion of extreme views on the matters concerning racism, sexism and homophobia.

The message is simple; disagreement will stigmatise you as we know the truth and you are too simple to work it out for yourself.

In short AGW is another arm of the politically correct movement that is a form of cultural, racial, political and social totalitarianism.

The fact of the matter is that our party has always stood against AGW because we know and knew the real motives behind it were to export our industrial capacity to cheaper regions in the interests of profit, controlling internal labour costs and undermining any resistance to Bilderberg and NWO designs.

Do not forget that the costs of this flawed policy are estimated at £2000-£4000 per family per year for the next 20 years – when promoting this madness the ruling elites neatly forgot to mention this.

For people reading this who do not subscribe to our party – is this a sensible and honest use of your limited funds?

Did you know these facts before voting for the Lib/Lab/Dems and if you did would you have approved of them giving away your hard earned for this unproven and dubious cause?

The hypocrisy behind this is stunning; whilst we in west are obsessed with AGW the nations to whom the elites have shifted our industrial capacity are guilty of promoting it.

They are simply interested in their capacity to create jobs and industry for their own people whilst our own people are consigned to the scrap heap.

Whilst we shut down our coal fired and nuclear power stations, China builds hundreds of them per decade thus annulling any of the supposed benefits of our “clean energy” policies worldwide.

And it is not just China that is adding to this supposed problem it is every emerging nation.

This party is hated by the Greens, the Tories, Labour and the Liberals because we have the correct analysis and refuse to be baffled or closed down by falsehoods, lies and myths.

I leave the final words with an AGW critic Professor Pilmer and David Bellamy.

David Bellamy the popular botanist and a veteran host of around 400 TV programmes said he had been shunned by TV producers for a decade after he said he did not believe in and started questioning AGW by saying he thought it was a theory he called “anti science” because "there was not a shred of proof as to its authenticity”.

I doubt very much if Mr Bellamy is a supporter of the BNP, nor can he be labelled as an “extremist” of any description.

Professor Pilmer had this to say.

“When science was born, the consensus at that time was driven by religion, poltics, prejudice, mysticism and self-interested power.

From Galileo to Newton and through the centuries, science debunked the consensus by experiment, calculation, observation, measurement, repeated validation, falsification and reason.

Scientific fact no longer seems to be necessary.

Human induced global warming is one such example, where one camp attempts to demolish the basic principles of science and install a new order based on sociological collectivism.

There has been an uncritical, unthinking acceptance by the community of the media barrage about catastrophic climate change. For many, critical thinking is an anathema.”

The last sentence of this quote does not bear any relationship to the members and leadership of this party.

If you think like us or accept the principles and knowledge contained in this article, throw off your shackles and JOIN THE BNP!

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