The Tesco Asian Network

Thu, 07/02/2013 - 07:00
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By Nicola Lewis-I would like to draw your attention to something that you may not be aware of that is taking place here in Britain.
I live in London, and for some time I have been shopping at Tesco,as we all have.

Yet I noticed that in Leyton where I live, and whichever Tesco I seem to be in, the staff seems to be almost entirely Asian, especially at their petrol stations where nine times out of ten it is 100% Asian.

I have been wondering why this was although I had my suspicions about nepotism etc.

Over time I have concluded that there is indeed some kind of racial discrimination going on, and recently I set out to prove it.

My suspicion was that when an Asian manager is hired, any recruitment is then handled by them for that store, which is when they begin to only hire their own people only.

I have only just begun my research and already I have found that Tesco has, wait for it .... An 'Asian Network.'

This 'network' is not an unofficial ad hoc organisation founded by others, it is, and I quote 'an internal group.'

This 'network' seeks to recruit Asian managers over others, which means that anybody else going to an interview for a management position is highly unlikely to be successful because Tesco prefers to recruit Asians.

Tesco even held a lavish reception for this group at Arsenal football ground reception hall. Details can be seen at the 'network' website.

Why I take great umbrage to this is because Britain is too small to have this kind action in a time of deep recession and high unemployment.

How will anyone who isn't Asian get ahead and earn a living for themselves with this kind of discrimination?
Tesco is not a corner shop. It is a multinational, multi-billion pound concern which ought to be fully administered in accordance with the laws of the UK, not run like an Indian restaurant.

There is no legal or lawful basis for this kind of recruitment to the detriment of others, and there is no justification in terms of the creation of 'ambience', as the law states with regard to discrimination in employment.

It is not an Asian restaurant and so there is no need to have exclusively Asian management or staff. This is what the law actually states in the Racial Discrimination Act of 1974.

What I don’t understand is how the government is battering those on benefit and calling them 'scroungers' when things such as the 'Tesco Asian Network' exists excluding those who are not Asian from management positions.

I enclose the URL for the official site which includes the reception held at Arsenal football club, which I think should be boycotted for even hosting the event.

I don’t think that in Britain where there are so many English youth who are just as talented, that they should be overlooked for Asians, and then treated as though they are workshy when work is being denied them.

Asians are already quite cosy I don’t think they need anymore help really, and certainly not to the detriment of everyone else.
These traitorous corporations and the politicians that receive money from them in return for support ought to be brought to justice to expose this bullshit 'equal opportunity' that they like to boast about but don’t actually implement.

Here is the URL for 'Tesco Asian Network' which I remind you is an OFFICIAL part of Tesco's operations.

The future of Britain is Asian, especially if companies like Tesco have anything to do with it.

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