Teenager hacked to death by gang in broad daylight

Sat, 27/04/2013 - 13:00
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CCTV footage has been released of the murder of a fifteen-year old boy at Victoria Station in the heart of London.
Sofyen Belamouadden was stabbed nine times in a 12-second attack after being chased by a gang.

  He was described as a gifted footballer, who was very popular with both pupils and staff.

One of his teachers said Sofyen had a wonderful sense of humour. He was not himself a member of any gang and was unarmed when he was attacked.
The gang that killed Sofyen came from another school in Ladbroke Grove on the route of the Notting Hill Carnival.

Pupils from both schools travelled through Victoria Station daily and the St Charles pupils had come to regard it as part of their “home territory”.

The night before the killing, there had been a small fight between youths at the Station.

One of the gang ended up with a bloodied nose and the fight had been broken up by Police, who had increased patrols in the area due to the tensions.

The next day the youths returned and assembled outside Victoria Station with weapons. In front of commuters, they charged through the terminus openly brandishing flick knives and machetes and went for pupils from the other school.

It has taken two years for the legal system to bring the last prosecution. The Reverend Canon Anthony Ball witnessed the attack in March 2010 and described seeing how a group of youths were sort of pushing a boy to the floor and kicking him.

“I saw one of the attackers had a long implement in their hand and they made a kind of stabbing motion on the boy who was being attacked.”

What the Reverend Canon Ball saw was a Samurai sword being used to stab Sofyen in the heart and lungs.
The BBC described the investigation by police as the “longest and largest known murder investigation the Metropolitan Police has ever carried out.” Because the gang had arranged their revenge via social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the CPS could demonstrate the pre-meditation involved.

These are the faces of the youths carrying out the attack.They have been charged or convicted with a number of offences.


Earlier, Sofyen's father Abdeslan had said his son had dreamed of playing football for England.

“He was a star in the making. He was an outstanding all-round player.

He was born and bred in London and often talked of his ambition to represent England in the World Cup final.”
There are those, who will for political ends, claim that we perhaps value Sofyen's life less-highly than that of a young boy with a more traditional English name.

As a political party, the BNP recognises the right of legally settled and law-abiding minorities to remain in the UK and enjoy the full protection of the law.

Sofyen was from a good home and our sincerest sympathies go out to his family. The tributes paid to him demonstrate the loss clearly felt by his local community.

The members of the gang, who murdered him in broad daylight in the centre of London are however not so welcome in this country. The BNP would deport all foreigners convicted of crimes in Britain, regardless of their immigration status.

If they are British Nationals and we are obliged to fund their stay in a UK prison, we would ensure that it is not a comfortable experience.

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