Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Wed, 06/03/2013 - 11:20
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By Jack Dandelion.
After the Eastleigh by election Teddy Bear's Picnic where everyone in the political pantomime had a jolly good half term party at the voter's expense, one thing is clear.

That no matter what, it is business as usual back in Westminster only 6 days after the event.

UKIP has had its day, (every dog has its day as the saying goes), and should they be daft enough to stand there in 2015 they'll have problems beating the English Democrat's pathetic 70 votes.

After all UKIP was originally founded by Dr Alan Sked, a lecturer from the London School of Economics hotbed of Marxism, as the "official safety valve party".

It has fulfilled its purpose and everyone now feels very pleased with themselves that they have had a good moan about the EU, excessive immigration and our corrupt and untrustworthy PM.

After all who would buy a second hand car from a conman like David Cameron? Apparently everyone, according to Tuesday's press, considering that no one today questions the PMs position.

All the usual suspects are back to their old ways. The government's approved mass murder of the weak and vulnerable hospitalised old age pensioners, Stalinist Sir David Nicholson NHS chief executive says he is not going to resign.

This fascist should be strung up from a lamp post, resignation should not be an option. This murderer and his murdering minions should all be on death row.

And what has Dave our conman prime minister said about Stalinist mass murderer Sir David Nicholson? Precisely nothing! Why? Quite simply because David Cameron approves of the mass murder of the indigenous British. Stalinist Nicholson knows this and all the murdering bastards, Nazi David Cameron included, have closed ranks to protect themselves.

One bunch of incompetent idiots protecting the backs of another bunch of incompetent idiots.

Another dead cat has been thrown on the table to take voter's minds off the appalling state of the economy and the political gerrymandering at Eastleigh.

Lynne Featherstone raises the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM) which she intends to eradicate in the entire world in 30 years.

25,000 immigrant girls suffer this abuse every year in Britain. And just to prove how serious Featherstone is about stopping this abuse she tells us that the police have arrested precisely not one abuser of women over this criminal offence.

Clearly Featherstone is just another government hypocrite.

But to get back to the Teddy Bear's Picnic we must not forget what the real story of the by election was. Despite UKIP, despite the Conservative front bench campaigning every day, despite Labour fielding an IRA candidate, despite the Conservative party distributing leaflets using UKIP colours on the eve of election, despite the LibDems being exposed as a bunch of sex perverts, despite Chris Huhne being a convicted criminal, the Liberal Democrats retained their seat!

How come the LibDems managed to retain their seat with all these negative factors being hurled at them?

The answer, so readily ignored by the press, but known by all the political participants, is that whoever runs the council controls the parliamentary seat. The LibDems hold every council seat and the entire constituency is run using LibDem policies.

The LibDems control the council and so they control the seat.
And then of course all the staff that man the polling stations and count the votes are LibDems.

So you can see that irrespective of the hype, the criminality of LibDem officers and the persistent media attacks, the LibDems could not lose.

A reduced majority hides the corruption and a compliant unquestioning press ready to highlight dead cats like murderer David Nicholson and FGM, cover up the whole sordid dishonest process that today is passed off as democracy.

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