Survival of the British State

Tue, 08/01/2013 - 22:00
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By John Booth-The two big problems facing the British state today, but England in particular, are massive over population and huge loss of wealth. Both of these problems are caused by mass immigration since the 2nd World War, and - in the latter case, also by the egregious bailing out of the banks since 2008 - and show no sign of stopping.

The former reason being motivated by greed, prejudice, bigotry and intolerance, and the latter reason by the complete contempt and disregard for the well being of the mass of the British people, the working class in particular. In this regard they are both very much the same, though the way they work to impoverish the people are somewhat different.

Mass immigration on an unimaginable scale originally started after World War II in regards to advertisements for workers from the West Indies in response to a perceived shortage of workers in this country. This was no more than an attempt to keep wages down with demand for labour outstripping supply.

The normal response in a country already severely over populated by a denudation of its natural resources and 100 years of industrial decline would have been to allow demand to bid up wages causing a transfer of wealth to the working class, a choking-off of demand, and an increase in imports of those things that could not be produced here.

At the same time there would be an impetus to concentrate on exports, innovation and investment to pay for the imports and replace labour by machines thus removing the labour shortage, while increasing the productivity and wealth of the nation.

Later the textile industry - facing competition from low wage countries like India, Portugal and Greece who were growing their textile industries with the help of subsidies and low wages - tried vainly to compete by bringing over huge numbers of workers from India and Pakistan as cheap labour rather than investing in more productive machines and new products.

This failed miserably as the higher standard of living in this country meant that wages could not be depressed enough to compete with impoverished nations like India.

The immigrants then had to find work among the rest of the community.
Later still, Conservative governments who had the responsibility of running the NHS and public transport inherited from the post war Labour government, tried to cut costs and taxes on the rich by cutting wages and importing workers from around the Commonwealth to work as doctors, nurses, and bus and train conductors.

The move to one man working soon led to loss of jobs for immigrants on the buses and trains and once again immigrants had to look for work among the general population.

At the same time the influx of nurses from abroad kept the pay and conditions of nurses in this country scandalously low. Since the wages of doctors can never be depressed owing to the high degree of training needed and standards in this country which limit supply even from abroad all that happened was that British people were denied the opportunity to become doctors since the government would not pay for the training as it was cheaper to bring in ready trained doctors from outside disregarding the damage done to third world countries by the loss of trained medical staff.

Having opened the gates to foreign workers through greed then class bigotry with its contempt for the white-working class, combined with pro-black racism, Britain saw a flood-tide of immigration from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean in a mad scramble of the inhabitants of those regions to get away from the poor, despotic nations in which they lived, which flood-tide still goes on to this day.

The extent of this immigration can be seen in the fact that more people have come into this country since the 2nd World War than in the entire history of the British Isles since time began up until 1945!

This is a staggering statistic.

Mass immigration has had three devastating effects on this country: economic, environmental and social, including in this latter case, crime.

I have already mentioned the economic effects. By increasing the population by some 15 million immigrants and their descendants the business class have pushed down wages, and lowered working and living conditions.

The vast majority of immigrants coming to this country are poor, low skilled workers who compete directly with the low skilled working class, affecting them the most in the lack of job opportunities, low wages, low working conditions and low living standards.

The immigrant lovers say that immigrants do the jobs that the British will not do, which is not only a racist slur but patently absurd.

First of all there are no jobs that ‘the British won't do’. If you look at all the nasty, dirty, heavy, dangerous jobs the vast majority are being done by white British people.

Secondly if there are jobs not being done by Britons it is because Britons can find better paid jobs elsewhere, which goes to prove that immigrants are largely brought to this country as cheap labour.

Thirdly, since about 10% of Britons are from recent immigrant families, then even those with immigrants parents 'wont do the jobs the British won't do'.

Fourthly the immigrant lovers also claim that immigrants work in our factories making goods for the country. This contradicts the claim that immigrants do the jobs the British won't do.

The British invented the factory system. By working in factories the working class provided the wealth that allowed Britain to become the greatest power on earth for a time.

The idea that the British won't work in factories is again absurd and racist. And lastly where are these factories that immigrants work in? Most factories closed down and moved to China some time ago!
But it is not just jobs which are affected, it is also living conditions.

Having to live in high rise tenements with less room than is needed to swing a cat - so called 'affordable housing - ,the high cost of heating and power, ever mounting food prices, traffic congestion on a daily basis are all consequences of massive overcrowding caused by rampant immigration.

The lack of, open spaces, playing fields, parks bigger than a postage stamp, and access to the countryside, leaves the workers to live in an urban sardine tin reminiscent of the film Blade Runner.

If we had not had the mass immigration of the last 60 years then with emigration, and a death to birth ratio of parity, the population of this country would be 40 million and not the 65 million and rising that we now have. There would be jobs for all who wanted them instead of the 2.5 million unemployment we have today.

In the 1950s, before mass immigration left its mark, unemployment was 250,000: today it is ten times that. This is never mentioned by either the politians or the media.

At the end of the 19th century when Britain's population was 40 million we produced something like half the world's coal, steel and ship building, and two-thirds of the world's textiles and merchant shipping. We had the largest engineering factory in the world and a massive manufacturing industry.

Today with a population of half as many again we produce next to no coal, steel, ships or textiles, have very little manufacturing or engineering and have a small merchant navy.

The British people know the country is overcrowded which is why they have small families. The immigrants could not care less. Their customs and ways tell them to have large families. The fact the Britons have small families is nature's way of telling us we're overcrowded.

Britain's current size of population makes its standard of living unsustainable. It has fallen from second in the world before the 2nd World War to 18th today.

It is because the British economy is in trouble that we started on the banking experiment to try to live off finance which came to such a disastrous end in 2008.

Where do we go from here? Down hill even further I suggest.

If Britain had a population of 30 million we could all live with a high standard of living. Not only would incomes be higher with a job for all, but house prices would be lower from the lower demand. Most people could live at ground level in a semi-detached house without having to build over the whole country with bricks and mortar.

Road congestion would be a thing of the past. And the rolling countryside could be restored with woods and streams in a 'green and pleasant land'.

I can hear the immigrant lovers saying that there would be a lower demand for workers, but there would be correspondingly fewer workers and productivity would be so much higher, because we would not need the low productivity jobs to provide work.

Pensions would also be higher and affordable with a population of 30 million.

It is productivity that provides pensions not numbers. Increasing the number of workers would just increase the number of future pensioners, which would need more workers leading to more pensioners, which … The consequences should be obvious.

The only hope, if there is one, is to stop immigration immediately and deport all illegal immigrants as well as recent immigrants of say less than a year along with those convicted of anything other than a minor crime.

The major problem for Britain here is the business short-termism, as well as the pro-black racism, and anti-white bigotry that led to mass immigration in the first place.

Thanks to the anti-white-working-class BBC and Labour Party, Marxists, Fascists and do-gooders who support the command, ‘big brother’ society of Soviet Communism or Nazism to a greater or lesser degree and who detest and despise the working class more than the Capitalists they rile against, we suffer from an inverted racism brought about largely by their superior view of themselves. Like all utopians they wish to impose their views on everybody else. As totalitarians they cannot tolerate anyone who does not share their views and democracy is simply a cover for their bigotry.

To justify their preposterous views they need to push their bigotry and racism on to everybody else. They imagine that the racism of America is replicated in this country when this country was never racist.

They have magnified the support for the Black Shirts of 70 years ago and racial humour way above its size or importance. The fact is that after 60 years of immigration forced on the British people, racism and segregation are greater now in Britain than they ever were.

No-go areas for whites can be found in many towns with high immigrant populations, something unheard of in the past.
It is claimed, notably by Steven Pincus, that crime has fallen dramatically in America with the inevitable implication that this must also be true for Britain.

Some people will insist on confusing Britain with America, presumably for their own particular ends! While there has been a fall in crime in Britain it is not as spectacular as in America and it has its own demographics.

To take America first, the chief reason for the dramatic fall in crime in America is that America now imprisons some 1.8 million people! A fact surely not lost even on Steven Pincus.

The other reason is that when President Clinton came to power he initiated federal crime statistics in America. The use of trained, professional statisticians employed by the federal government meant that for the first time in America's 200 year history there were accurate crime statistics.

These showed that the crime figures had been heavily exaggerated by the press, politicians and religious groups who had previously provided them.

In Britain the fall in crime also has more than one cause. It must be said that the Labour government with its introduction of ASBOs and other changes in police and court procedures had good effects in particular as regards anti-social behaviour and rape, though there is still a long way to go in this area, not least in the sex crimes of ethnic minorities.

Sex crimes by Pakistanis born in this country and abroad, which include violence and intimidation against girls, so called 'honour' killings and disfiguration of female victims get largely ignored as an embarrassment.

So too does the barbaric circumcision of women by Africans; and the sex trafficking by Eastern Europeans and Turks. There is also the issue of paedophilia committed by a privileged elite. All of these crimes are swept under the carpet by the government and ruling elite with the help of the BBC.

They are swept under the carpet because of the pro-immigrant, pro-black, anti-white-working-class prejudices by the ruling elite. This, along with the cover up of paedophilia and the bank bail-out, confirms that the ruling elite forms an oligarchy that thinks it can ignore morals and the law to get away with what it wants to without regard for the longer term consequences.

Crime may be down from the highs of the 1980s and 90s but its still much higher than in the 1950s and 60s. Though the number of murders is down this year this figure is known to be volatile because of the low murder rate in the first place and a spate of murders can easily increase the rate significantly.

Again as with crime in general the murder rate is still some 50% - 100% higher than it was when the death penalty was abolished in the 1960s. It will be interesting to see what the figures are next year and whether if up will get the same publicity from the BBC.

At the same time the increase in suicides due to the recession is being ignored.
Also down-played is the Islamic terrorism in this country which, as well as being a grave danger, must be costing the country billions in surveillance.

This is never mentioned by politians or media, in particular the BBC though they are ready to highlight the failings of the white working class in areas including smoking, drinking, obesity, poor diet, racial jokes, and racist comments at football matches - though these racist comments are mild compared to the normal abusive comments made at football matches to opposition players. Another area brushed under the carpet is the damage to health in this country caused by immigrants. TB and whooping cough are two diseases on the increase in this country due to immigrants from the third world and their descendants visiting their ancestral homes.

As I write, a story has come on the BBC news about an agency investigating illegal immigrants which has actually told some legal immigrants that they are here illegally.

At the same time, two little children and two women are murdered on average every week in this country – yet how many of those crimes are reported on the national news? Virtually none. You can see where the BBC's priorities lie.

The other cause of Britain's demise is the bank bail out. This has been brought about by both the Labour and the Conservative/Liberal coalition governments protecting the banks and their creditors at the expense of the rest of us.

The banks became bankrupt by staggering incompetence brought on by greed while their creditors equally were guilty of greed that caused them to overlook the mess that the banks were getting themselves into.

If profit is the reward for risk then where is the risk if they get bailed out when they make a loss?
The argument that the banks are too big to fail is a contradiction in itself.

If the banks are too big to fail they must have huge assets on a massive scale in which case they should be dissolved, their ‘too big to fail assets’ transferred to new banks with no debts, and the old banks’ debts wiped out at a stroke by bankruptcy.

This will stop the old banks' debts forever being a burden on either the banks or the country since these debts are so huge they can never be paid. Estimates of the declared debt are between £200 billion and £800 billion, while off-balance sheet debts, the so-called shadow banking system, are rumoured to be in the trillions!

The irony is that it is all paper debt anyway but the banks and their creditors do not want to give up on this gold mine if they can fool the politicians and public into underwriting their folly.

But the debts are too big for anyone to repay.
Its like the monkey with its hand in a jar grasping some food. To get its hand out of the jar it has to let go of the food, which it is loathe to do.

The banks are the same. To survive they have to abrogate on their debts but that means others have to abrogate on theirs and those with the most to lose will not give up.

And neither will their creditors who are putting pressure on the government to honour the banks' debts. The politicians think more of the wealthy creditors than they do the electorate.

England is particularly at risk because of its over population. Scotland has a population of about 5 million, Wales 3.5 million and Northern Ireland about 2 million leaving England with a population of 55 million.

But England has an area of only about 50,000 square miles of which some 20,000 is mountains, moorland, estuaries, and flood plains while the rest is in competition with housing for farming, recreation, wild life and areas of outstanding natural beauty. When the crash comes England will have too big a burden to carry.

The other nations can go their separate ways with room to spare but not England. Do not believe the BBC's claim that only 2.5% of Britain is built on.

First of all that includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and secondly it is similar to the claim of a few years ago that the entire population of Britain could fit on the Isle of Wight. . .and live?!

Only by electing a government with the twin policies of stopping immigration and reversing the bank bail-out has the UK more than a snowball in hell's chance of survival.

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