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Sat, 02/02/2013 - 15:00
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By Danny Cooke-The Miners Strike 1984/85 for some is a distant far memory but for others the struggle is just as hard as it was 29 years ago. The Conservative government of the time vowed not to be embarrassed by the miners again like they had been during the previous strike of 1974.


To ensure this it was a case of 'win by any means possible.'

This attitude by the Tory government has sparked debate amongst people as to whether the tactics used by police were legal and whether they were even police at all but British Army soldiers.

In many peoples opinion this came into play on the 18th of June 1984 at the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire.

On this day police and miners violently clashed with many injuries on both sides.

This event was later dubbed 'The Battle of Orgreave'.

The media has always portrayed the 1984/85 Miners Strike as a left wing struggle led by the self proclaimed Communist, Arthur Scargill (National Union of Mineworkers leader at the time), but when studied in depth this is not entirely the case but was also a struggle for Nationalism against an oppressive Tory government who was hell bent on selling off British industry for big short term profit.

This is why Chairman Nick Griffin MEP has called for an official enquiry to what really happened during the miners strike and in particular the events which took place at Orgreave, 18th of June 1984.

Also backing calls for this investigation is long time Yorkshire activist, Danny Cooke (pictured below).

Danny was born into a mining family in Barnsley and although very young at the time remembers it well.

"Every bit of life during the 1980's was associated with the mining industry in or around Barnsley. It wasn’t just work, it was a way of life with Galas, fairs, brass bands, football teams, boxing competitions, trips to the sea side and much more."

"I know it’s a bit of a cliché but my Father was a miner, his Father was a miner and his Father was a miner and I presume his Father was too. Boys finished their education and 9 times out of 10 went to work down the pit. That’s the way it was and had been for a very long time"

"During this time I suppose I became politically aware for the first time without having much choice really. At school we all learned of this evil witch type figure who we knew as 'Maggie Thatcher' who wanted to take our Daddy’s jobs away.

Other kids around the country had Snow Whites evil step mother, we had Margaret Thatcher!"

"The strike was eventually lost and it was hardly surprising! Who in their right mind takes workers from a fuel based industry out on strike in the middle of summer?

As I got older I began to learn more and more about the strike and the idiotic leadership of Scargill.

Not only that but the tactics of 'police' during this time, so when the Chairman and I spoke at the organisers conference about the official enquiry into events of 1984 I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Not all miners or their families were or are staunch Scargill supporters and not all vote Labour!"

"My Mother was at Orgreave during this time and I think I owe it to her and others like her who weren’t Scargill robots but were there fighting against an oppressive regime for our future very much like the British National Party today"



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