South Shields Days of Action-Thursday 20th and 27th June-Can you help?

Tue, 18/06/2013 - 19:00
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A by-election has been called in Primrose because Emma Lewell-Buck MP the former Primrose Councillor (although by at least a 50% reduction in the vote) still won the Labour safe seat in the recent South Shields Parliamentary by-election

 Historically Primrose has been one of our best wards in the borough and we have had some great support in the past.

The late George Gilchrist contested the seat and the former veteran was very proud to represent the British National Party in the ward of his birth.

We in South Tyneside were very proud to have George representing us and we all miss him dearly.

George passed away earlier this year after a long-term illness and before he died he asked his wife to tell Martin Vaughan, our Fund-holder and super activist if he would take over his ward and win it for him.

Martin (pictured right) was very proud to accept and started immediately taking teams out collecting postal votes and making himself known to the local electorate.

The by-election came as a surprise because with no elections in May we believed we had a year to collect votes but unfortunately, that is not the case.

The North East members are very active locally and nationally. We send teams all over the country on a regular basis and it is not very often that we ask for help here in the North East.

However to give Martin the best possible chance, we will be out every day from now to the Election Day, and we will be having two National Days of Action.

The first will be THURSDAY 20th June 2013
Day of Action to include rounding up postal votes, followed by an evening meeting. Guest speakers, free buffet, and raffle.

Second will be THURSDAY 27th June 2013
Day of Action to include rounding up ballot box voters on the election day, this will include a garden party with buffet for the hard workers, then attending and checking the count, at 10 pm.

The four parties standing are The British National Party, Conservatives, Labour and UKIP.

No doubt, Labour will be spreading their propaganda in the local Shields (Labour) Gazette and UKIP will be throwing money at it.

Why the Conservatives bother is beyond me, they average 65 votes. We do not have a lying propaganda paper like Labour but we do have, The Voice of Freedom, which tells the truth, and it will be delivered to every house on the ward.

We do not have UKIP’s millionaires, but we do have good honest Nationalists up and down the country that will give their time up to help a good honest Nationalist like Martin Vaughan, get elected.

We have been pledged support on these days with the Truth Truck, some senior party members and members throughout Cumbria and the North West.

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to your support.

For more information contact Martin on 07944 841659 alternatively myself Chris (pictured below) on 07914 550977 or Dorothy (pictured above) on 07754 325235

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