So What Is Really Going On?

Sat, 12/01/2013 - 14:00
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By Nathaniel Greene-Like all incompetent politicians our Chancellor George Osborne is trying to hide the real numbers because of the country's debt spiralling out of control.

Markets, however, are not as easily fooled as the public. Cost of borrowing has been steadily rising. From a low of 1.4% last summer the yield on 10 year gilts has increased to 2%.

When the artificial short term confidence trick called Quantative Easing ends, which it must do soon, what passes for a safety net vanishes. From then on we are at the mercy of people like George Soros and other international investors who will attack us like wolves.

Today's total government debt is £1trillion or £1,000,000,000,000. The amount is beyond belief and so is the idea of appointing a Chancellor who has never had a proper job in his life.

An almost unimaginable number beyond most people's comprehension being managed by an incompetent idiot.

Our national AAA credit rating will go sometime in 2013 and then the real problems will begin. In a year or two we will start feeling like Greece or Spain and the game will be over for our work shy Chancellor.

You wonder why our population is so passive? When unemployment reaches Greek levels we will then see why Cameron has a personal bodyguard of 800 Metropolitan Police officers armed to the teeth.

Greece will look like a teddy bear's picnic compared to here. And then you will discover why the government has set up secret courts with no jury and no reporting in the state controlled media.

Cameron knows what is coming and he is prepared to impose his fascist fist of uncompromising authority on us.
With a projected growth of 1% GDP, this is the official government figure, families will struggle to cope, and tens of thousands of people will be made homeless.

The reality is that GDP will shrink by 1% to 2% this year just as it did in the last quarter of 2012. We are entering the end game of this inept government. Why do you think they have introduced fixed term governments?

Yes, so no matter what happens they no longer need face judgement at the ballot box if there is a sudden and unexpected crisis.
This is the parliamentary musical chairs game where unimportant people in David Cameron's eyes, (like you and I and everyone in Westminster who is not part of the favoured few), gets pushed out, sacrificed or humiliated as if in some enormous TV reality show.

We either become an unambiguous dictatorship or the British people do an Oliver Cromwell and kick these incompetent bullies out of office.

We need to establish a true democracy based on legally binding referenda, a union free free-press and a Nationalist government that seeks the best for the indigenous British peoples.

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