Simon Hughes, Dept Lib Dem Leader in "racist banks" deceit.

Wed, 26/09/2012 - 11:00
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By Chris Barnett-Banks are evil to everyone, including our ethnic friends, but as always Simon Hughes has a shameless vote chasing agenda and knows full true well if he gets his own way, he'll create yet another wave of cruel anti-white discrimination.

According to news sources, Simon Hughes said that banks will say yes to a well established white individual but say no to a black business person "with a better financial reputation.

He also claims he's "seen requests for finance turned down with no reason given to the applicants."

We're assuming here, that Simon Hughes is saying that banks are discriminating against non-white Brits when it comes to business loans rather than personal loans, as Simon Hughes refers to a black business person and the days of a face to face meeting with the bank manager for a personal loan are long gone - computers simply make the call based on the data that they are fed, normally by the applicant online.

Readers with any experience of applying for business loans from their banks, would be absolutely shocked that this man is seriously making these allegations at a party conference - a party that is in government.

Anyone who has applied for a business loan would know that your reputation, credit history and past are not the only things needed for a successful business loan from a bank.

The bank will not only want to see your business plan, they'll be going through it with a fine tooth-comb to see if the business plan is viable and what risks are in there.
If a business plan isn't up to scratch, then of course the bank won't lend the money.

But because the business plan is all about future intent, it's not the done thing to point out exactly what is wrong with the business plan, as the prospective borrower will simply re-submit the plan with what the bank wants to see and then get on with their original plan regardless. Besides, the bank would end up wasting endless hours helping people out with their business plans.

It's exactly the same reason why PayPal closes down business accounts without telling the business exactly why they did so, because from experience PayPal knows that the business will simply come back and lie, saying that they won't do whatever is that PayPal doesn't want them to do and just get on with it all regardless of what PayPal doesn't want them to do.

Simon Hughes wants banks to be forced into publishing the details of the loan applications and the reasoning behind the decisions made about the loan application.

In that form of course, it wouldn't work. Even Simon Hughes would surely know this.

The banks and businesses would protest that it would be too much information in the public domain.
"But the banks are being waycist! The poor BMEs! We have to do something!" - Simon will protest. And then there will be the compromise.

In the interests of "equality" the data on the loans would need to be accessible by a 3rd party organisation..."a watchdog" and Simon Hughes / The Lib Dems come out of it as a bunch of "listeners".

Of course we know where it goes from there as we've seen it all before. White British people can't be discriminated against going by the track record of just about every government agency out there, so the banks will be afraid of turning down loans to our ethnic friends, as it would be cheaper to take the risk than defend the decision not to give the loans.

However white Brits have to make the grade if they are to get that loan....and if it's the wrong type of white Brit, you know the "troublesome patriotic type", that manages to get a loan, then the zealous "anti-racist" watchdog, has some valuable data to make use of in the war against "racists".

You could ask whether Simon Hughes has learned anything from the housing loans crisis in America where banks were forced to give housing loans to ethnic minorities to avoid being accused of racism. That whole debacle sent us into the recession that we are in now.

It appears that the Lib Dems have learned a lot from it and that they actually want the economy to go down the toilet so that they can get the "plebs" further into debt slavery.

Lets get back to how Simon Hughes' original allegation. Banks have no rules in place that discriminate against non-white Brits and even if there was, then it's those very rules that need changing.

If it can be proved that individual bank workers were being racist to or discriminating against their clients then it's a case of the individual being punished by their employer and then in more serious cases action taken against the individual by the authorities, rather than absurd schemes that causes more divisions and gives the wrong people yet more draconian and Orwellian powers.

What did the so called "anti-racist" Simon Hughes ever do for white businesses down the Old Kent Road which is part of his constituency during the eighties and early nineties when whites were struggling to keep the place alive?

Thanks to endless help that is given to ethnic businesses, the Old Kent road now looks like a cross between Africa and Asia rather than Britain.

No rows of run down empty shops there now. It's just so happening and vibrant!

No politician has the moral backbone to tackle the fact that *some* immigrants/ethnics abuse the help that they get, by setting up a business under one family member, running it for a year, then setting up under a slightly different name as a new business under a different family members name, qualifying again for freebies in the first year of a "new business venture".

I can remember when Peckham (To the South of the Old Kent Road) was considered occupied land and Bermondsey was regarded as the last white working class community in London.

Simon and his ilk wiped us out there, with ethnic minorities getting all the help they need to setup businesses along the Old Kent Road that divided the blacks in Peckham from the white Brits in Bermondsey.

Simon Hughes would call it vibrant diversity, make no mistake.
We call it ethnic-cleansing just so that people like Simon Hughes can please themselves.
So deep rooted is this ethnic cleansing, I invite you to walk into just about any London branch of two well known banks that I will not name.

Lets just say they both have blue in their company colours. Walk into the bank branch - just about anyone of them in London. You will find out of the 3 or 4 cashiers in there, that one of them is Eastern European.

It's because they like someone on duty who can speak a Slavic language to all of those Eastern European labourers who've replaced white working class Brits.

You'll even see signs written in Polish in some bank branches! Photograph them and send them in please.
Now, if we want to talk about discrimination, do we think that when white British cashiers at the banks in London resigned or transferred out of London on a white flight, that white British people had a chance of replacing them?

Of course not, they don't speak a Slavic case for someone who can speak Slavic you see.
Aren't we happy it's such a global, diverse and vibrant jobs market out there?

You'd have to be frowning waycist (2nd class white British ethnically cleansed jobless refugee) to disagree.
Simon Hughes and his ilk, are rubbing their hands with glee and are banking on the divisions and resentment that their policies cause.

With such resentment that vulnerable dispossessed whites sometimes might show towards ethnics and immigrants, Simon and his ilk will accuse us in the BNP of "stirring it up" and causing "racial divisions" as a diversion away from their crimes and a pre-cursor to bring in more draconian laws dressed up as "anti-racism".

We ask people NOT to blame the ethnics and immigrants taking advantage of loop-holes that various LIB/LAB/CON governments deliberately setup so that they could continue their self-perpetuating circle of "anti-racist" bull crap power grabbing.
Let's turn our sights on the real enemy.

The YouTube video below shows Simon Hughes in action. Watch him. See him in action the same way you might study a snake on a safari trip.

However, people with high blood pressure, heart conditions or don't have the cash for a new monitor or the status / business plan to borrow money from their bank for a new monitor, should NOT watch the video. 

If you can make it to 6 minutes in, he will talk about how he can't wait for muslim ministers in the UK and yes, even a muslim PM.
A muslim Imam of 50 years has an amazing devotion to his religion that has to be "admired" according to Simon Hughes.

Shame Simon Hughes didn't show the same kind of devotion to his own constituents when he was supposed to, rather than having soppy dreams about foreigners running the country in the future.

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