Selling war against Syria

Mon, 29/04/2013 - 05:00
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The British National Party believe that the ConDem government is trying to build a case for military intervention in Syria by whipping up fears that chemical weapons have been used in the country.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that there is "limited but growing evidence" that chemical weapons, including the deadly nerve agent sarin, have been used in Syria's civil war.

"It is extremely serious, this is a war crime, and we should take it very seriously," the PM said.

Nick Griffin, MEP, warned that the latest rumours of chemical weapons mean that:“They are trying to build a case justifying UK intervention against Syria.

They are softening up the public to accept British funds going to fuel a civil war which has wrecked the good relationships between different religious and cultural groups in Syria.

This is on top of the widespread but unofficial undermining of the Syrian state that already exists."

He added that “the motive is not humanitarian or democratic but about reshaping the politics of the region”.

The UK Prime Minister has backed US President Barack Obama by agreeing that chemical weapons should form "a red line" for the international community to do more.

"I have always been keen for us to do more," added Mr Cameron. "We are working with the opposition; we want our allies and partners to do more with us to shape that opposition to make sure we are supporting people with good motives who want a good outcome, to put pressure on that regime so we can bring it to an end."

Most people in Britain are likely to remember what we were told about Iraq and chemical weapons.

At the most charitable too much was based on too little hard information and all the caveats and cautions surrounding intelligence were lost.

At worst we were fed deliberate lies. It is no wonder then that the British people view the latest claims with suspicion and caution.
The British National Party firmly opposes any intervention by outside powers in Syria and condemns the UK government for meddling in the affairs of a sovereign state.

The UK government does not speak for or represent the wishes of the British people on this as on so many other issues.

In truth, the UK government is working against the interests of the British people by spending money on foreign conflicts which would be better spent at home.

Nor should our armed forces be put at risk for any purpose other than defending our borders and interests.

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