The Saga That Is Modern Britain

Thu, 14/03/2013 - 20:00
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Co-written by Imnokuffar & Powys-Most of us watch the ‘telly’ on a daily basis, but most of us watch passively and mainly without bothering to analyse for truth.

Take the adverts as an example: they usually depict a shiny world of new inventions and nice new electronic toys – you know, the things that you can buy, such as cars, paint, and a myriad of lovely gadgets to keep your nice house clean and tidy etc, etc.

Annoyingly, they also present a wonderful multicultural world where nice white girls marry nice black or Asian guys, and, of course they are always wildly in love, with plenty of money, nice jobs and take wonderful holidays. Then there are the mindless ‘talking heads’ who entertain us with their inane opinions on morning breakfast shows on any range of topics.

They all seem to be living on another planet and at best their grasp of the real world reflects a shallow and limited understanding of life’s realities. However, they are dressed nicely, are always polite, are oh so PC and multicultural and they always present an image of how we should all supposedly act and look.

In other words they stand as shining examples to the great unwashed. The other side of this scene of course is the tacit understanding that those who do not share their views, are obviously too stupid to understand the ‘big picture.’

The ‘talking heads’ also tend to portray the politicians in a suitably disdainful way, but what is odd is that while the presenters show this disdain, a closer observation shows that they actually share the politician’s views.

You see patriots, the interviewers all know on which side their bread is buttered, and so they opt to become actors in a contrived political pantomime.

The BBC definitely knows how to play the political game and is in fact the ‘the puff pastry’ of journalism and analysis -- but of course everyone should trust ‘Auntie.’

Sadly, the majority of viewers go along with this charade and continue happily paying through the nose for a pile of rubbish in the form of truly vile programs such as ‘Eastenders’ -- and the remainder of the film-makers rubbish meant to show the "reality" of working class life.

Let us now examine what is really happening in modern Britain and what is being ignored. Even a casual examination shows that first the working class and now the middle classes are slowly but surely being consigned to penury, ignorance, sloth, unemployment and state stazi dependency, and, there is even worse news.

Ominously, our children are not being taught to think objectively, i.e., to analyse, criticise or challenge things in an independent way and this is because our teachers are mostly useless, under-educated, Frankfurt School ideologists who know nothing more than the subjects they have been "taught" by other equally conditioned fools; and, most of them secretly despise the pupils whom they are paid to teach.

Then there are the students themselves. The immigrant students in typical British classrooms are mostly uninterested in learning (in particular the Muslims) because they are diverted by criminal activities, Islam, drugs, hip hop, or other mind numbing music and they know that at the end of this particular industrial conveyor belt of hopelessness that all that awaits them will be dead-end jobs that will pay them ‘chump-change.’

Something similar applies to increasing numbers of white young people: including those from the middle classes. They of course were formerly immune from the vicissitudes of recession due to their educational achievements: achievements which have now been totally devalued due to Blair’s imposition of lower standards in the vain ‘progressive’ quest for ‘equality.’

What is truly amazing is that hordes of filthy, diseased, unwashed and under-educated aliens are still being welcomed with open arms into a country where they can claim all sorts of benefits that they could only dream of in their own fleapit countries.

Being very ‘street-wise’ the aliens know that any refusal by an official can be challenged under the label of "racism", and, they can even claim compensation! What a splendid situation in which they find themselves.

It is a virtual Nirvana of bureaucratic stupidity, run by a political class that cannot even control its own borders, laws or the very people who are supposed to enrich British society!!!

Is there any wonder that the Muslims go on to set up nice little Mosques used to train their brats in the fine art of Jihad in preparation to take the country away from these stupid Kuffars? Obviously they have their point.

Patriots, it does not stop there and our Police are now helpless because they are tied up knots of PC, rules of Community Cohesion, total bullshit taught in psychology and sociology classes, and, all the nonsense piled on them from the Frankfurt School clones in the organisational pyramid above them.

Even our good Police reach a point of not caring: mainly because they eventually understand that they are no longer the coppers of old and have in fact become social workers and traffic cops, i.e., more focused on arresting motorists for driving offences than arresting genuine criminals. Incredibly, even those who are supposed to investigate sexual offences appear to be more interested in arresting (or ignoring) those reporting the crimes, than catching the actual criminals.

Then we have the awful example of our capital city (and other cities) which came under coordinated attack from a bunch of Anarchists and other scum (mainly black); with shops looted, buildings burnt, and people killed.

Our Police were caught totally off-guard and were apparently powerless to prevent it.

There is a lesson here because it quickly spread all over the country and it will without doubt happen again – especially as Police strength is now being cut to a minimum.

The Police were definitely shown to be impotent and criminals understand better than most that they can take advantage of such weakness.

Sadly, the men and women of our armed forces coming home from service overseas typically face a barrage of abuse from a bunch of Islamic quasi-terrorists, but while they are over there in Afghanistan they are texted their marching orders and sacked: officialdom apparently ignoring the fact that our soldiers daily face IEDs and fanatical Muslim snipers, assassins and other terrorists.

The final insult is that our brave soldiers are administratively chucked on the scrapheap and treated like dirt: meanwhile, the Prime Minister and his cronies reduce our Army to a level of impotence and are completely ignoring the first priority of government: which is that of defending our people.

Make no mistake patriots, our Armed Forces, Army, Navy and Air Force have been HORRIBLY neglected and it will take years to bring them back to a level where they can once again effectively protect this nation.

Then there is the NHS. That service, once an example for the world, is now staffed by many under-educated, non English-speaking Doctors, Nurses and Consultants; and, our British-trained staff cannot find jobs as they are deemed to be ‘too expensive’ -- despite the many thousands of Pounds spent on their training.

If they happen to be white then obviously, they are completely out of luck. Our Hospitals are often filthy, staffed by corrupt management and patients are frequently ignored and left to wallow in their own filth to die.

Old people are placed in "homes" staffed by indifferent people, (once again mostly non-indigenous) who typically treat those for whom they are supposed to care for like dirt, while ignoring the fact that these poor sods have sold their homes and possessions, acquired over a lifetime of their work, to pay for a vile level of service. It makes you want to vomit.

If all of that were not bad enough, the Country is now being dragged into yet another war because some psychopathic PM and his lackeys, on a whim, think it’s a good idea!!

They also thought it a good idea to support the ‘Arab Spring’ that act not only brought terrorism closer to us but also enabled that terrorist organisation known as the Muslim Brotherhood to seize power in Egypt, and, incredibly, our politicians have learned nothing and are covertly plotting another war and this time with Syria.

Of course they proclaim that they are destroying dictators while enabling ‘democracy’. Have a good look at the nature of our political leaders, patriots.

They are in fact nothing more than a bunch of contemptible, lying, undereducated, untrained and unprincipled bastards. It is now time to call a halt to this intolerable situation and for all true Nationalists to draw that legendary ‘line in the sand.’

If the posers at Westminster think that we are going to continue taking this rubbish lying down, or treating the British people as though they are all stupid sheep, they are making a huge mistake.

After the next terrorist attack or huge implosion in the financial system (or both) they will get a very nasty surprise.

It’s is definitely time that we as a nation both state and mean that 'we have had enough' and do what is necessary.

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