Richard Everitt and St Lawrence-Nice work if you Khan get it

Tue, 22/01/2013 - 18:00
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By Man of Kent-You will have heard of Stephen Lawrence, stabbed to death at a Greenwich bus stop in 1993 by a gang of white youths.

 The number of column inches dedicated to his case over the years is staggering. But have you heard of Richard Everitt, stabbed to death in Camden the following year by a gang of Bangladeshi youths?

Richard, aged 15, was a pupil in the main Camden secondary school, which was full of gangs united by their race.

Known as a harmless, naïve boy devoid of aggression, he avoided the fighting between the other boys.

His parents, Mandy and Norman, told the headmaster about their growing concern for Richard’s safety as he was being bullied by Bangladeshi boys who had twice physically hurt him.

On the second occasion one threatened him a knife.
Richard was murdered on the way to buy some chips near King’s Cross station in the early evening of August 13th 1994.

A gang of Bangladeshi boys calling themselves the Drummond Street Posse felt they had been ‘wronged’ by a white boy and wanted revenge against all white boys and anyone would do.

Tragically, they spotted Richard with two younger friends. Shouting, ‘There’s a white boy,’ they isolated him, surrounded him and one of them stabbed him in the back.

He was targeted precisely because he was white, just as Stephen was targeted precisely because he was black.
One of Richard’s younger friends, who had been head butted, ran to get Richard’s parents.

The seven-inch knife wound had penetrated Richard’s heart and lungs and he died cradled in his father’s arms.
That night, the gang were hanging around Euston station and were picked up by the police for a separate incident.

Although they were bailed that same night a policeman had noticed blood on the clothes of 19-year-old Badrul Miah and believed he was involved in Richard’s murder.

His clothes were taken for forensic examination and the blood was proven to be Richard’s.
It took nine months for eleven arrests to be made, including that of Miah, by which time the actual killer had escaped to Bangladesh.

The number then decreased to six and at a further committal hearing it dropped to three. Once at the Old Bailey it dropped again, to two.

These two members of the gang, Miah and a boy named Showkat Akbar, were charged with ‘joint enterprise’, a well-established principle of law, and found guilty.

The forensic evidence in connection with Miah was overwhelming and he received a life sentence (a tariff of 12 years). Akbar, also 19, was found guilty of violent disorder and sentenced to three years.

After the trial Mandy and Norman were the victims of threats and racial abuse. They had to leave their home and move out of London to Essex.

The following year they received yet another blow with the discovery that the killers were appealing their sentences and that many of those backing the campaign for their release were educated, high-status professionals, including a Pakistani named Imran Khan, who was also solicitor for the family of Stephen.

Imran Khan argued that there had been a ‘miscarriage of justice’ for the ‘King’s Cross Two’ [sic]. The appeal failed but Akbar anyway served only 18 months and Miah was moved to a less secure prison where he was allowed to go out on day trips and could be expected to be released within a couple of years.

Mandy and Norman never settled in Essex, feeling that it was still too close to London, and have now moved to Yorkshire, where they are trying to find some peace in their lives.
Few remember their son’s case.

Stephen Lawrence on the other hand has rarely been out of the news for many years, his juvenile murderers approaching middle age.

The Lawrence case was given a public inquiry through manipulation by powerful pressure groups in the race relations industry. Sadiq Khan, son of Pakistani settlers, wrote the submission on behalf of civil liberties pressure group Liberty, of which he was chairman.

This Khan was a ‘leading human rights solicitor’ who specialised in actions against the police.
Stephen’s mother Doreen and Richard Stone, co-author of the notorious 1999 Macpherson report on the police handling of the murder, are now on the board of Liberty.

The then Home Secretary Jack Straw said in 2012 that ordering the inquiry was ‘the single most important decision I made as Home Secretary’.

Several decent, hard-working police officers had their career destroyed by the Lawrence case. One became a chiropodist.
The Khans meanwhile are doing very nicely for themselves.

Sadiq is now a Labour MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, succeeding Straw, who had changed jobs, while Imran continues to have a lucrative career representing ethnics, active in the Law Society and the Association of Muslim Lawyers.

Also, one member of the Bangladeshi gang, who was also arrested but released without charge, has made a career in politics, standing as a candidate for the Labour Party in local elections.

Stephen Lawrence has been remembered incessantly by awards, prizes, an art gallery, a pavement plaque where he was killed, books, including one by his mother Doreen, a documentary play, a charitable trust, a bursary scheme open just to black people, and a training centre only for blacks.

In March 2012 his parents were given the freedom of the borough of Greenwich, for their long quest for justice for the killing of their son.

He is considered a martyr, a black St Lawrence. (The original martyred St Lawrence was killed in Rome during the persecution of Christians by Valerian in 258.)

But Richard Everitt has been forgotten by the Labour Party, the race relations industry, the media and the rest of the politically correct state apparatus.

There are no memorials for Richard Everitt, no awards, no prizes, no art gallery, no plaque, no books, no documentary play, no charitable trust, no bursary scheme just for white people nor training centre in his name exclusively for whites.

And not only have his parents not been given the freedom of the borough of Camden but they have been driven out of it.

There was no campaign by the Council for Race Relations, which denied the racist nature of the killing, nor recognition by Camden Council. When local Bangladeshis invaded Camden Town Hall, councillors cried publicly as they heard the descriptions of their ‘traumatic overcrowding’. But there have been no tears for Richard Everitt.

The Labour-run council denied it was a racist murder in order not to upset Bangladeshi voters. (Ironically, because of this denial Labour has suffered at the polls in Camden.)

Meanwhile, the area where Richard was killed has worsened. The conflicts are now between rival Bangladeshi gangs, which initially claimed that they had been formed in self-defence to ‘fight racism’, and between these gangs and new Somali gangs in a racial turf war. Now they attack each other with knives and guns in Camden Market.

The police, obsessed with diversity and, because of the Macpherson report, terrified of being labelled racist, are unable to confront the problem.

Anti-racist groups are silent about the race war on the streets of Camden, just as they were silent after Richard Everitt was killed by a gang of Bangladeshis.

He was killed because he was white, and forgotten for the same reason.

Stephen’s murderers were brought to justice after years of intense pressure by the race relations industry, which actually included changing an ancient law, enabling the killers to be brought to trial a second time.

Meanwhile, no attempt was made to find Richard’s killer in Bangladesh. And the killer’s two friends, one of whom was splattered with Richard’s blood, received such laughable punishment that justice for Richard’s death cannot possibly be said to have been done.

Since his death, there have been scores of white victims of racist crime.

But the establishment has never made a statement. It is too committed to multi-culturalism, with Stephen Lawrence a cult figure, while the Khans make speeches about diversity to adoring crowds at human rights conferences.

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