Responsibility and Freedom.

Fri, 30/11/2012 - 14:00
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By Blackbird-Freedom means that an individual has both opportunity and choice, but he must bear the consequences of his actions receiving either praise or blame.

Freedom and responsibility are inseparable. A free society only functions if its members accept they occupy a position as a result of their own actions.

A belief in individual responsibility is not compatible with liberalism, socialism or Marxism.

The modern denial of responsibility is due to a fear of responsibility which in turn becomes a fear of freedom.

To build one's life is an unceasing task. People abnegate responsibility in exchange for a loss of liberty and dependence on the State.

Liberty depends on the "freedom of the will".

The modern science of Psychology denies "freedom of will" and claims we are the result of circumstances and causes beyond our control.
Psychology is the enemy of freedom.

Scientists find the concept of freedom difficult to discuss mostly because they don't believe there is such a thing.

It is nonsense to say "it is not a man's fault that he is as he is".He has choice.

Today responsibility has primarily become a legal concept because it is the only way that law can be applied. But it is no less a moral concept.

Our whole attitude to the working of society and our approval or disapproval of individuals relates to our views of responsibility.
Man's free decisions are guided by responsibility.

A free society demands people be guided by a sense of responsibility beyond the requirements of law. General opinion demands that individuals be held responsible for both success and failure.

When men are allowed to act as they see fit they must also be held responsible for the result of their efforts.

Responsibility presupposes rational action. Freedom is an opportunity for doing both good and wrong. Action should be guided by common values and be made in conformity with moral rules.

In modern society the burden of choice and responsibility for one's own fate is unpopular. The better use of things or oneself is the greatest contribution a free society can offer.

Freedom demands that the responsibility of the individual apply only to what he can judge; that actions take into account effects within his range of foresight; and that he be held responsible for his own actions or those under his care - but not for those of others who are equally free.

Today freedom is under threat from the totalitarian electronic State and Islamic fascism.

We British Nationalists are the sole defenders of freedom.

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