The report that ‘crushes the myth that immigration is profitable’

Sun, 28/04/2013 - 13:00
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By Stephen Palmer-One of the left’s favourite claims made to justify immigration is that it benefits the economy. The truth, however, is, as usual, very different.

 ‘Immigration to Norway has cost £70 billion kroner in seven years’ (Finansavisen, 15 April 2013)

A recent study by Norway’s national statistics office (SSB) found that immigration has cost the country at least 71 billion kroner (£7.8 billion) over the last seven years.

This amounts to what the SSB calls a ‘tax’ of £3,100 for every working Norwegian citizen.

But the true total is estimated to be much higher.

According to the SSB’s report, because the 246,000 net immigrants who have come to Norway since 2005 also have a right to state benefits, they will eventually cost a staggering £42 billion more than they will pay in taxes, given that the welfare and tax system remains unchanged.

Economist Erling Holmøy, a senior researcher at SSB, said: ‘The cost is borne by the average Norwegian through taxes, or through reduced quality or capacity of a variety of welfare services, including health and education.’

The Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen simply stated that the report ‘crushes the myth that immigration is profitable’.

Good immigration and bad immigration

Nick Clegg once said ‘there is good immigration and bad immigration’, and, according to the statistics, he was right.

The SSB’s figures show that every ‘non-Western’ immigrant who settles in Norway costs the country an average of £450,000 over his lifetime.

East European immigrants also negatively affect the economy, costing £89,000 each.

But ‘Western’ immigrants actually do contribute to the host country’s finances, adding approximately £89,000 per person.

So in other words, Western (i.e. white) immigration is good, whereas Third World (non-white) immigration is bad. Terrible, in fact.

The SSB underlines some of the reasons for this disparity.

It says that:

1. Non-Western immigrants do not remain in employment for as long as other groups

2. Those of them who do work contribute less tax

3. They receive more benefits and other state assistance than other demographics

4. They have more children

5. They are more likely to remain in the country permanently than other immigrants are.

‘Immigration is unprofitable: Every non-Western immigrant costs 4.1 billion kroner’ (Finansavisen, 13 April 2013)

The SSB also lists the employment rates of the various ethnicities resident in Norway. Bottom of the list for 2011 are Somalia, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Morocco.

All six ethnicities have an employment rate of below 50 per cent, with an average of 41 per cent.

The percentages drop even more amongst women.

Somalian women, for example, have an employment rate of just 23 per cent, compared with the female ethnic Norwegian level of 68 per cent.

If we were to apply the Norwegian calculations to the United Kingdom, a very rough estimate of the cost of non-white immigration into the country amounts to a staggering £115 billion every year.

Maybe it’s time our government followed Norway’s lead and told us the true cost of immigration, instead of just repeating the clearly baseless lie that it’s ‘vital for Britain’s economy’.

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