Rented Accommodation and the Need For Bigger British Families

Sun, 21/10/2012 - 16:00
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By Camulod- We are searching for a rented property and finding it very difficult, because we are the wrong demographic. There are lots of pitfalls for ordinary white British people and a great deal of reluctance on the part of the local authority, to do anything to help. 

Do you think it would be better for us to leave the country and then come back, claiming to be foreigners? I do.

There are thousands of apartments all over Britain, that were built with so-called PFI money (which in truth is taxpayers money) and most of these are only partially occupied.

The rest lie empty, so that there are instant homes for bogus Asylum Seekers to be housed, at the expense of the British taxpayer.

As we in our party know very well, these phoney Asylum Seekers get lots of benefits that the average British family can only dream of.

These can be seen on our website, by searching the words; ‘Secret Tenancy Agreement’.

All landlords letting to Asylum Seekers must sign the Official Secrets Act and promise not to divulge the terms of these tenancy agreements.

Following our recent article about private landlords, I would agree that the vast majority of landlords probably fall into the bracket indicated, certainly the ones letting to interlopers will do.

But, we have to be careful not to tar every landlord with the same brush, as people are people, both good and bad. I find that taking a balanced view is the wisest form of action, before coming to conclusions.

We mustn’t forget that there are members of our party who are private landlords and these people are the salt of the earth. They would give you the shirt off their back, if they felt you needed it more than them.

I’m not going to mention their names but, without searching my memory, I can think of three people in the North of England who are landlords and they are all also absolute gems.

They are two men a woman, who barely know each other, but I can testify that these people are kind, caring and generous to a fault. And, our party would be lost without their generous donations.

After many years of owning my own home, I am now in the unfortunate position of having to find a home to rent.

The bankster-contrived ‘recession’ has taken a great many casualties, including myself and my family and unfortunately, a lot more people will end up down that road in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile, if you are one of those people that think it must be good being on the dole, I can assure you that it is not, take my word for it.

They barely give you enough money to live on beans and chips every day, and there’s no chance of paying the bills; unless you are one of the ‘chosen’, in which case, you have no worries.

When you’re hunting for a property to rent and especially if you are unemployed, you encounter several types of discrimination that go largely unnoticed.

The vast majority of landlords will refuse to deal with you if you are unemployed and they can discriminate in this way with impunity.

Imagine the furore if they did that with interlopers! They’d be rushed to prison so fast, that their feet wouldn’t touch the ground! The council Housing Offices give you a form to complete, which resembles War & Peace part three!

And, the dominant questions on this document involve race and ethnicity. Pages two and three of an A4 sized document are totally concerned with your ethnic profile.

This is to ensure that ethnics get looked after first and if they have a bunch of kids, they go straight to the top of the queue. White British families are not regarded as emergency cases.

Unless they have small children, or a disability, or they have a drug or alcohol dependency, or they’ve just come out of prison.

And, although all of these conditions are considered to be emergencies, none of them are anywhere near as important as housing ethnic interlopers.

Unfortunately (for British taxpayers), a family from the third world having a bunch of kids, is the norm, as those people don’t appear to be aware of the word C.O.N.T.R.A.C.E.P.T.I.O.N.

It’s amazing really, they seem to know exactly how to produce a multitude of kids but, they have never learned how to look after their kids, or themselves for that matter, without holding their hand out to be fed by others.

Many of them have only been trained in ‘How To Sit Under A Tree’ and ‘How To Make Babies’. They begin to serve this particular apprenticeship from a very early age and they appear to work very hard at it.

The results speak for themselves, in the number of their offspring! By contrast, most British families have had to forego their dreams of having a house full of kids, because they simply can’t afford to look after them.

This was certainly my wish, until the economic reality became apparent, shortly after we got married.

In my view, those British people who DO have a house full of kids and can still afford to look after them, are blessed with good fortune, perhaps not financially, but in many other ways.

Those parents that manage to care for large families, without needing state handouts deserve a medal. But, should British people continue to worry about the cost of raising their children, when people coming here from the third world, to receive hand-outs from the British taxpayer, clearly do not?

Absolutely NOT, I would encourage all youngsters to get married and have a house full of kids and then educate them at home, at the state’s expense.

They will be claiming the same benefits as the interlopers, but will be regenerating our seed, to ensure that British people are not out-bred in our own land.

This will help to give us more time to take our country back, and stop the interlopers overwhelming us! I think it will be state hand-outs well spent.

If you fall into one of categories, mentioned above (disabilities etc), the council will admit that they have a duty of care to house you.

But ordinary people, who have paid taxes for forty years can whistle! The council even admit that this is the case, and they shrug and say, it’s just the way it is.

I came across some news a few days ago that I must share with you. It was about a youngish man that falls into the above category; he is unemployed and is an alcoholic.

Evidently, the state regards this ‘alcoholism’ as an illness and awards him special benefit payments of £13 a day, seven days a week, just to pay for alcohol!

That’s £91 a week, on top of his usual benefits, just for booze. That amounts to around five pints or a bottle of scotch, every day! I don’t get that much to pay for everything and I can’t remember when I last had a pint, yet this person who has become an alcoholic by his own choice, gets all of his booze paid for.

By contrast, there are OAP’s who have a nicotine dependency and spend most of their Old Aged Pension on cigarettes.

A relative of mine spends £120 a week on cigarettes, 80% of which goes straight to the taxman (80% is £96 – that’s just enough to pay for the alci’s extra benefit!), and he barely has enough money to feed himself.

You could say he is a fool (as I often do!) but should HIS dependency be any less important than the drunk, who is addicted to a different drug?

The reality is of course that neither one of them should get any money to feed an addiction. But I have far more sympathy with someone who has smoked for 50 years, and has developed this addiction, and quite correctly, never asks for, or expects anyone else to pay for his addiction.

Although it is a fact that, every time he spends £7 on a pack of ciggies, the taxman takes £5.60 of it. This is one of the many contradictions of Britain today.

In broken Britain, the moral of the story seems to be that if you are white British and honest, you haven’t got a chance.

Until we have a British National Party government, when there will be jobs for everyone and wastrel interlopers can go to a country that wants to pay for their lazy habits.

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