The Rental Society part V.

Fri, 25/01/2013 - 10:00
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By John Ball.
In the first four parts we looked at a more honest, fair and just distribution of land to avoid the "them & us" culture that has blighted Britain for the last 2000 years.

A small self appointed self perpetuating elite has always coerced the indigenous majority initially as slaves, then as serfs, and finally as economically tied citizens with rights but no freedom.

Today we are citizens of a European state over which we have no democratic control. The politicians we have appointed to represent us tell us that they know better than the electorate.

They have decided as a consequence to turn our democracy into a dictatorship with them in control and the indigenous people as their slaves.

Yet again a minority of egoists are imposing themselves on the indigenous peoples against the people's will.

We need a new system which excludes the absolute abuse of the general public which is encouraged by personal greed in the form of capitalism or social abuse through communism.

There is today, through out the world, every political shade in between, but all of it is based upon lies, dishonesty and injustice. Refer to the USA for the capitalist extreme and China for the communist and every other country for every shade in between.
In Britain we are turning to British Nationalism to provide the justice, honesty and freedom our people are crying out for.

We have policies which are based on truth, honesty and justice. We will reform the political system by introducing simple proportional representation and legally binding referendums.

We will outlaw fractional banking, protect our borders and withdraw from the EU.
But unless we also reform land ownership and property regulations, all the "usual suspects" will lurk in the shadows, awaiting their chance to impose their particular economic or political fetish upon us again.

The whole point of widespread land ownership, just like widespread self employment and part ownership of the company you work for through share ownership is that participation and involvement in a homogeneous community encourages a wholesome and nurturing environment to develop.

Thus we can re-establish our community spirit that globalisation, communism (in the form of political correctness in today's Britain), multiculturalism and the European Union are doing their very best to destroy.

The suggestion is to reduce land ownership to what a family needs to enable every family to own some land if they want to. Land distribution is limited to 5000 acres per family which may be used for agricultural, industrial or residential purposes according to its traditional use or local planning laws decided by local referendum.

Property rules to abolish the appalling housing conditions nationwide are also required. In all new housing minimum room sizes must be established of 150 square feet for living rooms, 120 square feet for bedrooms and 100 square feet for bathrooms, kitchens and sculleries.

New houses should be detached with their own garden being not less than twice the area of the land taken up by the buildings.
New rules for landlords letting property will be introduced. For one person renting a flat or house there must be a living room of not less than 150 square feet, a bedroom of not less than 120 square feet, a bathroom and a separate kitchen both a minimum of 100 square feet each.

The property to have its own front door opening into the garden. Any property that does not comply with these minimum standards may not be let out.

For each extra tenant sharing a property there must be an additional bedroom of 120 square feet minimum. For three people an extra living room of 150 square feet minimum. For five people 3 living rooms.

If there are three or more tenants sharing a property there must be a separate toilet with shower and hand basin.
Property that does not comply with these basic criteria within old housing stock may only be occupied by the owner.
The indigenous community will always have priority regarding housing.

Our ancestors have sweated blood and given their lives for this country, therefore it is only just that their descendants should have priority in all land and property matters.

This will result in a radical revaluation of land and property. Property that does not comply with these new standards will flood the market at low prices since they cannot be let.

House and land ownership will become the norm amongst the indigenous population and democracy will flourish. A new pride will be felt by the people.

These proposals form a starting point for a new Britain based upon respect for our fellow countrymen, freedom and individual responsibility.

The British National Party is the only political party within British politics that puts freedom at the forefront of its policies. Happiness and fulfilment cannot be derived from greed (capitalism) or political dogma (communism).

As a proud nation with a unique history and traditions stretching back hundreds of years, the only thing which can benefit our people is freedom.

The freedom to choose their future, their lifestyle and their national leaders.

Only through a true democracy determined by simple proportional representation, legally binding referendums and justice based on the common law can true freedom and democracy be brought to Britain.

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