The Rental Society part IV.

Wed, 16/01/2013 - 06:00
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By John Ball.
In the first three parts we examined the causes of our dysfunction as a society and concluded that land ownership and the notion of rent causes irreparable damage to the function of our society.

We are divided by those who own land and excessive amounts of property and thereby create an elitist society based upon exploitation through coercion of a captive population.

The people of these islands, whose only alternative is radical socialist politics based upon an equally coercive communist ideology which is even more oppressive than capitalism, are seeking another way to live which is the only political option that offers true freedom.

This political option is British Nationalism.
Freedom though is only effective where the free take responsibility for their lands, culture and personal lives. The purpose of this writing is to provide the modus operandi to enable responsible freedom to flourish for the benefit of everyone in Britain.

In part III we specified not only who could own land in our society but how much they could own. There are no exceptions on any grounds for each of these groups either on the basis of origin or quantity.

The figure of 5000 acres per family is based upon British concepts of land usage. Everything from a cereal farm through to a grouse moor, a wild life park to an industrial estate, an alternative energy farm to a holiday retreat can be created on this size of property.

Many establishments do quite nicely on two or three hundred acres and highly specialised operations on just an acre or two.
In this context a family is a man and a woman with children married in church or any couple married in a civil partnership or any limited company either privately owned or listed on a London stock exchange where all the directors comply with land ownership criteria and pay UK income tax.

Ownership is by family, not by individual, and a member of a family that already owns 5000 acres may not start or be a director of a land owning company. For the children of a family, land ownership is only an option upon marriage except where a child's parents predecease the child's coming of age.

Land will be held for the child in a government administered trust until the child is legally permitted to inherit. There will be other special provisions not covered here.

On the death of the last remaining senior family member half of the land passes to the government as death duty and the remaining land divided amongst the surviving family. Where an inheritor then owns more than the maximum holding the excess may be sold tax free.

A new right to land ownership exists where a couple join together in marriage.
This family land ownership is drawn from the residue of the division of state owned or administered land divided as follows:

State owned land includes all infrastructure land containing roads, railways and airports and all other transport facilities. All land occupied by utilities such as water, power generation and related storage facilities. All communication facilities and National Health buildings and land plus all military establishments.

All coastal areas including all land 22 yards inland from mean high tide out to 200 miles beyond mean low tide. All estuaries, rivers and lakes where they are deeper than one fathom.

And all other land normally associated with State ownership today.
Spiritual land, protected and administered by the State, covers all land on which a religious site has stood for more than 1000 years protected by a border of 22 yards outwards from its recognized border according to the Ordnance Survey.

Where this protective 22 yard border is occupied by a structure which is not part of the original structure or a later but integral part of same, it may remain in place for 99 years after which it will be demolished and the land lie fallow or tended as is the custom.

Wilderness land, to include all country parks and reserves not privately owned, returned to its pre-Neolithic conditions including all flora and fauna natural to it to remain undisturbed forever, except for those various parks currently in existence where access is permitted to the general public for recreational purposes.

Land taken in death duties will be recycled on to new families and income from that land sale will be divided equally between local community for communal facilities and the State.

The result of this will mean lower land values, lower rents and better recreational facilities and a more beneficial environment for all.

A substantial amount of land will be held by the State apart from Spiritual Land, Infrastructure Land and Wilderness Land and at times some from other usages may be returned to agricultural or residential usage and vice versa.

These measures can only be changed by common plebiscite in the form of a national referendum where a majority of all voters eligible to vote agree to a change.

In the next part we will look at property used for residential, business and recreational purposes.

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