The Rental Society part III

Wed, 09/01/2013 - 22:00
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By John Ball.
Within this third part of examining the Rental Society in which we live, we will explore the idea of moving away from a nation based upon exploitation of the weak and vulnerable for financial (capitalist / Conservative & UKIP / New World Order ) or political (communist & cultural Marxist / Labour & Liberal Democrat / Muslim ) gain, towards a nation which nurtures its land, people and culture.

In today's dysfunctional society those in political or religious power, or with wealth earned honestly or through crime or inherited, believe it is their right to exploit everything and everyone to satisfy their insatiable greed. British Nationalists have found a way of providing an environment where the land, its people and their culture have a homogeneous beneficial impact upon the nation state.

We saw in part one the basic outline of Britain over the last thousand years, which ended with a suggestion that Nationalism has the only true understanding of why Britain is dysfunctional.

In part two we examined in greater detail the causes of modern Britain's problems.

These can be traced back to the Roman occupation, Saxon occupation and Norman Conquest.

For the last, almost 2000 years, our nation has been divided between an elite minority, chosen by themselves, who exploited a substantial majority against their will.

The exploitation of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles began no later than 55AD and has continued up until today.

These exploiters have had many guises and a myriad of justifications for their crimes against the nation, its society and people.
Today Nationalism offers the only viable solution to this nation's problems through applying fundamental changes to governance, wealth creation and application of law.

Never the less, even with all these fine curative policies in place, Nationalists would still not be able to guarantee a prosperous future without first dealing with the root cause of our nation's dysfunctional nature: land ownership.

In part two we looked at the three primary forms of land ownership: spiritual, private and state. Each individual style of ownership benefits no one except those in power.

This is why a new land ownership standard needs to be implemented, to ensure all the other necessary changes to our society will guarantee a beneficial future for all the indigenous peoples of the British Isles.

Who may own land and property?
All indigenous peoples of the British Isles may own both land and property occupying not more than 5000 acres; any non-indigenous person born within the British Isles holding a British passport who lives, works and pays income tax in Britain may own both land and property occupying not more than 5000 acres.

Other peoples include any immigrant family legally settled law abiding working paying income tax and holding a British passport for a consecutive minimum period of ten years may own one residential property on not more than 250 acres of land.

Any person whose ancestor emigrated from the British Isles after December 31st 1949 and where that ancestor was an indigenous British passport holder is entitled to apply for a British passport and where British citizenship is granted may enjoy the same rights as an indigenous person.

All other peoples may not own either land or property within the British Isles either in their own name, by proxy or through any type of investment company charity or religious organization.
In part four we will consider how the land is divided up, who is responsible for what, and who may benefit from the profits accrued from land and property ownership.

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