The Rental Society part II

Fri, 04/01/2013 - 06:00
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By John Ball-For a materialistic society to function efficiently there needs to be a large compliant politically demotivated workforce or a cheap form of easily accessible energy to exploit.

Today in the West we use gas, oil and nuclear power.

Having passed peak oil, governments everywhere are in a panic, because without ready amounts of cheap energy the materialism which keeps the masses in abeyance and the aristocracy rich is unsustainable.
Two thousand years ago there were no fuels other than wood, coal and rape seed oil.

Wood and coal were used mostly for heating, cooking and metal working, and rape seed oil was used in lamps for lighting up dark rooms in sophisticated societies around the Mediterranean.

To create the materialism that the elite in Persia, Greece and Rome were accustomed to, without the industrial ability to utilise gas and oil that we have today, they used slavery.

Those ancient civilisations worked as follows: a ruling elite which constituted about 2% to 5% of the population; a free group of citizens who were for the most part junior administrators or tradesmen or slave masters 5% to 15% of the population; disenfranchised slaves, bought, sold and worked as if animals, 80% to 90% of the population.

In Roman Britain once the native rulers had been turned into cooperative underlings or eradicated as were Boadicea and the Iceni, the standard imperial society operated.

As in all other Roman provinces the dispossessed and disenfranchised subject peoples of the old rulers became the slaves, along with peoples captured in campaigns on the borders of the new province together with a few disgraced Romans.

In 410AD the Legions marched off to defend Rome and never returned. Life carried on as it always had, but after thirty years standards of governance, education and culture, due to no regular contact with Rome, were deteriorating.

Auxiliary military units were still raised and as was common in imperial days these forces were mostly mounted.

Praetor Arthur, leading one auxiliary unit of a hundred men, fought several skirmishes and a couple of pitched battles with invading immigrant groups.

For thirty years his well trained and disciplined little force kept Britain south of the Wash relatively clear of invaders. Some years later he was referred to affectionately as "king" before old memories turned into romantic fable.

The Saxons took over where the Romans left off. Britain continued just a before with a small ruling elite and a vast number of slaves.

There is a "Romantic" movement afoot in mostly amateur historian circles that Saxon Britain was one great big jolly where everyone lived happily ever after in a sort of "green" (in the modern sense) happy family.

And to accentuate this lie they call William the Conqueror, William the Bastard, as though he was depriving the Saxon slaves of something by making them serfs and giving them rights for the first time in 1000 years.

This is a Marxist ploy to pervert the truth and those who promote this lie are playing the Marxist game.
Life in Saxon Britain for the indigenous peoples was no better than that of pigs, with which they often lived and ate.

Throughout the following centuries Saxon Englisc, (Englisc ending in a "c" was the name the Saxon settlers not only called themselves but also their new tongue), became the lingua franca and Latin together with ancient British was forgotten.

Then after Hastings, French became the official language and Englisc the common tongue.

Following the Black Death half the Englisc population and ninety percent of the French speaking aristocracy died in just six or seven weeks in the middle of the 14th century. The language of the common people, now called English, became, and has ever since remained, the official British language.

Rents were charged on land and property by the aristocracy and profits were reinvested in the English estates or the merchant navy to promote overseas trade: English wool and cloth traded for spices, oriental silks and carpets and Mediterranean foods such as chick peas, oranges and figs.

Estate buildings grew into palaces and follies, animal breeding became sophisticated and London, Bath and York had great houses built along wide tree lined boulevards for the landed gentry to flaunt their wealth in public.

From Elizabethan times through to George I overseas trading or pirating voyages gave way to populating and investing in the Empire.

By Victorian times immense riches were flowing back to Britain from all over the world and the ruling classes amassed great fortunes from overseas estates and trading enterprises.

For the most part the peasants, now referred to as the working class, still lived in squalor and poverty, but the "trickle down myth" was perpetuated by the rich, just as it is today, despite all evidence being to the contrary.

In 1914 Britain became involved in a total military disaster now known as the First World War and the entire nation's wealth was squandered on this junket.

Then 25 years later we declared war again and fought the Second World War. We had barely survived the First but the folly of the Second was the last straw that (broke the camel's back) destroyed a once great nation.

For the last one hundred years we have been cursed by incompetent small minded politicians who have led Britain from one disaster to the next.

Instead of waging war after war and giving alien peoples our wealth and expertise, the political classes should have dealt with the underlying problem of our society: rent.

Rent is caused by one problem only: land ownership. Solving this problem is too difficult for politicians whose primary aim is social reform, like gay marriage, to achieve in the life of one parliament.

It would be impossible given the legal shenanigans that would ensue without being carefully thought out in advance.
There are three types of land ownership:

a) Spiritual ownership adhered to by aboriginal peoples such as native Australians and Native Americans where the land had a spiritual owner and the people merely fought with neighbouring tribes for the right to live in a particular area.

b) Royal ownership (or corporate ownership) where a person or family or limited company owns the land and has an exclusive right to use or let the land and any property thereon.

c) State ownership, best exemplified in communist countries but also practiced in a limited form in quasi-socialist countries like Britain.

None of these three forms of land ownership by themselves is particularly useful except for the ruling elites, but an answer to the rent-society needs to be found.

In a Nationalist state where borders are protected, indigenous peoples given priority and inward investment from overseas prohibited, the wealth created from exploitation of the land is preserved and can only be used for the benefit of the nation.

But this is not enough; land ownership needs to become more sophisticated.
Throughout Britain there are many religious sites from Neolithic stone circles to early Christian churches and on to imposing cathedrals.

These sites that have existed for a minimum of say 500 years, and the immediate area around them of perhaps 200 yards radius, should become spiritual land owned by no one but protected by State legislation.

Private ownership should continue for agricultural and residential use but be limited to a maximum 5,000 acres per family. And corporate ownership continue on industrial and office space limited by usage: e.g. offices and factories empty for more than a year must be sold.

No investment property permitted without usage.
State ownership and operation of all infrastructures such as ports, roads, railways, telecommunications and post offices, water, power and sewage.

These operations run at break-even and not as a cash cow for greedy politicians. The land on which these infrastructures are situated being State owned with a legislative restraint prohibiting sale.

(Politicians over the last 50 years have been selling these State assets in return for directorships within the privatised entity upon their retirement.This will be reversed by a Nationalist government and privatised State assets will be brought back within State control).

All profits created within Britain can only be reinvested within the country.

This simple outline should be a starting point to rebuilding broken Britain and correcting the problem of our dysfunctional society. An amalgam of the main forms of land ownership to the benefit of the land, its peoples and society is the only answer.

These limitations to land ownership and usage would reduce the value of land and lower rental income.

With other limitations on house size and a restructuring of local taxation house prices would drop and the cost of buying or renting property be greatly reduced.

As Nationalists it is important that we know exactly what we are going to do when we form our first government.

We will not be making it up as we go along, unlike the current ConservativeLibDem ruling junta that are now imposing their fascist style of dictatorship on Britain.

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