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Sat, 29/12/2012 - 07:00
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By John Ball-King William invaded England and destroyed the Saxon host at the Battle of Hastings, setting in train a chain of events which has resulted in today's disaster in Britain.

King William the Conqueror was a social moderniser unprecedented for his day.

He wanted an English people that would give him unwavering support to hold his Baron's in check.

To do this he abolished the slavery that the 50,000 English Saxon nobility had used to control the one million indigenous inhabitants.

These peoples were taken at one stroke from Saxon slavery and tied to the land as Norman serfs.

The English and Welsh could no longer be bought and sold like cattle; they could choose who to marry; and they could cultivate their own strip of land.

The death sentence was abolished and every man had a right to public trial.

Slaves had nothing but serfs had rights, albeit often only with the approval of their lord.

For the next thousand years the indigenous peoples were to struggle with this circumstance until it began to unravel in 1918, and spiral out of control in 1945.
Meanwhile King William allocated to his loyal subjects vast swathes of England as payment for helping him conquer the Anglo Saxons.

Hundreds of thousands of acres were handed out and often whole counties were given to one family. But for the most part this land, and the hamlets and villages on it, were of little use.

The nobility noticed though, that the people were keen hard working folk often with ambition, and so the practice of renting out land and property began.

From this small start of leasing and letting land and property out to the English peasants, the foundations of our modern society began.

Today England is for the most part owned by no more than 1,300 families plus a few hundred corporations and pension funds. Our land, it is ours, because the serfs, (you and me), are the land: it was our ancestor's blood, sweat and tears that formed every field, every hedgerow and every stand of trees.

This memorial to our ancestors is let or leased to us and in return we pay rent, or sometimes, (rarely now), we trade our time in lieu of money as the old medieval serf often did.

We live in a culture of rent. Who ever can pay the most rent can occupy or utilise a property. And this is really where things went wrong for us.

We English and Welsh are for the most part poor, because what surpluses we have created in the last 150 years have been assiduously taken from us, in the form of government taxation.

These landowners discovered quite quickly after the end of the Second World War, and increasingly so since the collapse of the Iron Curtain, that they can get higher rents by letting their land and property to overseas clients.

These foreigners, oil sheiks and far eastern industrialists, were amazed at the high rents the English aristocracy could extract from their tenants.

As a result these aliens decided to buy up England with the view of renting it out for excessively extortionate rents too.
To make the whole fiasco socially viable the natural extension was to not only invite the rich of the world to invest in England, but also invite all these alien peoples to live here.

Thus the whole world has come here (multiculturalism), and to ensure continuity create a transnational economy to support the rental structure (globalisation).

Yes the bankers are corrupt. Yes our Marxist anti British politicians are traitors. Yes we are being manipulated by the Bilderberg group.

But has anyone ever realised it started with our greedy Norman landowners just wanting the most rent that they could get?

Once we have dealt with the Marxists, dealt with the corrupt political class, dealt with the bankers, dealt with the Bilderbergers, the EU, the UN, NATO, America, we will then have to deal with the rental culture!

For Britain to prosper again we will have to create a new environment that is not based on rent and a country not owned by a select few.

The Marxist Liberal Socialist Capitalist alliance have been thoroughly used, abused and utterly shafted by the landed aristocracy, and the politically correct elites know it not.

Makes my Christmas knowing this.

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