Regional Tour Update

Fri, 15/02/2013 - 18:30
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Nick Griffin’s Regional Tour rolled into Yorkshire recently. Despite the awful snow storms many people still managed to make it to the meeting. Several speakers took to the floor throughout the course of the evening and they began with an introduction from Yorkshire Acting Regional Organiser Adam Walker.

He thanked everyone for making the arduous journey to Rotherham in the awful conditions.

As Mr Griffin was travelling home after the meeting he was first to speak to the crowd.

Before he began his speech he presented a bouquet of flowers to Marlene Guest from Rotherham, one of our party stalwarts. Marlene came third in the Parliamentary by-election in Rotherham recently beating Cabbage Patch Cameron and Yellow Clegg’s bunch of slimy traitors combined.

As with other meetings Mr Griffin has attended he outlined some of the problems faced in society today.

He didn’t dwell too long on the problems however; he used the majority of his time to talk about solutions; simple, common sense solutions from the only Political Party that truly cares about the people of Great Britain. He emphasised the need to dig our roots into our communities like Marlene has done in Rotherham and stick together in what are going to be some very difficult times ahead.

After a short break Adam Walker took the floor and in a short passionate speech outlined the importance of getting active. He used an example he had come across recently where a gentleman had contacted him regarding a pub that was being turned into an Islamic centre (mosque) in his area.

The gentleman asked what he (Adam) was going to do about it. When Adam suggested that the gentleman could do this, this and this about his predicament he didn’t seem so interested.

Apathy and laziness it would appear reared their ugly heads and won the day once again.
“All too often folk ask us what we are going to do about this, that and the other.

I think it is about time that people started to get away from this mindset. If we are to make any difference at all, we all need to get moving rather than automatically expect others to do it for us.

Actions speak louder than words.

I would suggest that people take a look around, get away from the telly and start making things happen for the better in their communities” commented Adam.

Next to take the floor was Alwyn Deacon our National Elections Officer. He explained about the importance of signing folk up to the postal vote as people are 8 times more likely to vote using this method.

He mentioned that at election time we always do well on the day but that we are crippled when the postal votes pile in. “If those postal votes were ours, collected over years this wouldn’t be a problem, we would be winning elections hands down. I would encourage everyone to sign up as many people possible to this method of voting.” he commented.

Postal vote application forms can be found here;

Alwyn also spoke about the importance of regular donations into branches and groups.

He explained that the best way to do this is to fill in a standing order mandate for as little as £1 per month. Many branches and groups around the country are able to fight elections and buy literature as they have small regular amounts of money filtering into their accounts.

Simply fill in the form using your group / branch / region as the reference and it will be credited accordingly.

If you would like to donate by standing order you can find the form here;

Next to take the floor was Marlene. She gave a short speech on sacrifices made by those who have fought and died for our country over the years.

She talked about her own family and how they were involved in our armed forces when they were actually fighting for our country, unlike now where they are simply the tools of the rich global capitalists.

When speaking about why she works so hard for others in her community she said that helping our people should be our duty as patriots.

“Looking after our own people is the right thing to do and if we give up, all of those lives lost fighting for us will have been sacrificed for absolutely nothing. We owe it to them to carry on their fight” commented Marlene.

At the end of the meeting Adam Walker encouraged people to get involved to help do their bit to make their country great again. He then thanked everyone and wished them a safe journey home.

It is not what The British National Party can do for you; It is what you can do for The British National Party.

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