Refugee Camp London

Fri, 28/12/2012 - 15:00
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By John Ball-For the first time as far back as records go, white British Londoners are a minority in their own capital city, having been ethnically cleansed and replaced by hordes of illegal immigrants.

In some parts of the city indigenous whites are outnumbered four to one.

Even in prosperous parts of the Metropolitan area like Kensington & Chelsea, 43% of residents originate from abroad. 88,800 people in Westminster have foreign passports meaning that for every six Londoners there are four foreigners in Westminster.

Our Capital has been destroyed by our traitorous political class.
Even the borough which houses our Parliament has been turned into one vast refugee camp.

Immigrants do not mix either with each other or with the indigenous population.

Vast ghettos sprawl around the city.

Blacks in Brixton, Latinos in Elephant and Castle, Muslims in Wembley divide up what was a fair and pleasant English city into no-go areas, where if you are the wrong colour or speak the incorrect tongue, you will get knifed or mugged or kicked to death.

There are more than 500,000 people of mixed race, those that you and I would call half-caste. Those unlucky people born of parents of different racial backgrounds.

For them, stem cell research brings no health benefits, since their mixed blood means their bodies are incapable of hosting artificially grown replacement organs.

A cursory glance at official statistics, which will have been massaged downwards in an attempt to placate the indigenous inhabitants, clearly shows the criminal Nazi-Labour style ethnic cleansing areas. Brent 55.1% born outside Britain; Camden 42.5% born outside Britain; Ealing 48.2%; Hammersmith & Fulham 42.8%; Haringey 44.6%; Harrow 44.8%; Hounslow 43.1%; Kensington & Chelsea 51.6%; Newham 53.7%; Westminster 53.5%.

These examples of ethnic cleansing are worse than anything that happened in the Balkans, whose politicians and generals were branded war criminals. Our leaders, who committed this crime on us, should be in prison.

They walk free today, but one day a Nationalist government will bring these traitors in front of a criminal court.

We will try them for crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the citizens of London and justice will be done.

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