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Thu, 24/01/2013 - 06:00
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Mr Griffin returned to the UK from Strasbourg in the early hours of last Friday morning (18th January) having taken part in a number of important votes during the first plenary of the year.

By Simon Darby - The seven hundred mile dash from the "wrong" side of France was made somewhat more difficult by freezing fog on the continent and the prospects of blizzards back in the UK.

During the vote on the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA) between the European Community and the Eastern and Southern Africa States there were several issues about the inclusion of Zimbabwe. Surprisingly, although virtually every other victim of Mugabe's regime seemed to be covered, there was no mention of the vicious and ongoing persecution against the country's white farmers.

However, this anomaly did not stop Nick voting for important amendments criticising the scandal of the continuing ivory trade in the country. Although not agreeing with the general concept of EU neo-colonialism he was happy to give the following his support:

Whereas Zimbabwe is showing flagrant disregard for international agreements and its own domestic laws by continuing to permit the sale of illegal elephant ivory.

Calls on the Zimbabwean Government to enforce the identification and prosecution of those implicated in the illegal export and trade of ivory.

Mr Griffin also voted positively for a motion calling for the mandatory marking of origin for certain products imported from third countries. From a nationalist perspective this will help stem the flow of cheap foreign goods undermining what is left of Britain's industries. Moreover, there is a fundamental issue of consumer choice with people, of whatever political persuasion, having the right to know exactly what they are buying and where it has come from.

Following the recent, dreadful textile factory fire in Bangladesh, there were some initiatives to stop global corporations undercutting European workers and simultaneously exploiting the people of the third world. Mr Griffin did not vote however for moves that would have meant  the British taxpayer having to subsidise the social security sector of various foreign countries.

On the subject of Iraq, the NW England MEP was happy to vote in favour of amendments that very bluntly illustrated the reality of the situation although he would have asked for the apology to be extended to serving British soldiers as well:

Condemns the intervention of coalition forces in Iraq; reiterates that this invasion is in violation of international law and UN decisions; stresses the illegal character of this war; condemns all acts of violence committed against the Iraqi population; believes that the perpetrators of these crimes should be brought to justice under international law; takes the view that the EU, in order to promote an end to the violence and full respect for human rights, must ask the Iraqi people for forgiveness for a war waged on the basis of lies; recognises that this illegal war has destroyed the country and increased the level of violence in the whole area;

The Iraq vote on Thursday afternoon concerning the future trial for the politician war criminals responsible was also of note for a more intrinsic reason. Whilst Mr Griffin was one of just a handful of British MEPs voting in favour of justice, not one Labour, LibDem or Conservative MEP voted in favour with many actually voting to sweep the crime under the carpet.

The fact that these people have the nerve to denounce Mr Griffin as a "racist" whilst officially declaring the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children inconsequential, is almost, but not quite beyond belief in the fantasy island that is modern Britain.

This article first appeared on Nick Griffin's MEP website, available to view here. Remember to keep up to date with all of Mr Griffin's European activities by visiting his MEP website on a regular basis.

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