Reactive Not Proactive.

Tue, 12/02/2013 - 07:00
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 By John Ball.
Over the last few months we have witnessed the charade of government in full swing fighting to survive in the most cynical and unimaginative way possible.

It has become clear that neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor of the Exchequer have enough experience of life in the raw to know what to do to put the country on a path to recovery.

Further, the deluded opposition is unable to conceive anything other than the outmoded socialist concept of tax, borrow and spend.

We are paralysed by out of touch government ministers and a blinkered opposition that are both incapable of thinking outside the boxes of their limited ideologies.

Over educated Cameron has no perception other than recognising threats to his political ascendancy, which he mistakes for threats to the nation.

He behaves like a first minister of state steering a successful imperial ship through charted oceans to a safe and secure harbour.

He clearly does not seem to be able to grasp the stark reality that this ship's engines are worn out and that there is precious little fuel left in the ship's bunkers and that when he reaches harbour he will find it occupied by an alien army that cares nothing for the ship of state.

Our harbour has been occupied by unwanted enemies of Britain brought in by traitors that were in power before this dilettante started posturing in number 10.
In the last few months we have watched a Conservative Nero fiddle while London burns.

At times it seems as though he is modelling himself more on the captain of the Titanic than on a pragmatic farsighted national leader.

We witnessed the Blair like folly and arrogance of Cameron the warmonger as he helped to overthrow Gadaffi in Libya. As a result of this stupidity there is war in Syria, Algeria and Mali and both Tunisia and Egypt are on the brink of civil war for the second time in two years.

All this misery brought to these countries because of another war criminal elected by a naive British electorate that is only now realising they were deceived into voting for a self serving hypocrite.

Last year we witnessed another piece of deception, as once more this arch-liar of politics promised yet another referendum on the EU that everyone apart from congenital idiots, (and there are quite a few in Britain), knows will never happen.

Fuhrer Cameron, is leading us into Europe no matter whether it is good or bad for us, because when Cameron has finished destroying Britain he is then going to dip his greedy snout into the intoxicating Eurozone trough of greed and avarice.

Finally we have had the legalisation of paedophilia cleverly disguised as equality in marriage for homosexuals and lesbians.

At no time has the elephant in the room been mentioned, but it is clear to all but the most blinkered liberal and bigoted politician that the losers in all this equality will be defenceless vulnerable children.

Cameron is soft on paedophiles. Why else would he abandon our children to perverts who are not mature enough to commit themselves to a normal heterosexual relationship and thereby gain the right to procreate?

While many homosexuals and lesbians are not paedophiles, statistical scientific evidence indicates that homosexuals have a greater inclination towards paedophilia than heterosexuals.

This evidence has been conveniently ignored by the paedophiles that govern us. These deviants will adopt children stolen by the state and then inculcate these impressionable minors with their perversions.

By equalising the state of marriage this Marxist inspired fascist dictator from number 10 lessens our society by enforcing perversions as being the norm, rather than maturity together with responsibility in heterosexual relationships as normality. But we must not stop here because this is the smoke and mirrors part of the venture designed to sidetrack the unwary.

The legalised abuse of our children will come out one day and Fuhrer Cameron hopes it will too.
So what is this all about? Once we recognise the smoke and mirrors part of the play what is it we are failing to perceive? For that matter why are smoke and mirrors being employed at all?

The simple fact is that Fuhrer Cameron and Chancellor Osborne have no wish to put Britain back on its feet. They are in power purely for their own gratification and that of their friends.

Their desire revolves purely around perceived threats and their manoeuvrings are designed only to keep themselves in power.
The attack on Libya was undertaken purely to please their American neo-conservative friends.

The EU referendum offer was to outflank a perceived threat from a media enhanced UKIP. The equal marriage bill is designed to scuttle the Labour party (they could only vote in favour because their Frankfurt School game is the same as Cameron's) and attract the gullible young together with liberal and socialist paedophiles into the Conservative ranks, while getting rid of the now politically unacceptable blue-rinse gin and tonic mob.

Very clever - stab your friends in the back - the ones who elected you! Sort of behaviour you expect from fascists.

But even more cynically than all that, since Fuhrer Cameron knows he will not do anything about the terminal decline of Britain, these actions fill the void and make it look like he is doing something.
Britain burns while Fuhrer Cameron fiddles.

This over educated idiot can only react to events. Quite clearly he has neither the vision nor the common sense to instigate the economic reforms necessary to get British industry fighting fit.

And this is because we have a politician who can only react to what he perceives as a threat rather than be proactive in a positive way. Cameron is dead in the water and he knows it.

Withdrawal from the EU, outlawing fractional banking, issuance of debt free currency for national reconstruction, protect our borders, cessation of foreign aid, repatriation of criminal immigrants and benefit dependent immigrants, ending of health tourism and many other British National party policies would have Britain back on its feet in no time.

Fuhrer Cameron is a traitor just like Brown and Blair before him. Our political class can not see beyond the end of their own noses and Fuhrer Cameron is no exception.

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