Re-Elected in Shropshire!

Mon, 06/05/2013 - 13:00
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By Councillor Phil Reddall – It is with great pleasure that I can report that I have been re-elected back onto Cheswardine Parish Council following the elections on the 2nd May.

To those who have been following the story of the proposed Mosque for Oswestry, it is interesting to note that on the other side of North Shropshire, George Miah (the chief advisor to Oswestry Muslim Society) has been elected unopposed onto Oswestry Town Council (Cabin Lane ward).

One can probably safely assume to expect that another Mosque proposal will be on the cards during the coming months...

In the meantime, we have the Euro elections next year and with an extra West Midlands seat up for grabs we have a chance to get a British National Party MEP elected in our Region. I would be a very pleased local organiser if our Region can raise the funds needed to send all households in the West Midlands a BNP leaflet delivered by Royal Mail.


Local Plans

My plan for North Shropshire over the coming months and years is to work doggedly on altering the mindset of our people; This change is already taking place as although we do not want to see UKIP elected, the fact people are prepared to vote for them in ever greater numbers shows that the electorate are toying with the idea of change.

Therefore our leafleting will be aimed at pushing the boundaries of people's mental capacity for real change and shifting people's thought process from one of conformity to one of radicalism. Remember, our policies are only 'radical' when viewed against what is termed 'mainstream'.

Our job now is to push people to think and act (vote) in a more radical way.

I want to set up small but effective leafleting teams of 2 to 4 people in each of our major north Shropshire towns: Market Drayton, Whitchurch, Wem and Oswestry. I cannot do this alone - I need a few volunteers to go out every week or two and start to put out 100 - 200 leaflets a time (30 to 45 minutes work).


Leafleting is easy and it is effective! There is a reason why all political parties deliver leaflets door-to-door - it works. More leaflets delivered means more people get to hear our message. No leaflets and no activists mean we do not progress and do not succeed.

If you are willing to help, please give me a call on 07980 238 068. Success will not come if we are not active, but if we ARE active, we will progress.

Do you remember when in Stoke on Trent we had 12 councillors elected? What you may not know is that their first councillor had to stand over ten times before he finally made a breakthrough. Do not give in; persists and success will come and in the meantime we will slowly alter the way people think and act.

If you are not a member, please join us here. I look forward to seeing you on OUR streets.

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