Race, Nation, And The Perpetual Lie

Wed, 09/01/2013 - 10:00
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By John Salvage-In December 1912, archaeologist Charles Dawson, and Arthur Smith Woodward of the world renowned British Museum, announced their findings at a meeting of the Geological Society, creating a sensation of world shattering proportions.

After a 36 month dig of the Piltdown gravel pit in Sussex, England, Dawson said he'd unearthed ''human-like skull fragments, and a jaw with two teeth, plus a variety of animal fossils and primitive stone tools''. Dawson and Woodward said that one of the skulls and the jaw belonged to a primitive hominid, or human ancestor, who lived some 500,000 to 1 million years ago.

The find was supposed to prove that finally, the "missing link between ape and man'' had now confirmed Charles Darwin's much vaunted theory of evolution, in which the muddy waters of Marxist theory, and our brave new world of Scientific enlightenment added to the mix of theories that perpetrated the ''Out of Africa'' con-trick years later, tests via a modern microscope, revealed that the teeth in the jaw, had in fact been ''filed down'' to make them look human-like.

Many of the remains from the Piltdown site also appeared to have been dyed to match some others in colour, as well as making the actual gravel where they were supposedly found, look like it all fitted in with its geographical setting.

The skull was eventually found to be no more than 600 years old.
Considering that all this happened exactly a hundred years ago this December gone, and since then, we in Britain, and the whole of our western kith and kin have been lied to regarding our rights to our homelands, it does not take a rocket scientist, nor a brain surgeon, to realise that many of the so-called experts, political thinkers, writers and archaeologists around today, and since that time, have used similar tricks to cruelly rip our heritage and racial origins away from us.

This has led to a generation of our people, thinking that ''multi-racial'' societies are natural, and have been around since the dawn of time. We are supposedly to have come from Africa. However, mammalian life came from the seas all around the globe. Life evolved (if you believe in natural selection only), from millions of miles of shorelines.

This created opportunities for life on land on all the major continents at around the same time. Also ignored, are facts now proven beyond doubt that remains belonging to humans of European origin with red hair, and the right facial and skeletal features, were found in as geographically disparate locations as China, and ancient America.

Marxism, or Cultural Marxism, has it that there is no country or nation belonging to any one type of human, and race is merely a ''social construct''. If that is the case, then why are Western nations the only nations subject to institutionalised ethnic cleansing? And why is it that, variations in genetic mutations lead to diseases only found in certain racial groups? The reality is not what the now politically engineered institutions want, they want a politicised version, and a completely ''formatted'' version which takes no account of serious genetic study, and geographical honesty.

A perpetual lie requires perpetual laws, rules, and regulatory sanctions to justify its continued use. No where is this a more glaring and obvious proof, than in education. Eventual employment in specialist institutions, or government departments will only become open to you, if you toe the line.

Once you've got the young, you've got the adult. And once the adult is incapable of thinking for him or herself, the lie becomes the truth. If the ''Piltdown Man'' scandal, could be conducted for whatever reasons it was, and only found to be a lie decades later, then just how much of the West's history, and our kith and kin's ancient ancestry, has been kept hidden from public view.

Another instance of hiding potential truths was the much vaunted ''Human Genome Project'', which for some reason, the results have not been made public.

The initial human genome results were published in 2003, and took over than a decade to complete. The 1,000 Genomes Project completed most of its sequencing task in under a year.

A genome can now be fully sequenced in a mere few days.

So if there was ''no such thing as race'', why has nothing been concluded from the Indian sub continent and Africa? Are the establishment sanctioned ''experts'' trying to find a way of conducting these tests so as to cloak the facts?

If the Piltdown con is any example, then we are potentially being lied to on a massive scale. It is probable that our politicised institutions are so corrupt that, any findings that prove the European peoples are a distinct and far older genetic entity on the planet than though previously would be engineered out of the history and scientific books.

Prof McVean from Oxford University is one of the leading authors of the Genome Project. He agreed that some of the rarest variants in DNA, tended to be clustered in relatively restricted geographic areas. He was quoted in The Guardian as late as October 2012, saying that:
"Within Europe, we think we're all pretty similar".

But if you look at the rarest variants, those present at 0.1% frequency around the world, if you find two copies of these mutations, they're nearly always within the same country.

At that kind of level, what you find in the UK is distinct from what you find in Italy, is distinct from what you find in Finland."

On a purely ''Nationalistic'' level, that means in Britain for example, the folk whom peopled these islands are without doubt, a distinct group/society.

Although in the wider context of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years of time, geographical, cultural, and socio-industrial applications to our way of life, are similar to those of us of Caucasian/Aryan ancestry.

They still, even now, cannot bring themselves to be honest enough to say that the Western hemisphere was conducive to the flowering of intelligence that those from hotter, or humid climates, couldn't match. Our colder, and on-off ice ages over millennia, ensured that we looked like the geographical regions we emerged from.

In the same way, others from Africa for example, would face the same constrictions or otherwise, which made them different. The European peoples are the only known group amongst the world's populace that have adventured, invented, and innovated in ways unimaginable elsewhere on earth, and at every level and in every era of our existence.

Apart from the obvious political struggles we are engaged in, and the splintered and if we are honest, pointless petty tribal splits that have given sustenance to our enemies, we should be feverishly working to educate not only ourselves, but the general public. Much more is required of ''our kind'' if we are to halt the destruction of our historical and cultural heritage.

At eight percent of the world's population, White Nationalists with financial clout, intellectual ability, and easily accessible current or new websites and blogs, should be engaging themselves in uniting all of these skills and abilities, and collectively re-educating a large part of that frighteningly pathetic, and dwindling eight percent.

Another ten years will be wasted if WE are not careful. And by that time, large proportions of Britain, and the rest of our kith and kin's European land-mass, and those residing in long-held lands we civilised, will disappear under a tidal wave of not so capable or caring humanity.

The perpetual lie concerning Race, National boundaries, and the basic human right to self-determination, makes much use of so-called laws of equality, and the post 1940's anti-White laws enacted after the last World War.

Thus, those of us with the above skills should no longer go it alone. We should act as one, and put aside essentially childish and unimportant arguments, and conduct ourselves with order, intellectual authority, and mental fortitude.

Websites should now be maintained with educative and spiritually sustaining links to our ancient ideas.

Websites should have permanent links to articles, writers, and other web-based groups, accessible by the click of a button, whereby articles of note on our true ethnicity, inventions, our past advances in medical and socio-cultural innovations, and the ancient beginnings our people, are all there for everyone to study.

Anything less, and we've wasted any intellectual argument we had for even bothering to fight it all.

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