QUESTION TIME: for patriots’ - a voice for British patriots-CONFIRMATION

Sat, 08/09/2012 - 13:30
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‘QUESTION TIME: for patriots’ - a voice for British patriots
I am delighted to confirm that the following people have agreed to join our panel for the above event, which will take place at a venue in South West Lancashire, on Wednesday 26th September 2012;

Simon Darby (Broadcaster, Blogger and Ornithologist)
Nick Griffin (North West MEP and Chairman of the British National Party)
Lynne Mozar (Broadcaster, The World at 8)
Revd Robert West (Christian Council of Britain)
Pete Molloy (Armed Forces ‘Veterans Group’ Leader)
Cathy Duffy (Long standing Councillor for Charnwood in Leicestershire)
Adam Walker (Teacher & Linguist)


The audience is still being chosen from various parts of Britain and will be allowed entry by invitation only.

Invitations will be sent out, in response to completed Application Forms, and will be posted at least a week before the show, along with directions to the rendezvous point.

An Application Form is attached to this article, and is also shown below.

The audience will consist of patriots from various political parties, and indeed people who are not affiliated to any political party. We are expecting to have around 100 people in the audience, so tickets are being allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you know anyone who would like to be in the audience, I would encourage you to get an application in for them, quickly, so that they don’t miss it.
I can't give you the actual details of the venue in an email, but it's in the South West Lancashire area.
Access to the venue will be from 7pm onward, and we anticipate being ready to start the pre-programme meeting at about 7.30pm. If everyone is in place by then, we will start the programme 15 minutes later, c. 7.45pm.

If there are still guests missing, it will be an 8pm start.

We expect to end the meeting at around 9pm to 9.15pm, so that we will be able to televise an hour long show on BNPTV.
There will be a buffet at 9.15pm and we expect the function to end at 10pm to 10.30pm.


The format will be similar to the BBC's Question Time, in that we will choose a set of questions that have been suggested by British patriots.

If anyone doesn’t fancy asking their question live on air, then we'll ask someone else to do it for them.

Before we start filming, I will explain the format of the show to the audience, and then I'll introduce Simon and the panellists, one by one.

Then, when our camera crew are ready to roll, we'll get started.
From that point on, it'll be up to Simon to run the show as he sees fit.

Cameras & Microphones

We will have at least two cameras running and a boom microphone, to reach each member of the audience. Hopefully, the panellist’s will have a microphone each.

Simon will put the questions to each of the panellists in turn, and then invite members of the audience to challenge and debate their answers.

We will have a minimum of six questions, with approximately ten minutes per question.

This doesn’t leave too much time for anyone to waffle-on for long, as the audience must have a fair chance of challenging the panel, and having their say.

As the programme's host, it will be up to Simon to decide whether a comment from a member of the audience is on, or off topic. If it's off topic, he will politely say that it's slightly off topic, but we'll do our best to come back to it later, time allowing.

This is necessary because, with the greatest respect, if we don’t stay on track with the questions, the programme could go on for hours!

There will never be a time when two or more people will agree with each other on every topic, and nor would we want such a boring society. We want to create a vigorous, but friendly debate, where the panellists are brave enough to give honest answers to questions which are of the utmost importance to British patriots, but are seldom aired.

We need to address the issues that REALLY matter to the British people, which all too often go unmentioned by the controlled media.

This programme is for the REAL British people, who are the victims of genocide, in our own country; and not the ones who pretend to be British, just to get a passport, or to take advantage of our benefits system and good nature.

The audience, and the internet viewers, will be hoping that our panel will represent the views and aspirations of all our countrymen and women.

It will be fantastic for British people to put their questions forward, without being shackled by political correctness and BBC bias. Then the general public will realise that they no longer have to trust the old bankster-controlled political parties, who say one thing and then do the opposite when they get elected.

Our fellow patriots will be able to see, very clearly, that some people are actually listening to the British people and agree with them, whole heartedly.

The lying, double dealing politicians within the ranks of the Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties, along with the phony UKIP and Green parties, have all had their day.

All of those parties have flatly refused to follow the wishes of the British people, and instead, they all take their orders from the banksters, who have kept the British people in Tax-Debt slavery for far too long.

It’s way past time for a change!
If you would like to be in the audience and haven’t yet returned a completed Application Form, then you need to get your skates on!

There’s not much time left and we have a limited number of places.

All the best,
Mike Whitby

07855 167009

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