Prosperity Depends On Truth And Honesty.

Mon, 11/02/2013 - 07:00
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By John Ball-It doesn't matter how much money you have, how clever you are at economic theory, if you are not honest and truthful you will never create a lasting prosperous economy.

Take a look at a crook like Bernie Madoff former chairman of NASDAQ and investment guru. He basically ran a ponzi scheme paying out huge returns to new investors from their own investments to con other gullible and greedy speculators to invest with him.

He is now in prison for fraud after failing to be either honest or truthful.
More close to home we have our own criminals who tend to magically avoid prison like Gordon Brown.

This tax, borrow and spend conman who was first Chancellor of the Exchequer and then Prime Minister, lived a life of one lie after another.

Do you remember his famous rebuttal of honesty? "No more boom and bust!" At that point, anyone who did not realise that Brown was criminally insane, must have been a nutcase themselves.

As a result of Brown's lack of truth and honesty we have been in permanent recession for 5 years.

Today we have a Nero running Britain and he is fiddling while London burns. Cameron is fiddling with the useless and unimportant gay marriage bill which is based upon lies and dishonesty. Lies about the true meaning of marriage and dishonesty concerning the importance of a small disruptive and inconsequential rump of society, gays.
But what to do? Economists suggest we are heading for a slowdown in the nation's economy.

The International Monetary Fund thinks the US will grow at 2% and the UK by 1%, with the Eurozone shrinking by 0.2%. A pretty glum outlook!
The markets are booming upwards with investors buying shares hand over fist.

The FTSE100 is at a 53 week high. In the last 12 years these artificial increases in market valuations have always preceded major recessions as was seen in 2000 and 2007.

It is clear we are sailing through choppy waters, and because the stock markets are living a lie and David Cameron is not being honest with us, we are heading for hard times.

Today for our own sakes we should be taking stock of our position and adjusting our lifestyle to match the hard times that seem upon us.

Just because Nero doesn't have the common sense not to fiddle doesn't mean we should follow his example.

We must see to our own and then fight this Conservative over educated idiot at every turn. Intelligence and common sense have never been good friends.

While Cameron is clearly very intelligent it is clear he has absolutely no common sense.

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