Propaganda on the web. A guide for all nationalists

Wed, 02/05/2012 - 14:00
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“A master class in how to mould public opinion through social network activism. Every nationalist should read it and look for ways to apply the knowledge to benefit our own cause.”

That’s one assessment of a manual designed to help student activists counter negative impressions of Israel and build public support for Zionist wars.

The manual is part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Hasbara propaganda initiative, which has also built a powerful network of counter-jihad websites and blogs.

The Hasbara campaign is closely linked to efforts by right-wing Zionists to exploit legitimate concern in the West over the spread of Islam to manipulate public opinion in favour of moves including the continued building of illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land and pressure for war against Iran.

The main plank of the Hasbara campaign is to mobilise large numbers of sympathisers to use the Internet to mould public opinion. Expert PR advice is quietly passed to individuals who register to take part, who are urged at all times to pose as ordinary people expressing their own opinions, rather than as cogs in a centrally organised campaign.

“Israel’s foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israel comments” was how Richard Silverstein summed up the operation in an article in the Guardian on 9/1/09.

Counter-jihad web

The technique has had particular success in building a vast web of interlocking, mutually reinforcing ‘counter-jihad’ blogs and websites. Many of these do in fact contain some really useful information, but buried among the welcome truths are snippets of pure propaganda designed to mislead the unwary.

A classic example is the Bare Naked Islam site, which specialises in videos of Taliban beheadings and other distinctly un-PC criticism of Islam. So far so good, it’s a powerful educational tool. But, unfortunately, it plugs anti-Syrian propaganda at the same time. This despite the fact that if Syria’s secular socialist President Assad were to fall, the winners would be Sunni Islamist fanatics.

This would increase massively the threat posed by Muslim extremists to the West and to ordinary Israelis. But the Zionist fanatics behind such sites are perfectly happy with that, because the more evidence there is of Muslim extremism, the easier it is to sell the propaganda line that the West has to keep siding with Israel.

Hasbara has been criticised by Jewish peace activists such as the Tikun Olam website. Indeed, some of the fiercest opposition to Zionist warmongering comes from within Israel and from members of Jewish communities elsewhere in the world.

As far as we are concerned, the question of who runs Israel and what policies they pursue is a matter for the Israelis and is none of our business. But the Hasbara manual makes fascinating reading. Its summary of propaganda techniques for online activists should be compulsory reading for every British nationalist with an Internet connection.

A summary of the techniques is provided from page 31 onwards:

“Propaganda is used by those who want to communicate in ways that engage the emotions and downplay rationality, in an attempt to promote a certain message.”

The manual goes on to describe seven propaganda techniques:

1. Name calling: through the careful use of words, then name calling technique links a person or an idea to a negative symbol.
2. Glittering generality: Simply put, glittering generality is name calling in reverse. Instead of trying to attach negative meanings to ideas or people, glittering generalities use positive phrases, which the audience are attached to, in order to lend positive image to things. Words such as "freedom", "civilization",…
3. Transfer: Transfer involves taking some of the prestige and authority of one concept and applying it to another. For example, a speaker might decide to speak in front of a United Nations flag, in an attempt to gain legitimacy for himself or his idea.
4. Testimonial: Testimonial means enlisting the support of somebody admired or famous to endorse and ideal or campaign.
5. Plain folks: The plain folks technique attempts to convince the listener that the speaker is a 'regular guy', who is trust-worthy because the are like 'you or me'.
6. Fear: Stressing that ignoring the message will likely lead to war, terrorism
7. Bandwagon: Suggest that the stated position is mainstream and use polls to suggest this.

Readers will, of course, recognise in this brief list various tricks used against nationalists and opponents of mass immigration as well as against people and organisations critical of Israel.  The purpose of this article, however, is not to criticise anybody, but rather to encourage our own growing online activist base to think about the recommendations and to look for ways to use them to advance our own cause.

New tactic

Nationalists should also take note of another Zionist project that is being relentlessly promoted by the network of websites like Bare Naked Islam. This is the drive to co-opt nationalist parties all across Europe to the Zionist agenda. This is a relatively new development and on the face of it a marked improvement from the practice of the previous fifty years, in which Zionist organisations formed the bedrock of a relentless campaign to wipe out any form of nationalism except their own.

To give just one example: When the Dutch politician Geert Wilders launched his anti-Islam film Fitna, his meetings in the UK, Italy, Israel and the Netherlands were all organised and promoted by Ruder Finn. This is the second largest independent PR company in the USA and is well known for its pro-Zionist stance.

Ruder Finn also won the  prestigious Silver Medal of the Public Relations Society of America for its campaign to ‘sell’ the Balkans War to the US public, something which led to the bombing of Christian Serbia and the turning of Kosovo into a bridgehead for Islamic extremism in Europe.

With Wilders wielding increasing influence in Holland, the push to create a network of pro-Israel parties has moved on to Britain, where the same people have for years been funding and pushing UKIP for middle class voters. They are now promoting Paul Weston - whose miniscule British Freedom Party is about to make Tommy Robinson, leader of the pro-Zionist wing of the EDL, its deputy leader - in an attempt to build a pro-Zionist front party for working class voters. Bare Naked Islam recently described Weston as “the most important leader in the UK”, which is pushing it even by Zionist propaganda standards!

Looking at the way in which the whole interlinked Zionist network is doing so much to spread awareness of the dangers posed to our civilisation by the spread of Islam, some nationalists are unsure of what to make of it. After all, such a message has to be welcomed, wherever it originates.

Dishonest anti-semites

We should indeed be glad to see so much being done to spread such knowledge. It is certainly time for hardline nationalists to stop using the now decades old history of the disproportionate involvement of radical leftist Jews in the creation and promotion of communism as a weapon to create anti-Semitism. For it is extremely dishonest to dwell on that fact without admitting that radical right-wing Jews now form the intellectual and organisational core of the counter-jihad movement – something that is self-evidently a good thing.

The point at which it remains necessary to criticise the propagandists of the right-wing of the Zionist movement is over the way in which they still deliberately sets out to confuse the fight for Western civilisation with its own factional political ends.

War-mongers not wanted

And the way in which they still believe that handing places like Kosovo and Syria over to Islamic extremists is a clever move because the resulting upturn in the ‘clash of civilisations’ will force more people onto their side. It is also an unfortunate fact that they seek to use their influence to promote insanely counter-productive wars such as in Iraq, Afghanistan and against Iran.

This is the point at which these people go too far. The point at which the old proverb ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ no longer holds true. The point at which we have to say: “Thank you for helping to awaken the West to the Islamist cancer growing in our own cities but, if it’s all the same to you, we’ll give your crazy foreign wars a miss. Our fight is here at home, we’ll not interfere in your wars, but kindly leave us in peace!”

The full Hasbara document can be seen here:

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