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Mon, 01/10/2012 - 13:00
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My name is Lynne Mozar and I am the National Secretary of ProFam. I am writing this article to explain why ProFam has been formed and also to highlight the tremendous problem we have in Great Britain with Muslim underage sexual grooming gangs.

I will start with the Charlene Downes case, which is the first of these heartbreaking stories to actually make the news, at least in the north of our country.

It did not make the National newspapers because as I will explain later, these cases that involve the Muslim communities very rarely do, especially in the national papers.

The tip of the grooming iceberg emerged from the first published article by Justin Rowlatt dated 22nd August 2003 onto the article in the Guardian that ‘Race fears halt Film on Asian Sex ‘Grooming’.

This refers to the Channel 4 film that eventually made it onto our screens 7th November 2011. It was the first TV programme to deal with this problem and even then it refers to ‘Asian’ gangs which they are not, they are Muslim gangs.

Throughout this 9 year timeline the one thing that is apparent is the total absence of any real investigation, especially in the case of Charlene Downes.

Charlene vanished in 2003 but whose alleged murderers only appeared in court for the first time in March 2006. In May 2004 the Television Channels banned the British National Party election broadcast because it contained references to Charlene and Muslim Grooming in the North of England.

ProFams first concern was to address the death of Charlene Downes and to bring about an enquiry as to the lack of any real investigative process as to her disappearance.

Apparently Charlene Downes’ dismembered body ended up not only in her killers’ Kebab House but in an actual Kebab according to recorded mobile phone conversations between Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Raveshi.

Her murderers were actually recorded going into details of how they killed her and dismembered her body and laughing over chilling facts on ‘the last blow that made her bleed out’.

She was white, Christian and just 14 years old. Her murderers were not ‘acquitted’ but the trial fell apart on the lack of attention by the local Police in compiling the new evidence, which were the recorded phone calls.

The murderers are free and have been paid several thousand pounds each for their trauma! Several of the Police involved in that case were sacked or transferred.

We have the usual problem of the identity and religion of the perpetrators. Even the Chief Prosecutor of the North West, Mr Nasir Afzal (a Muslim) has blamed the ‘Asian’ communities.

Mr Afzal took over in 2011 and the first case on his desk was a case from 3 years ago (2009) concerning an under-age girl who had alleged one of the workers at a takeaway in Heywood in August 2008 had groomed and raped her.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) investigated Kabeer Hassan and another man, aged 59, but it was nearly a year later when a CPS lawyer decided to drop the case, as ‘she would not be a credible witness’.

Mr Afzal took the case up and Hassan and 7 other men were sentenced in Liverpool in 2012. Mr Afzal then rather grudgingly said ‘he regretted the CPS had dropped this case because it gave 3 more years to the sex grooming ring to operate’.

I have attended the conference of the formal body set up by the establishment and funded from UK Lottery money called CROP (Coalition for the Removal of Pimping) in which the actual perpetrators of this particular crime (Muslims) was never touched upon.

They did however have two Muslims present who talked a lot about “care and communications within the Asian communities, to avoid ‘this’ problem”.

Now the facts:
99.9% of the underage sexual grooming of schoolchildren is carried out by members of the Muslim/Bangladeshi community.

The Asian community is not responsible. Hindus and Sikhs do not do it; neither do other religions of the Asian sub-continent in this country
Very young white girls are often targeted but Hindus, Sikhs and black girls have as well.

The girls are often referred to by the media as ‘vulnerable’ often they are not, they come from normal homes.

Alcohol and drugs play a large part in the grooming, to get the girls to relax and also to ‘hook’ them
They are then always raped, either by the prime groomer or members or friends of his community or in some cases by all men one after the other.

They are not put out on the streets like the eastern European gangs but put into a Party House and kept there while their boyfriends take the money and then they are taken home each night to avoid detection.

The girls are always threatened that they must never tell anyone even their mothers or sisters.
They and their families are threatened with rape or death if they tell anyone in authority.

It is often a ‘family’ business. The women of the Muslim family concerned know about it and ignore it. It brings in the money and their sons/husbands/fathers etc can indulge their fantasies well away from the home.

Their ages range from 11 to 16. Any older and they are considered not safe.

This is because at over 16 they might already have boyfriends and are also not so innocent.
These girls are never Muslim but always taken from non Muslim communities.

These children, whatever their age are always either put on the Contraceptive pill or the Morning After pill by their Muslim chemist friends – thus ensuring that they will probably be infertile if they survive.

The nickname amongst the Muslims youths for this grooming is that ‘every hole is a goal’.
From the first contact at School with the prime groomer the end is always the same, a Party House where she will ‘entertain’ his friends.

At the Conference, some of the Parents and Survivors’ experiences are heartbreaking. The Press was sent out of the room for this and this is why it is unreported.

Then of course you realise you are dealing with a cultural and religious form of bullying and the lid might be blown off the pot. It has taken years for this girl to tell her story.

The first time the Mother knew anything was amiss, was when she was rung at work and was told that her daughter had tried to commit suicide by jumping over a motorway bridge on the 27th January 2010.

She was alive but had landed on her feet which meant her ankles and legs were broken and she might never walk again.
To cut a long sad story short, the Mother gradually learned of her daughter’s secret life.

She had been approached in February 2009 when she was 14 years old by a youth. She had been groomed, raped and pimped out to his older friends and family.

A few days before her attempt at suicide, she had found out she was pregnant, she told her ‘boyfriend’ and told him she wanted to keep the baby.

What followed is apparently typical, she was taken up to a bedroom in a ‘party’ house, repeatedly raped by him and his friends, and then because she wanted to keep the baby they hit on her stomach to make her abort.

This did not work so she was taken somewhere where an abortion was performed by a fellow Muslim.

It was after this she decided to take her own life. Even when she was in hospital, rigged up to tubes etc her ‘boyfriend’ was bringing in drugs for her. When she was recovering at home in a wheelchair, she was still under pressure to ‘come back’.

The Mother was threatened and sister with rape if they interfered.

Her daughter did go back to him but finally saw the light and is back home, carrying on with her education. Again the ‘Muslim’ factor was ignored even by her Mother.

In all the stories I have heard and been emailed on, the parents or parent never tell the name of their daughter’s abuser, it is if they are too frightened to do so, but how can we at ProFam or even the Police do anything if these people are so petrified?

It is this cold blooded and totally alien concept of using another country’s children that is mind boggling and it has to be stopped. It is the lowest way of colonisation and should be seen as such.

One young survivor (Lucy which was her real name uttered in error) also stated that it was not normal to push foreign objects up the vaginas of young children to get them ‘ready’ for prostitution.

She said the things that had been done to her (and others) were terrible and not acceptable. (Probably however, not in the light of what they do to their own women in their own countries).  Now this ‘grooming’ has been going on for around 30 years in this country, mainly in the North and Midlands of England.

But now it is spreading and we have Muslim gangs travelling on motorways and buying up cheap properties in the South (Kent and Sussex) to carry out their crimes.

There have been cases in both those counties where the gangs or families have targeted vulnerable children in these cases.

The Care Homes, that some girls are sent to when their homes are not suitable for them, are often out of their own county.

So say we have around 12 girls sent to a care home in Margate Kent from their own homes which could be in Rochdale.

The boys keep ‘tabs’ on them and follow them down and continue or start their grooming process away from home and then travel back up to the North.

There was a case in Oxford earlier this year but nothing has been printed about it since, not the arrests or any trial has been published. The fact is that this abuse has been ‘de-criminalised’ in the uninformed public’s eyes.

Firstly, few actually know about it and secondly, they think it is a small ‘Asian’ or ethnic problem and that it is new. This is the way the Establishment want to keep it.
ProFam are currently helping a 73 year old lady who sent handwritten leaflets through to all the councils in the county about the Charlene Downes case.

They were ‘colourful’ but true. Her aim was to inform these people and pointed out the BNP website for them to get details.

She has currently been called to court 4 times with a 5th appearance due on the 25th September as the Chief Constable of Hampshire wants to give her an ASBO – which is an order which they normally give young street kids to prevent them throwing stones or getting drunk.

The Police are very eager to seek anything that might have a ‘racist’ or a British National Party word in it. But her aim has been to bring this case to the public’s eyes in the south and it is getting there with the local press.
But even this court is trying to ignore the basis of these leaflets, the Muslim grooming scandals.

What we are up against in this country is an enormous barrier of either no information or misinformation. We, either as ProFam or nationalists have the Press, the Media, the Police, the Courts and legal profession, the Teachers and the Educational systems all opposing any form of rational debate or even acknowledgement of this problem.

There are full page articles written on white girls being raped by white guys and getting a higher sentence on an Appeal, there are articles of white paedophiles and their victims, there are even black rapists who are illegal immigrants plastered all over the papers but if there is a small white girl in some small town in the North or anywhere in the UK that is the victim of a young Muslim youth or youths – you will never know about it until it is too late.

Some of the reasons could be fear. By the time these children wake up it is often too late. They are either hooked on drink or drugs or both.

They have been too frightened to tell anyone so usually have no one to tell. These young men will also initially be ‘too cool’ to lose. They are often very attractive people, well schooled in the art of seduction and make a very pleasant alternative to a rather spotty white youth whose attributes might include football and demolishing a six pack of beer!

These girls are convinced they are the ‘true and only loves’ of Ali or Mohammed’s life and too frightened of losing him. The fact they are often underage makes it worse.

They are living the lives of middle aged prostitutes on the skids – how can they go back to something they never had – the life of an innocent child?
It is a cruel and terrible crime to have to put up with in your own country with your own children and also to realise it is entirely owing to the massive unchecked immigration into this country of people from the Muslim culture.

Now this text below goes some way to explain the origins for the Muslim reason behind this particular crime and why they will never stop unless forced too.

“Q’URAN. SURA 70:29-31”
70:29 And those who guard their chastity,
70:30 Except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands possess, for (then) they are not to be blamed,
70:31 But those who trespass beyond this are transgressors.  

So in short it means that if they want sex with a Muslim woman or girl, they have to marry them and this happens when nowadays older married Muslims go to Egypt to buy young Muslim girls, whom they marry and then divorce when satisfied or bored.

Now the young white non Muslim girls are covered by the text where they pay for them. Either as in the past to have as slaves or nowadays in the form of cheap presents, alcohol or drugs.

This means in their culture they have paid ‘money’ for these children and are free to do what they like with them as these men own these children, lock stock and barrel!

So it is in the Q’uran and that is not only a religious text but a way of life. You must understand that to a Muslim this life is In’shallah, the will of Allah and what happens in this life is of very little importance to a true Muslim.

It is the afterlife that matters to them, so the way they treat un-believers is of no more relevance to them than stamping on an ant. Once you understand that, you understand the man and the problem Western society has to deal with.

The other problem we have with the media is the misrepresentation of certain crimes.

The terrible murder of Laura Wilson by the father of her child and another man who was her prime groomer – earlier this year, was passed off in the press as ‘the first white honour killing’.

Totally wrong on every level! Honour killings do not exist for young white girls. Honour killings are in the general Asian communities, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs have been known to kill their errant female offspring for bringing shame on the family. Laura Wilson was not in an arranged marriage and her parents were not Asian.

Her crime was to go and see the parents of both her killers and tell them the truth, she had a child. A day late she was dead, stabbed in the head as she tried to climb out of the canal in which her two murderers tried to drown her after initially stabbing her.
Awful as this was, it was passed off in the space of a short paragraph in one paper for one day.

More publicised was the murder of a young Muslim girl by her parents a few years ago, and even then it has taken 5 years for the evidence to come to light and both parents are serving jail sentences.

Muslim on Muslim is acceptable but Muslim on English or non Muslim is simply never in print.
I do not know the effect the Muslim immigration problem occupies in Europe.  

The problems with rapists, paedophiles and murderers have always existed throughout the world and even with the multicultural hell hole we have created for ourselves in the UK and Europe there is nothing new in many of the crimes I have mentioned above – but this form of sexual abuse is new in this country.

It has grown from around 30 years ago when we had the huge Asian influx from Uganda and other parts of Africa – many of which were Muslim families.

They bought houses in whole streets in large Northern towns and we have virtually ‘lost’ Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. The modus operandii is simple – buy one house normal price, then move in and buy up the rest cheap because the white people have moved out or been forced out by sheer numbers.

The Muslims have ghettoised themselves and do not want to integrate. They are allowed to build huge mosques because somehow it is considered ‘bad manners’ of the English Councils not to foster a new religion but also because many Muslims are now on the local Councils.

We are literally overrun and you cannot believe the statistics they give for Immigration.
We have had new immigrants arriving every day of every month for the last 25 years and most of them are of the Muslim faith.

Put that with the economic condition of our country due to paying foreign aid, unwanted overseas wars and the huge amount of benefit moneys paid to these people when they enter the country and it is the Perfect Storm.

It is also the perfect stage for the Muslims to operate what is in their eyes merely a business. One Muslim was quoted as saying ‘he could not get a job so resorted to grooming young white girls for money’.

That is how they see them just as moveable money bags and they spend as little money on them as possible before they reap the benefits and of course their families do as well.

One of the excuses I have heard was from an Iman (Muslim cleric) and he said that ‘many young Pakistani and Bangladeshi boys are married at an early age to girls that are born and brought up in Pakistan or another Muslim country.

These ‘wives’ have nothing in common with the British born boys and so this forces the guys to have a double life’ his words! That is one Pakistani youth, happily married and producing the normal batch of babies whilst he and his relatives operate a sex grooming gang.

The fact is that the authorities are unwilling to stop them and even to acknowledge them. The men and their ‘communities’ obviously frighten and harass the families of these girls into such a state they do not report these crimes.

Even when reported the Police instruct them on how to fill out the ‘complaints forms’ so that the ethnicity and religion are often not mentioned.

The Crown Prosecution Service is mainly staffed with Muslims and ethnic minorities, so this crime is the most ‘unreported and unprosecuted’ crime in the UK today.

Because Nick Griffin and the Nationalists were the first Party to highlight this vile form of sexual abuse on underage children – it was demonised as a ‘put up or blown up stage on which to promote ‘racial hatred’ and this held back any help these girls might have got for many years.

The media would not listen until it became too great a problem to ignore, but now it is in the semi open, the Establishment are covering it up yet again.

The Police have been encouraged to set up ‘monitoring units’ in certain areas but what they do is to go and get the girl from the Party Houses (which is where the sexual abuse starts) take her home and the incident is never reported.

And this is why ProFam was formed. We will help these girls to find the right help and support for them. The trouble I am having at the moment is that as far as these crimes go, even when the parents tell me they are obviously petrified of what could happen to them and their other children and so I am not getting the information I need because of the influence of these abductors and groomers.

I must make people realise that if their daughters survive, that is a bonus, many have been killed and many more will be killed and will vanish like Charlene Downes and another child who went missing, Paige Chivers.

Some children do not survive. Will our country survive the killing and destruction of an entire generation of future mothers? No, not whilst the Muslim population is growing every day.

Whilst we English must never denounce or attack Muslims - no one abuses, grooms or rapes their children.

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