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Sat, 18/05/2013 - 05:00
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By Dr Phil Edwards-If UKIP was indeed created as a pressure valve by a desperate Establishment to syphon off BNP votes, then we at the BNP can take the credit for the current disarray in the Tory Party and the increasingly real possibility of future withdrawal from the EU.

The presence or the option of a BNP vote was sufficient to panic the mass media and the BBC into talking up UKIP to such an extent that they over did it and are now retrenching.

Just imagine the political landscape if UKIP didn’t exist – where would the angry and frustrated vote have gone?

The latest Guardian/ICM poll indicates a rally for the BNP vote, rising from 1% to 4% with ICM over the last month, most likely due to a growing realisation by the people that UKIP is a fraud and we are the only “real deal”.

Was it Abraham Lincoln who said “It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”?

Well, the people are waking up at an encouraging rate and the media seem to be reporting more openly on public angst, particularly about immigration, social cohesion and loss of identity.

The Establishment are running around like headless chickens as the true nature of the disaster they have inflicted upon us is dawning on the public.

Even the BBC is allowing more debate along the lines of “..are accusations of “racism” preventing a proper debate on immigration?”, but still with that curious and infuriating BBC habit of only allowing minorities to take part – one example was on last Sunday’s (May 12th) Radio 4 “Broadcasting House” where the debaters were both of immigrant stock – Tory MP Pritti Patel and Simon Woolley, director of Operation Black Vote.

Where was Nick Griffin MEP?

The BBC radio news reports even told listeners that the most recent group of “men” jailed for abusing young girls were “Muslims of Pakistani descent”, but with the unsubstantiated assertion that “their religion had nothing to do with it”!

Now the papers are reporting think tank Demos’ analysis of the 2011 Census, showing 4.6million ethnic minorities – or 45 per cent of the total – live in areas where white Britons make up less than half the population.

“White fight” is on the increase, as natural instincts prefer us to live amongst people most like ourselves, and we leave areas of high immigrant population.

Years ago, a national conference of estate agents and local government officials which happened to convene in Nottingham’s Albert Hall, had a specific remit to deny the existence of “white flight”, saying it was “a myth”.

How times have changed.

Another Demos analysis shows that 84 state schools in England have NO white British pupils at all, with the number of such schools having more than doubled over the past five years, leading to segregation.

In 2008, the Department of Education said there were 31 state schools that had recorded no white children on their rolls – including children of white migrants.

MigrationWatch’s Sir Andrew Green has said: “This is yet another indication of the huge impact of Labour mass migration policies on our society.

The result of three million immigrants in ten years has created a huge problem for integration of the newcomers. Obviously, if there are no children of the host community in a school, the prospects of integration are close to zero. In the longer term, this is bound to effect the cohesion of our society as a whole.”

We know who to blame for that.

According to Lord Mandelson, Labour sent out ‘search parties’ for immigrants to get them to come to the UK, confirming that the Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered mass immigration.

The former Cabinet Minister and spin doctor said New Labour sought out foreign workers, sending out “search parties”.

He also conceded that the influx of arrivals meant the party’s traditional supporters are now unable to find work.

The current coalition is doing no better, harping on about “net immigration” (numbers of illiterate Third Worlders coming in minus the number of educated whites leaving).

On a slightly different but related topic, Daily Express hack Danny Buckland asks “Why are we so scared these days of chatting to people on park benches?”, quoting a recent survey by bakers Kingsmill which found that 41 per cent of us would leave a park bench within five minutes of someone sitting within four feet of us, while 50 per cent would move on rather than sit next to someone. Only six per cent would definitely attempt to beak the ice by starting a conversation.Little wonder social problems have been worsened by lack of popular, day to day debate amongst people, vital for a healthy democracy.

Just look how young people would rather fiddle with their phones or listen to some vacuous pop “music” on trains, buses etc, avoiding eye contact and debate. Interestingly, that 6% figure reflects the percentage of people known as “innovators” in society, people who have original views and do not get their opinions ready manufactured by the media.

We must encourage debate, despite the risk of that sudden and chilling effect on friendly conversation when even the slightest hint of “racism” is detected by our opponent.

We have a duty.

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