Sat, 11/05/2013 - 16:00
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By Richard Alderley-History teaches us that we must be prepared for all eventualities. This is why Marxists do not like our children learning history because we can see from it how the nation's leaders took advantage of us just as we are being taken advantage of today by cultural Marxists and their globalist friends.

For now there is an uneasy alliance between the cultural Marxists and the bankers and their New World Order. Their ultimate aim is the creation of a transnational one world State and each see the other as a useful ally in achieving this end.

At some point though they will come to blows as each group tries to dominate the world. We, on the other hand, will be the pawns in the conflict.

The Marxist's will offer multicultural equality with a "politburo" style government where they will be more equal than everyone else - just as it was in stagnant Stalinist Russia and is today in the EU.

The bankers and their industrial giants will offer us untold riches through exorbitant loans and they will hope that we will prefer eternal debt slavery where we know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

And hanging on to these monster's coat tails will come the Islamists offering eternal servitude to their Satanic god. Women can become half people, chaste and obedient, hidden from the world and each one owned by a Muslim man.

And we can become Dhimmis, half animal half men wearing clothes that Muslims decree suitable for us, paying exorbitant taxes, doing their bidding at every turn on pain of death.

So we have a choice!

We can be Marxist slaves and part of their racial equality fantasy in a non world of no identity, no differences and no hope. We can choose to become economic slaves to the banking - big business fraternity where we work until we drop to pay off impossibly high personal and national debt.

Or we can become slaves in the Satanic cult called Islam and become a non people at the mercy of liars, paedophiles and murderers.

Some choice!

Three varieties of slavery, the only difference being who we choose to be our master! But that is it. This is what lies before us. And without history we would not know about freedom and the traps and pitfalls that those who rule us lay to ensnare and deceive us even when we think we have won.

The Peasant's Revolt tells us that even when we have obtained victory, or so it seemed, that those who seek power over us still will scheme to deceive and dominate and murder us.

Even when a peace was declared and an end to the people's suffering agreed our rulers still sought to break their promises. They killed the leaders and murdered the dispersed peasants.

In the same way they will do the same today, but this time we are ready for them. They have prepared us for their deceit and betrayal by their lies, treachery and undemocratic behaviour over the last 50 years.

As British Nationalists our path is a hard and dangerous one for no would be dictator likes people who favour truth, freedom, and equality before the law above everything else.

We have endured many trials and tribulations. We have been defeated in many battles. But these hard and difficult times have a purpose.

They hone and temper our being preparing us for the time when we will need all the strength of character, all the will power and all the backbone necessary to lead our people to freedom through accountable democracy, justice and equality before the law.

When we come face to face with our tormentors we will have the knowledge garnered from history and the strength from today's adverse experiences to deal with them and cast them aside and throw out their evil from our land.

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