Peterborough - So called Multiculturalism Equals Silent Ethnic Cleansing

Fri, 08/03/2013 - 06:00
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By Maid of Kent-The recent mainstream media news articles concerning Gladstone Primary School in Peterborough which was announced as the first school in Britain to have no pupils speaking English as a first language conceal the usual dismal truths associated with the mass-immigration saga inflicted on Britain by the Lib/Lab/Cons.

In the MSM articles concentrating on the school where 445 pupils speak 23 foreign languages and which has no indigenous pupils, there was a bare hint of the astronomical costs involved in this multicultural nightmare in the information about the army of bi-lingual teaching assistants and family support workers necessary to teach English to the children and to communicate with their non-English speaking parents.

What the MSM failed to mention in their analysis of this story is the situation surrounding this depressing and costly 'English' school - a situation which is commonplace in every other area of Britain affected by mass-immigration.
Behind the media articles on Gladstone Primary School lies the depressingly familiar story of the mass-immigration disaster inflicted on Britain by the Lib/Lab/Cons where millions of immigrants have been imported to supposedly fill skills gaps and create prosperity but who have turned out to possess no skills whatever, are unable to speak English and need such vast sums in assistance to enable them to survive life in Britain that instead of creating prosperity, they have drained the coffers dry.

Yet the Lib/Lab/Cons and their supporters still attempt to convince us that it is economically sound to import huge numbers of such low skilled people who need mountains of public cash to assist them rather than provide the indigenous people with skills and to pay the unemployed British people a decent living wage.

Central Ward in Peterborough, where Gladstone Primary is situated, reflects the usual story of an area supposedly enriched by mass immigration - high unemployment, high crime levels and a high incidence of poverty, all leading to vast amounts of taxpayers' money being spent to remedy the problems.

However, the real message in this shocking story is of the complete absence - in a so-called multicultural community - of the indigenous English people and their culture.

A school with 445 pupils speaking 23 languages, which draws its pupils from the surrounding catchment area, does not have ONE indigenous pupil, which means that this multicultural area is missing a representative of the primary and indigenous culture - pointing to the horrifying truth that multiculturalism effectively equals a silent ethnic cleansing of the indigenous British people.

The English people who almost exclusively occupied this part of Peterborough just a few decades ago have gone.

They are not part of this multicultural 'community' - and the multiculture fanatics who have forced their dream onto the British people either haven't noticed or just don't care.

Certainly, the Lib/Lab/Con politicians responsible for this multicultural nightmare don't seem to be bothered by the fact that their 'multiculturalism' doesn't include the indigenous culture.

Or perhaps, like Marxist zealots everywhere, their intended plan all along was the quiet removal of the indigenous population.
The fact that this new diverse multicultural community is missing any trace of the original people and their culture exposes the falsehood behind the multicultural doctrine which argues the belief that people from different cultures can live in harmony side by side while retaining their own culture and respecting the differing cultures of their neighbours.

The truth, as Nationalists know, is that when populations from different races and cultures find themselves occupying the same area there is a constant struggle between the different groups all competing to live their lives according to their cultural standards and traditions and trying to turn their living area - the multicultural community - into a place that reflects only their own culture.
Any success they have in doing so is relative to their numbers and aggression, but the culture which succeeds will create their own area reflective of their culture and the other races which shared the area will disperse to areas which reflect their own cultures. They are in effect driven out.
The English people of Central Ward in Peterborough, presumably happy to live with English culture and traditions as they hadn't left Britain to live in countries where these other cultures dominated, have instead been driven out by the arrival of these alien cultures in their home town - this is nothing short of Ethnic Cleansing.

While mainstream commentators casually refer to this absence of the indigenous people and their culture in such areas as 'white flight' giving the impression that the people concerned have chosen, of their own accord, to depart from their home towns for better lives - the truth is that these people have been driven out by the deluge of immigrants from other races and cultures and the incompatibility of these races and cultures with them and their culture.

So zealous in their welcome for people from every race and culture on earth, the Lib/Lab/Cons and their mass-immigration loving supporters have created intolerable conditions for the native people by swamping their hometowns with foreigners who wish to recreate their own homelands in their new surroundings to the point that the indigenous English people have discovered that their town is no longer reflective of themselves or their culture.

Just because this Ethnic Cleansing of the indigenous English people from Central Ward in Peterborough - and all the other areas of Britain swamped by foreign races and cultures - has been achieved without noticeable violence and bloodshed doesn't make it less effective - the English people who lived here for many centuries, and who built the town - are no longer to be found here.

If this situation occurred in the countries that these immigrants have come from, the same Lib/Lab/Con politicians and their supporters would be horrified and only too eager to send British troops to halt the Ethnic Cleansing - but their own policies lead to and celebrate their own people being the victims of Ethnic Cleansing.

What kind of perverted moral values do these people hold?

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