A Panacea – A Universal Remedy That Every Country Should Adopt, Particularly Britain

Thu, 29/11/2012 - 18:00
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By Mike Whitby-Imagine how you would feel if you became aware of a single remedy that could solve most of our nation’s problems. In fact, what lies at the heart of most countries’ problems? If you think about it; you’ll realise that its money.

It is certainly at the heart of ALL Britain’s problems.

No matter what issue is being discussed; the European Union; Education; Defence; Pensions; Crime / Punishment / Justice; Housing; Immigration; Government & Local Authorities; Industry & Jobs; Benefits; Christian Culture; Health; Transport; Gas / Electricity / Water / Emergency Services; the issue is always discussed, NOT on its merits and value as a worthy cause, but on the basis of HOW MUCH IT COSTS the nation to support it.

But, is this necessary?
The old chestnut is often used, that; “We now live in a global village, with a world market and we must accept that we have to compete with every country in the world.”

Is this an accurate argument?
If so; with our well established Western culture, how do we compete with people in the 3rd world that live in mud huts or hovels and earn 50 pence a day?

And, how can our industries compete with competitors in 3rd world countries that don’t have any of the costly Health & Safety nonsense that British companies must support?

Also, if we ‘live in a global village’, why can’t we just nip to Sydney or New York; have an afternoon out and then come back home - particularly when many people can’t even afford the bus fair to their nearest village, and have to walk?!

The reality of this is that it’s all complete and utter nonsense, designed by globalist banksters to suit their own agenda.

They would like us to consider everyone in ‘the world’ as our neighbour, so that we won’t complain about them taking our jobs, our livelihood, our future, our security and that they are colonising OUR COUNTRY.

The banksters are having such a good laugh at our expense, that they are probably saying; “You Britons should be grateful! We’re not just exporting your jobs and industries to the Far East; we are giving you millions of foreigners in exchange!”

Industrialists don’t move their manufacturing base to the Far East, out of the goodness of their hearts, they do it to make a far greater profit and through slave labour, and in some cases, simply to stay in business; because successive British governments have done absolutely nothing to help and encourage these companies to manufacture in Britain.

The Labour / Conservative / Liberal government (which is ONE single bankster-led committee) would rather pay people to be on benefits, rather than invest in British industry and get everybody back to work.

Why? Because (they say) “IT COSTS TOO MUCH” to support our nation! What a shower of lying, evil crooks they really are!

They know very well that this is a lie, yet they deceive the people every day with these lies. And, the people just carry on believing it; well far too many do, anyway.

What has happened to the British bulldog spirit that brought us through countless wars and created most of the world’s inventions and discoveries?

Our ancestors had the courage to tackle the despotic governments of the past; from the original anti-Poll Tax campaigns 600 years ago, to the Tollpuddle Martyrs; and from the Jarrow March in the 1920’s to the Miner’s Strike in the 1980’s, people took a stand to oppose what they believed was wrong.

They had an opinion and were brave enough to express it.

But, nowadays, people just accept everything that is thrown at them and like lambs to the slaughter; they just take it and keep their mouths tightly shut!

Right now, you may be thinking; “Well, Britain IS broke, isn’t it, so how CAN we afford to pay for everything? And if there are no jobs then that’s tough; it’s the way of the world.”

To begin to understand the answer to this quandary, you need to consider how our economy and monetary system works.

And consider how we became broke, when we were one of the top five nations in the world, with a far higher tax burden than most other countries and our industries were the ‘Workshop of the World’?

When successive governments tell us that they must increase taxes and they must cut services, because our country is broke; are they telling us the truth?

The ONLY part of that statement that’s true is that Britain is well and truly broke. The rest is a pack of lies.

Most political parties are terrified to discuss ways of making our country a better place to live in, unless its election time, then they will say all sorts of things, mostly lies.

But, at election time, it’s too late for their opponents to steal their ideas and take the perceived ‘glory’ for themselves. So they seldom come up with any genuinely good ideas to stimulate our economy.

Unlike other political parties, the British National Party doesn’t hold back from sharing ideas that will help our country and people. And our policies don’t change at election times.

We are NOT involved in politics to line our pockets and we are NOT power hungry.

We would like to come to ‘office’ one day, because we advocate a great many principles that will free our people from the tyranny of tax slavery, by corrupt politicians.

But frankly, we are not too bothered who introduces these policies, as long as they are introduced. We are not power-crazed control freaks, trying to dictate how people should run their lives.

We believe that people have the God given right to make their own decisions, good or bad, and not be told what to do, or how and when to do it. Particularly by politicians who are, in most cases, not fit to tie the average persons shoe laces!

Let’s pick up on what is, perhaps, the biggest LIE those crooked politicians have spun for a great many years;

The production and control of Britain’s money supply.

Why do we Britons accept so many lies and why don’t we ask more questions? First of all, just look at the example below, which shows the expenditure of an average British worker, who takes home around £300 a week, after tax.

For this example, I have chosen the most heavily taxed purchases, but there are many, many more products that contain huge amounts of tax.

Gallon of petrol £6.00 85% £5.10 £0.90
Pack of cigarettes £6.50 80% £5.20 £1.30
Pint of beer £3.00 70% £2.10 £0.90

Let’s do an example costing based purely on the above items bought by a car owner, who also smokes and drinks.

Ten gallons of petrol £60.00 85% £51.00 £ 9.00
14 packs of cigs (40 cigs a day) £91.00 80% £72.80 £18.20
10 pints £30.00 70% £21.00 £ 9.00
Totals £181.00 £144.80 £36.20

The above example is a typical weekly scenario for many people and every time they do this, they put £144.80 (80% of the total) into the government’s coffers. For purchases that SHOULD have cost them £36.20!

Put another way; in the above example, the government takes four times more than the cost of the goods!


People in most 3rd world countries also smoke, drink beer and drive cars, in similar amounts. Many of them have a cigarette in their mouth constantly; chain smoking.

So, keeping in mind that these people earn FAR less than British people do; how can THEY afford to pay £181 for their weekly petrol, booze and cigs?

The answer, of course, is that they pay FAR less for exactly the same products, made by the same tobacco, brewing and petroleum companies.


The government allows the company to make more profit AND the taxman makes us pay through the nose for it.

Is it any wonder that foreign businessmen call Britain “Treasure Island”?!

Their profit margins are far higher here, than almost anywhere else!
The average worker brings home around £300 a week (after TAX is deducted) and they have to buy food, pay bills, pay car TAX, car insurance, home insurance, rent/mortgage, council TAX, parking TAX and many other TAXES.

They would struggle to drink and smoke to this extent, unless their wives also work and receive similar wages; then they might just be able to manage!
Every one of those expenses involves huge levels of TAX, on TAX on TAX…

The British Government MUST Take Control of Creating and Controlling Britain’s Money Supply

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have to pay so much TAX; you would easily be able to pay for all of the above items without your wife having to work.

Instead, she could be a housewife and mother, with lots of time to spend caring for your children and ensuring that they don’t have to walk home from school by themselves. Or you could both work and have more money for your family.

Successive governments tell us that TAX is something we can’t live without and there’s no avoiding it. But, they are LYING!

There IS another way, but it involves stopping the banksters earning mega £billions.

That’s why most politicians don’t tell you about it, because most of them are being paid by the banksters to keep you like mushrooms – in the dark and fed on crap!

I can imagine that some people may be thinking; “This is a load of nonsense. The government has got to raise taxes to run the country; how would we run the country without money?”

The reason you may THINK it is nonsense is because you have been conditioned to think that way. Of course the government needs money to run the country, but this money does NOT have to come from taxes.

It can come from the same source that makes the banksters mega rich every time the government needs to ‘borrow’ money, to run the economy; Fractional Reserve Banking.

If the government controlled this, instead of the banksters, we could look forward to the day when NONE of us would need to pay taxes, ever again!

The government would never have to impose austerity cuts; the NHS would work properly; industries would thrive, due to interest-free loans to grow their businesses and create long term jobs; we would have zero unemployment; our elderly would get free utilities and travel; we would be able to get interest-free loans and mortgages.

Families and individuals would never have to feel guilty about going into debt. Because, every time they took on some debt, the government (and not the banksters) would make more money than they could ever raise in taxes!

Now I can imagine that some of you are thinking: “This is definitely pie-in-the-sky and this man has lost it!”

But, you would be wrong.

You may be thinking that the above is so preposterous, that the writer has lost his marbles.

But, what if it’s all true? What if our loved ones no longer had to go without-life saving medicines; what if our elderly didn’t have to choose between eating or heating; what if the cost of our utilities were reasonably priced and our OAP’s got them free of charge; what if our NHS was reliable again and cured of any trace of MRSA disease; what if our roads were clean and free from pot-holes, and cars were fuelled by water; what if you could pay your bills, comfortably and still have some money left over, to spend on you and your family, or save for a rainy day?

I can assure you that all of the above IS possible, but why take my word for it, when you can find out for yourself? Just go onto your computer and watch the video called; ‘The Secret of Oz’.

It lasts around the same length of time as a feature film and it will teach you more than you’ve ever known about how money works.

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Documentary of 2010 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swkq2E8mswI

Some people will STILL be grumbling; “But, money bores me and I can’t be BOTHERED wasting my time.”

That’s fine. Just keep paying taxes through the nose, for the rest of your life.

In fact, everyone should picture themselves and every member of their family, with rings through their noses, just like cattle, or sheep, being led to the slaughter house, or perhaps as hamsters on a treadmill.

And, while this image is clear in your mind, picture the fat cat banksters and their puppet politicians laughing at you, while they are stuffing themselves with the fat of the land!

I make no excuses for using brutal imagery, because that is EXACTLY what is happening. The people who control us and our Parliament actually call us “CATTLE” and they don’t give a damn whether we like it or not.

People NEED to be shocked in order to wake them from their self-imposed slumber.

The reason why the banksters have controlled the British people for so long is because a great many people have become; lazy, apathetic, careless, ignorant, selfish and uneducated - but nice, polite and trusting people!

You may not think so, right now, but I actually LIKE my fellow Britons and I believe we are a very decent race of people. But, we are our own worst enemies and we keep on trusting the main parties’ politicians to do the right thing, when we KNOW they couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it!

Consider this; Albert Einstein once said: “One sign of madness is; people doing the same thing, day after day, and expecting a different result.”

If you think about this for a while, you will realise that we are all guilty of this, to some extent or other. We can make excuses and complain that our parents couldn’t afford to give us a fancy education, or some other reason.

But, many of us stopped learning when we left school.

And, we have to come to terms with the fact that THEY don’t want us to learn anything and they would be very happy to see us slave away, paying tax after tax, until we drop dead.

Their phony mantra of Education, Education, Education, was purely for indoctrination purposes, so that they can brainwash every age group of British youngsters.

So it’s up to us to discover the truths that will free us and our children from tyranny. The information we need is out there, we just need to look at it and understand it.

The thing you need to get your head around is that banksters create money out of thin air and they don’t actually ‘lend’ anyone ANY money!

The Bank of England (a private corporation that is owned and controlled by the Rothschild family) creates money out of thin air, then LOANS it to our government, with added interest.

This is how our National Debt is created, which will never be repaid, no matter how much we pay in taxes. Also, when the banksters give the government ‘loans’ they receive government bonds in return for these fictitious ‘loans’;

They, and all their bankster friends make mega £billions out of those transactions, through something called Fractional Reserve Banking.

Government Ministers know all about this, but they say nothing and keep taking their pay-offs, just like crooked cops in the gangster films – hence the reason we call them BANKSTERS.

So, if the banksters can create money out of thin air, then so can the government, and what’s more, the government would NEVER need to pay that money back to anyone, so it would be debt-free money!

The government could print as much money as it needed, to run the country and to grow income producing industries and we would be free of our National Debt.

But, there will still be Doubting Thomas’s, saying; “Such money would be worthless and nobody would want it.” But, once again, they would be wrong.

The value of a country’s currency can and should be directly related to the growth of its industry and economy. A sensibly run monetary system will be bought and sold as normal and the stronger the economy, the stronger and safer the monetary system.

We must get away from the erroneous notion that a nation’s money must be related to some fictitious ‘valuable’ commodity, such as gold or silver.

This idea was only a part of the scam that has been used to control us, suggesting that those with the money (such as the banksters in The City of London) should laud it over the rest of us, simply because they have gold and power.

The £billions created in Britain through Fractional Reserve Banking should be used to replace taxes, solely for the benefit of the British people. But it will only happen, not IF, but WHEN YOU demand it.

The only way this crooked system will end is when the people demand to have full control of the money supply. Then we can start to enjoy life, instead of existing on a treadmill.

The British National Party is the ONLY political party that will tell you the truth about the monetary system and the FACT that by taking control of it, for the benefit of the PEOPLE, instead of the banksters, we can and WILL take the British people out of poverty, forever.

Using the above method, a British National Party government should be able to eliminate unemployment within a few years of coming to office.

Then we would set about eradicating VAT, Income Tax and Council Tax, within a decade.

The control of Britain’s monetary system has been an integral part of our policies since the British National Party’s inception, but the other political parties are terrified to even mention this;
WHY do you suppose that is?

Because they ALL have vested interests; Cameron and Clegg are both descendants of wealthy foreign banking families and they work for THEM, not YOU, as do many of their colleagues.

The Miliband brothers are the descendants of the extremist Russian Communist, Adolph (Ralph) Miliband, and it is no coincidence that they were put in place by Fabian Marxists, who are in league with the banksters, within the British Establishment.

Many Labour and Liberal MP’s harbour the same perverted Marxist ideals to destroy our national borders and give away the wealth of the British people, who have slaved for centuries; to millions of lazy buggers in the 3rd world, most of whom appear to be too bone idle to create their OWN wealth!

I started this article by telling you of a ‘PANACEA’ – a universal remedy that will solve Britain’s problems, and this panacea is; Taking control of the Monetary System and giving it back to the people.

I don’t say this lightly. And I believe that this issue should be right at the top of our agenda, because it will solve ALL of the other problems that Britain has, and it will regenerate our ailing country.

It will also prove to people that, regardless of who they currently vote for, the British National Party has THEIR interests at heart, and it will bring this issue out into the open, for everyone to discover the truth.

Here’s a reminder of how Britain came to be in the mess we are in today; After taking control of the Bank of England in 1815, Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild, said;

The British people must choose whether they want to continue allowing the richest family on earth to keep us in Tax Slavery, controlling virtually everything we do, by controlling our money supply; or to take back the control of the money supply for and on behalf of the people of Britain.

Instead of the above mantra, by Mr Rothschild, it should be changed to read;

Please spread this news and give people genuine HOPE for the future, by voting for the British National Party.

And after you’ve told them, ask them;

When will YOU demand this change?

You can start by telling everyone you meet, that the government is STEALING from the people – and we can tell you all about it! 

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