Paedophile rings scandal tightens round Establishment’s neck

Thu, 08/11/2012 - 14:00
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The Savile paedophile scandal is spilling out to threaten what little remains of the ‘credibility’ of the entire British Establishment.

The similarities to the Dutroux scandal that brought down the Belgian government are uncanny, with Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe playing the part of the Belgian murderer whose abuse of young girls set of the chain of events that brought disgrace to a generation of Belgian Establishment politicians and opened the way for twenty years of advances for Flemish nationalists.

If you want to see just how big a scandal the controlled media are trying cover up, you have only got to spend a few minutes on google.

With millions of people having done so, and/or seen the names of the high profile Tory, Labour and LibDem suspects thanks to twitter, the truth can no longer be suppressed by Government D-Notices gagging the press (such as the one that was used to cover up the paedophile scandal that threatened to bring down the Blair/Brown government).

While the controlled media are still trying to keep the focus on Savile, the truth is that he was allowed to get away with his crimes against young girls and boys (the media are heavily downplaying that aspect of his perversion for fear of the powerful homosexual lobby, which is desperate to hide the statistically common link between homosexuality and pederasty) because he was highly valued as a pimp, providing underage boys to the rich and powerful.

Seen in that light, Savile’s close friendship with the arch Euro traitor Ted Heath takes on an even more sinister aspect.

Look for yourself!

The Internet and social networks are now awash with names and details of Establishment paedophiles who have for years been able to bribe, bully and possibly even murder those who might expose them in order to draw a dark curtain around their crimes.

It’s all out there, easily found, and spreading by the hour.

Only two key connections have yet to be made by the millions of decent people who are now waking up to the truth:

1) The Establishment’s criminal failure to deal with the parallel scandal of hundreds of Muslim paedophile gangs raping and abusing thousands of young girls all over Britain was no accident. It was a direct consequence of the twisted ‘culture’ of paedophilia and excusing and covering up for paedophilia that runs like a cancer throughout the Establishment body politic;

2) It wasn’t just about sex. The victims of the Lab/Lib/Con paedo shame were just one of the currencies used in a huge web of corruption. The others, of course, were - and remain - promotion to high office and money.

Vast amounts of money!
The ‘men’ whose support, collaboration and silence have been bought with the bodies of young children have opened the doors to the capitalist corporate elite’s ruthless looting of Britain.

The Thatcherite/Blairite/Camoronian mania for privatisation is the biggest theft from the people of our islands since earlier corrupt grandees used Parliament to legitimise their theft from the poor peasantry of the commonlands that made up one third of England and Wales.

Childrens' bodies - currency of corruption

The present Tory government is stepping up the process, plotting even now to turn schools, the health service, the police and the road networks from public services into giant private profit centres.

Such great crimes require the collaboration of large numbers of very powerful people, and supplying perverts with children to abuse is one of the ways in which such creatures are bought.

As the full extent of the horror emerges, it is important for every single nationalist to do everything possible to spread the word about the way in which the Establishment´s paedo shame is only part of that broader stew of corruption and treason.

Just as one example for now, and prompted purely by the interesting photo reproduced here of the pederast pimp Savile with Tory Foreign Secretary William Hague, let’s have a closer look at those associated over the years with Mr. Hague.

Having appeared as the 16-year-old star of a Tory Conference, Hague was groomed by Leon Brittan to become his successor as MP for Richmond.

A rabid Europhile, Brittan went on to become European Commissioner for Competition at the European Commission early in 1989.

In 1995 he became European Commissioner for Trade and European Commissioner for External Affairs, also serving as Vice-President of the European Commission.

Brittan resigned with the rest of the Santer Commission in 1999 amid accusations of fraud.

During his time as Vice President of the European Commission, one subsequently prominent member of his official office was Nick Clegg.

As a young man, Hague shared several flats with Alan Duncan, now one of the most senior openly gay Tory MPs.

While International Development Minister, Alan Duncan helped establish a secret 'Libyan Oil Cell' in Hague’s Foreign Office which played a vital role in helping to supply fuel to Islamist rebels in Libya.

It later emerged (Guardian 2/9/11) that Duncan’s unit also helped arrange meetings between the Libyan rebels and the Swiss-based multinational Vitol, the world's largest oil trader.

Follow the money!

Vitol went on to supply oil to the rebels 'largely without upfront payments'. Wasn’t that generous of them? Vitol and its president Ian Taylor have close past links to Mr Duncan.

While in opposition Duncan’s office received tens of thousands of pounds from Mr Taylor via donations to the Conservative Party. Mr Duncan is also a former director of another oil firm, Arawak Energy, which was 40 per cent owned by Vitol at the time.

In addition to Duncan’s oil deals, his Tory colleagues, principally Hague and Cameron, were responsible for the decision to spend up to £3 Billion bombing Libya in pursuit of extra profits for giant oil companies and the US/UK elite’s neo-con agenda to "remake the Middle East".

Can you not think of a better use for £3 Billion?
Multi-millionaire Hague has up until now led a charmed life, shrugging off little problems such as the failure of his Waterhouse Inquiry to get to the bottom of the paedophile abuse at children’s homes in North Wales, or the brief media interest in his room-sharing arrangements with a young male advisor.

The commentary on Guido Fawkes´ website sets it out:

"Guido has ascertained confirmation that for at least one night during the general election campaign the Foreign Secretary shared a hotel room with his then driver Christopher Myers, whom he has now appointed as his Special Adviser on the Civil Service payroll. Other campaign staffers stayed in separate more modest hotels and sources suggest that this was not a one off instance.

Guido believes it to be the case that it would be usual for the bill for the room - which was settled by Hague personally - to be reimbursed via the Conservative Party's election campaign expenses.

One witness told Guido that the room sharing couple's body language at breakfast was eye opening.
"It is surely inappropriate for someone of William Hague's status to be sharing a night in a hotel room with his driver - you only have to consider how absurd it would be if his driver were female to see it is completely bizarre even if there were two beds.

The appointment of Hague's former driver to his private office is controversial because 25-year old Myers has no expertise for the job, no relevant experience and his only qualification for the position is his closeness to the Foreign Secretary.

"Eyebrows were raised at CCHQ when William Littlejohn, Hague's well connected and respected press officer for the last two years, was passed over in favour of Myers - who is currently in hiding from the press.

Littlejohn was left effectively jobless after the election until Andy Coulson found him a job with Caroline Spelman.

You couldn't make it up..."

Gay mafia?

What 51-year-old Mr. Hague does with a 25-year-old assistant is, of course, his own affair.

The BNP takes the view that neither the State nor political parties have the right or need to pry into people’s personal lives.

But, quite apart from the question of expenses (which is a legitimate matter for public concern) there is surely a very serious matter of public interest in a Foreign Minister having a long-term chum running dodgy oil deals out of his office, and enough circumstantial pointers to suggest that he is unhealthily close to what a non-Politically Correct observer might describe as a ´gay mafia´ within the Tory party.

The ´gay´ bit on its own really isn’t a problem. It’s the ´mafia´ aspect that needs to be part of the terms of reference not of another government-appointed whitewash inquiry but of a full-scale police investigation.

They should follow the money. Follow the trails of ignored complaints and police cover-ups.

Follow the clear connections from A to B to C in the most corrupt and sordid gang of politicians in British history.

Clear the innocent (for there will be a few).

And jail the guilty - every last one of them - and throw away the keys!

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