Overpopulation in the UK

Mon, 28/01/2013 - 17:00
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By Dr Phil Edwards

According to the Office of National statistics (ONS) women born in 1937 had on average 2.4 children but by 2009, women born in 1964 had 1.9.

The vast majority of these women would have been indigenous to the UK, unlike the situation now where, according to the ONS (2010 press release), a quarter of births (25.1 per cent) in 2010 were to mothers born outside the UK.

UK born women are now having on average 1.88 children compared to 2.45 for non-UK born women, with Poland the most common country of origin for non-UK born mothers.

Pakistan remains the most common country of origin for non-UK born fathers [and mothers, too?] and Newham was the local authority with the highest proportion of births to non-UK born women (76.4 per cent).

If the situation remains unaltered, what these trends mean for the long term future of indigenous Britons in their own country requires little imagination.

Now the Royal College of Midwives has waded in with chief executive Cathy Warwick claiming they need an extra 5000 midwives (an increase of around a quarter of present numbers) to cope with what is, in fact, another unwanted “enrichment” due to mass immigration.

Who is going to pay for this increase?

What use are all these extra births, bearing in mind the country is already over populated, NHS services under strain, transport infra structure clogged up, housing, food, water and energy in short supply, schools overcrowded?

Then there are the future problems of the destruction of our traditional British culture and identity through so much uncalled for “diversity”, not to mention maternity units are now overwhelmed by record numbers of births and expectant women are being inconvenienced or turned away from some maternity wards.

Imagine your wife being turned away because the ward is full of foreigners – how would you feel?

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