The Other Afghan War.

Sun, 24/02/2013 - 07:00
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By Lloyd George.
Today we in Christian countries take clean cheap drinking water for granted and are appalled at the thought of no sewers or sewage farms.

Soon we will have to fight to keep these things as our societies collapse under the stress of excessive immigration and the new world order.

For just about everyone in Muslim countries clean drinking water and sewage disposal are unheard of.

In Christian countries the work ethic has produced a heaven on earth. In Muslim countries where idleness is the norm polluted drinking water and cholera is an everyday reality. But there are worse things than this.

Daily clashes between Iran and Afghanistan are seldom mentioned in the shadow of the greater American-Afghan conflict or the American-Iranian confrontation on make-believe Iranian nuclear weapons.

The exchanges are small fry erratic shelling of border posts or police ambushes of farmers. But the reason is caused by a far more important factor than the Talibani insurgency.

This conflict is over the dwindling water supply caused by the water table dropping by up to 35 feet. The Helmand River is drying up due to snow melt from the Hindu Kush reducing by two thirds over the last 60 years which supplies 80% of Afghanistan's water supplies.

Other problems such as cross seasonal droughts of which there have been 7 in the last 17 years, unplanned river dams in neighbouring countries and water stealing have resulted in groundwater resources halving in the last decade.

There is one more factor, however, the deterioration of the qanat water management system which has sustained the agrarian farmers of southern Afghanistan for 3000 years.

Qanats known as karez in Dari, the language used by Iran, were built by the ancient Zoroastrian Persians from Syria to Pakistan and adopted over the centuries as far west as Morocco and as far east as China.

The qanats draw water from upland aquifiers and transport it along underground channels at a gradient of 1:1500 toward the valley floors. On average a qanat is 5 miles long but they can be up to 70 miles.

Every 30 to 40 yards a well shaft is dug to the water below which can be at a depth of up to 800 feet though mostly the depth rarely exceeds 80 feet.

The advantage of a qanat over surface irrigation channels is that they reduce evaporation to zero, keep the water clean and provide cool air up to 30°C cooler than surface temperatures which can be used to cool houses or operate ice storage buildings.

The 40 years of almost continuous war has meant the teams of professional qanat builders have not been able to work.

More importantly the 200,000 qanats already in existence in Afghanistan have not been repaired or rebuilt properly and consequently thousands have fallen into disuse.

The life expectancy of a properly maintained qanat is 300 years thus 40 years of few repairs and almost no new construction is causing the economy more damage than the armed conflict.

In the western province of Nimroz prices for dinking water have quadrupled in the last 18 months. In the Afghan-Iran border area surface water is now unfit for human consumption.

On the Pakistani border a series of dams is preventing traditional water supplies reach Pakistan from Afghanistan, with more planned. India too has been diverting water from Pakistan.And Turkmenistan to the north is suffering water shortages as Kabul dams rivers in the north of the country.

An American built dam at Bakhashabad on the Farah river in south west Farah province was found to be threatened with demolition by well placed explosives, that had either failed to detonate or were about to be detonated when discovered by the Afghan Army. The finger was pointed at Iran because the Iranian army had diverted the course of the river close to the border. Any water escape would have gone into Iranian territory 150 miles downstream.

The problems are further complicated by tribal hatred. The middle and upper Helmand basin are Pashtun whereas the southern and western Helmand are Baluch.

The Pashtun refuse to discuss the water issue with the Baluch. These inbred uneducated Muslims are their own worst enemies. There is absolutely nothing positive about the Muslim way of life and their inability to co-operate about this life threatening situation shows how petty and stupid Muslims are.

60% of urban areas and 85% of rural areas in Afghanistan no longer have safe drinking water according to the UN. Worse, 80% of urban areas and 90% of rural areas have no proper sanitation.

Consequently cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery are as common as coughs and colds are for us.
Refer to any map and you will find wetlands and lakes on the Iran Afghan southwest border.

These have dried out and what was an area teeming with wildlife is now desert.
If peace after UK and US withdrawal is wanted this water problem will have to be tackled.

The US decision not to communicate with Iran will have to be rescinded, or we will be called back by the UN as peace keepers, since there will be open war over water between Iran and Afghanistan.

This will also be a sectarian war Sunni versus Shia and Afghanistan will get trashed by Iran. Afghanistan is beginning to look more and more like Poland every day.

When we go partition between Iran and Pakistan looks inevitable.
We must take care of our water resources in the UK because they are a valuable inheritance from our Victorian ancestors.

We must, at all costs, stop gas fracking because the lethally poisonous chemicals that are used will destroy our water quality.

And we must stop Muslims living here or the divisive nature of their morally sick religion will fracture the cohesion of our society.

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