An open letter to the YBNP officers.

Fri, 08/03/2013 - 16:00
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By Nathaniel Greene.
First may I welcome you to the party. This letter is in response to your recent article asking for help and advice dealing with media abuse that you seem to suffer.

There are distinct and effective ways of dealing with abuse but initially you need to recognise it for what it is. Until you understand abuse, or bullying as I prefer to call it, you will find it difficult to counter.

Bullying is done by small minded people who lack cognitive thought. They can neither reason logically nor think for themselves. They almost always lack any understanding of life outside their own limited experiences and their lives are generally based on narrow minded prejudice and limited understanding of other people.
Officially any form of bullying is against the law.

As a bully you can lose your job or go to prison for physically bullying someone. Except, that is, as you have discovered, where you belong to a legally constituted Nationalist Party, in this case bullying Nationalists is socially acceptable.

Our government openly encourages bullying by the main stream media, by certain elements of the police, by self appointed lobby groups like the UAF and Searchlight, by trade unions (teachers, actors & NUJ), by university students and professors, by the Church of England (Nationalists are forbidden to receive communion) and Muslims (who hold office in the government, UAF, Searchlight and student unions).

Initially we established that bullies are small minded people who lack the ability to reason and think for themselves and yet the above list includes most of the establishment, the ruling elite and the places they come from: universities.

This revelation alone will tell you volumes about what you are facing and from whom. We are ruled by some pretty stupid people who run their lives according to small minded prejudice which they think of as a democratic lifestyle.
With media in general avoid using them and with social media only use it when necessary.

ALWAYS be scrupulously polite and try to use correct spelling and grammar. A bullies' greatest desire is that you stoop to their level.

Silence is always the best riposte or a question is the next best thing. Reason and a request for them to think for themselves are generally a waste of time because, as we have already established, bullies lack any ability to think for themselves.

Follow Nick Griffin on Twitter for guidance on how to use social media.
When out on street stalls, stand back, look them in the eye and let them say their piece.

They expect you to argue back, don't. If they use bad language, simply phone the police and repeat the exact words used and then give a description of the bully.

Your message is recorded and the police are obliged to respond to your request for help. In some situations remember the old saying "he who runs away lives to fight another day".

When out leafleting they usually find you have gone by the time they get outside. If they shout abuse just walk away. If they don't want the leaflet do not take it back but rather, ask them to put it in the recycling bin.

Sometimes, though rarely now, you get "screamers". Always women, after reading our party name on our leaflet they stand at their front door and scream, as if they have just picked up a spider.

Walk away and leave them to their emotional inadequacy.
There will come a time when you will want to respond and here are a few good responses to abuse. But please remember if their style is to use insulting words beginning with b or c, d or f, s, t or w do not respond like with like. Keep them frustrated by being polite.

Them: Racist. You: No I am a race realist. (This is a response used by North American blacks and introduces a confusing word "realist" which bullies have difficulty with for some reason.

We are realistic enough to understand that different races exist for a very good reason.)

Them: Racist. You: If racism means looking after your own people, protecting your own culture and making sure our elderly are clothed, fed and warm, then I am glad to be a racist. And if you object to this then that makes you a fascist.

Them: Racist. You: I'm sorry but I don't understand. Please could you define racism? (I used this last year in a club in St James's, London, when defending the indigenous British.

My accuser was a posh liberal lady who had been indoctrinated with prejudice. She actually had no idea of what it really meant [her narrow-mindedness], could not answer my question and so stormed off in a huff. A rare pleasure to see a toffee nosed liberal lackey lose it!)
Always think first and act second.

Knee jerk responses are always useless. By deciding to become a Nationalist you have already shown you are capable of logic.

Do not be tempted to abandon this enormous advantage when confronted by an unthinking idiot.

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